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Sara Evans' Husband Lashes Out

10/20/2006 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans' husband says his wife cheated on him and he found out the day before she filed for divorce.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Craig Schelske claims the day before Sara filed divorce papers, he "discovered Wife's intimate relationship with another man not her husband and an argument ensued between the parties."

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ that while they were together Schelske accused his wife of having an affair with Tony Dovolani, her "Dancing with the Stars" partner. Evans and Dovolani have both said the claim is bogus.

In his legal papers, Schelske also denies having a penchant for porn. He says, however, that on one occasion, both he and his wife "were watching adult entertainment together when their oldest child, whom they believed to be secure and asleep, entered their room...."

Schelske denies Evans' allegation that he was unfaithful during the marriage and denies there were "any sexual photographs of himself with any other women as there are no authentic photographs of husband unclothed with any sexual partner or alone except as taken by Wife or with Wife on the single occasion in which both parties participated." Schelske says he "regrets the incident but would state and show that Husband and Wife were acting as two consenting adults..."

Schelske seems to be answering Evans' claim that there are nude pictures of him in a state of arousal. Schelske appears to be conceding photos do indeed exist, but the photographer is Evans herself.

Schelske's allegations come exactly one week after Evans filed explosive divorce papers accusing him of having an affair with the couple's nanny. Evans also claims Schelske had photos of himself having sex with other women and had at least 100 nude photos of himself in a state of arousal.


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what a shame cant people keep there personal life private.

2926 days ago


Why do we care about these idiots??? They, along with Paris Hilton, Anna Nichole Smith and other so-called 'celebrities' have WAY too much press time. I'm embarressed that I know as much as I do just by reading bits here and there and I don't even watch the stupid show!

2926 days ago

think she's cheat'n    

HEY !! # 24.....why do you think she'll miss being with her dance partner after she quit the dance show ??? She said in her "Dancing" interview that she had hired Tony Donolovi as her choreographer for her road tours.....could that be a clue to you ? surely you're not THAT blind !!

2926 days ago

Betty Pellerin    

Sara Evans cannot sing good anyway, so this was her way to get noticed. If she was a true southern she would not bring this to the public's attention. I feel sorry for the kids.
Keep dancing Sara,

2926 days ago


Whatever is happening between Sara & Craig needs to stay that way. It's not up to any of us to judge someone particularly someone we don't even know.

2926 days ago

tommy mumbles    

Who the f*%k are these people? It seems everyone and anyone who is on television for even 2 minutes is newsworthy now. Give me something I care to read about...

2926 days ago


I don't know about the rest of the country, but I truly never heard of Sara Evans... and so I truly don't give a rat's a@@ about her. BUT, whoever she is, she should have just finished the show, quietly filed for divorce, kept her mouth shut (because if this is all true, its no one's business but theirs). Does anyone do anything with dignity anymore? We are turning into such low class boors.

2926 days ago

Carl A Andersen    

Stand up and be a man, you have done wrong and now you want to trash Sara.
When your wife finds porn on your computer and you with other women, come
on do you think we are fools. Fine example you are for your children, are you
not proud of yourself.

2926 days ago


I don't even know WHAT to believe at this point. TMZ is saying that Craig accused Sara of having an affair with her dancing parter while eonline and CMT are saying that he accused her of having an affair with Country Singer Kenny Chesney.

2926 days ago


I think they both have something to hide and don't or won't admit it--so they blame each other. This is so sad not because of adults but the children who will hear all the ugly dealt out between thier parents.

2926 days ago


You must remember, the media made the allagations public from court documents...not Sara...I believe Sara was aware his facination with other women and porn existed and as Sara has admitted, she doesn't believe in divorse and was trying to work thru personal problems...but when she found out her son was exposed to porn as hubby was watching it on TV, she knew then she had to act...enough is enough, and when the children are exposed to this in their own home she acted for the sake of her kids. My belief is he is a low lifer with no real profession or ambition ...lived off of her talents and spent too much free time enjoying his own sexual preferences instead of looking for a job and helping her support the family. His allogations are of her being unfaithful came AFTER she filed for restraining order and divorse..I applaud her!!!!

2926 days ago


i believe sara 'cause she is hot and has big boobs!!!! why the hell would he even dream of cheating on her????? what a dumbass!!!! got a hot wife?! why?

2926 days ago


Well now . . . All either one or both have to do is 1> admit to each they were wrong when they wrote those emails, 2> immediately sign up for a Sexual Rehab or Alcoholic Abuse program, 3> finally, implicate a Catholic Priest that corrupted each of them 30 years ago.

All things will get better the . . . (Duh! Or will it?)

2926 days ago

Jane Volckmann    

Some years ago when we were in our 40s, my spouse began accusing me of being unfaithful. Which I was NOT. The situation became so unbearable that I had to leave the home. Some years later, as is often the case, it turned out that it was my SPOUSE who was having the affair. Many time the loudest accuser is the one who is herself/himself the guilty party.

2926 days ago

Ms. Freddie Stevens    

It is like the old adage says, " there are 3 sides to the story, his side, her side and the truth.

The only people that win in a situation like this are the divorce attorneys and the supposed other man or woman and boy do they win because the capitalize on it big time. I just wonder how much of the hype is real and how much is just for sensationalizm.

2926 days ago
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