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Sara Evans' Husband Lashes Out

10/20/2006 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans' husband says his wife cheated on him and he found out the day before she filed for divorce.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Craig Schelske claims the day before Sara filed divorce papers, he "discovered Wife's intimate relationship with another man not her husband and an argument ensued between the parties."

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ that while they were together Schelske accused his wife of having an affair with Tony Dovolani, her "Dancing with the Stars" partner. Evans and Dovolani have both said the claim is bogus.

In his legal papers, Schelske also denies having a penchant for porn. He says, however, that on one occasion, both he and his wife "were watching adult entertainment together when their oldest child, whom they believed to be secure and asleep, entered their room...."

Schelske denies Evans' allegation that he was unfaithful during the marriage and denies there were "any sexual photographs of himself with any other women as there are no authentic photographs of husband unclothed with any sexual partner or alone except as taken by Wife or with Wife on the single occasion in which both parties participated." Schelske says he "regrets the incident but would state and show that Husband and Wife were acting as two consenting adults..."

Schelske seems to be answering Evans' claim that there are nude pictures of him in a state of arousal. Schelske appears to be conceding photos do indeed exist, but the photographer is Evans herself.

Schelske's allegations come exactly one week after Evans filed explosive divorce papers accusing him of having an affair with the couple's nanny. Evans also claims Schelske had photos of himself having sex with other women and had at least 100 nude photos of himself in a state of arousal.


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Sarah's a class act. No good woman is going to put up with that crap. I'm behind her 100%. You go girl!

2915 days ago


sara isnt the stupid bitch , he is , for one if she turned over the computer to police , she the one that s lying , pleaseeeeeeeee you girls on hear be hating

2914 days ago

Johhny English    

God I hate the both of them >>>> Give the Children to Madonna to raise... The Freeloader Craig Scumbagger has been lounging aroung in the house in his PJ's till 4:00 pm everday , hell yeah he is a porn addict what the hell else is he capable of. He is out of office and cant fuck over people there so its only logical. Dude probably is a KIddie Porner . Look at him smug ass Politican reject go to Hell you bastard of course I guess the taxpayers will pay for that trip as well.
Then Miss Country Diva ummm Id like to see Gretchen Wilson kick the shit out of you. You big liar you know that Master Kiddie porner wasn't doinking "Rail woman." What you have to make a big scene so the fact your doing a Romainian dancer ishidden There's a new twist for the Hillbilly antics, Yeahh ... where I come from there's cornbred an chicken..... Where I come from theres a "Romanian a licking" see how easy it is Sara youll be back in no time

2914 days ago

Ralph Harrington    

It is not right to ask the public what they think or whom do you believe!!! That would make it heresay. No-one out here could possibly know who is right in this case. The trial lawyers will have to do their work in order to bring out the truth. Please don't be a part of tangling this into a bigger mess!

2914 days ago

Donna takes two people to marry and two to get divorced......they are just like any normal couple getting the big "D"......two sides to the story.......lets move on...this country has bigger problems to worry about........our media has made us all weak!!!.........and so has G.W..............get a grip America!!!!! MOVE ON !!!!!!!! and get tough!!!!

2914 days ago


um make that G. Bush..not G.W.

2914 days ago


all of you who said something mean about sara your a a**hole, bitch and every f***ing swear ward i can think of that mean so get your lazy mean heads out of this sara is awesome.

2913 days ago


you know what you all can take your asses and leave
sara evans is
awesome ok? everyone of you are a son of a bitch a**holes f***ers
and basterds. so you ass holes leave sara alone and stay out of this

2913 days ago


i think two things happened, craig did have the affair or the nanny squealed on sarah for having one it takes something to make sarah turn on her friend like that.

2912 days ago

Jeff Hall    

What a self-centered, self-absorbed skank. Go on the Pat Robertson show and make sure you wear a blouse with a plunging neckline as you discuss the scripture! What a phoney!

1477 days ago

Jeff Hall    

What a self-centered, self-absorbed skank. Go on the Pat Robertson show and make sure you wear a blouse with a plunging neckline as you discuss the scripture! What a phoney!

1477 days ago

Jeff Hall    

Something does not make sense, she is a big Bible thumper, but sure likes to pose for the sexy pictures and dress provocatively. Besides, I thought she had a crush on Barney Frank.

1477 days ago


just another American female who pulls the poor poor pitiful schtick. Women in this country always blame the men no matter what happens. Time to start owning up to your own B.S. I am tired of seeing men be demonized when women are just as bad if not worse.

262 days ago
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