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Did Snoop

Sneak A Weapon

Into O.C. Airport?

10/23/2006 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop D-O-(double)GTMZ has learned that rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg (aka Calvin Broadus) was busted for attempting to carry a weapon through an airport security checkpoint.

According to law enforcement officials, Snoop attempted to walk through an X-ray machine at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif. late last month with a 21" collapsible baton packed in his laptop computer case. Orange County Sheriffs' deputies were called to the scene where they detained the rapper and confiscated the weapon.

Snoop was not arrested, however, and we're told the Sheriffs Department file was sent to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

The D.A. may decide as early as today whether to file criminal charges against the rapper.


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Puh der Baer    

Dear White Girl,
Good blog etiquette is the missing ingredient!!! Let's get it on (yeah, I saw your other blog...)!!!
Pder B

2919 days ago

Pam Anderson    

A difference of opinion does not make for bad manners. We could even agree to disagree, wouldn't that be grand?

2918 days ago


This is for Epstein's mother. There are people that are in the music business that are rappers, A lot of them come from low income family's and they get to make alot of money which is okay, Good for them. But SOME do not come from educated family's. This is their lifestyle. Don I condone it. No! Money changes people for the good and bad. Money doesn't buy you class. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. Everyone's life style is different. But you say Blacks, you are not understanding, ALL BLACKS do not act this way. REALLY ONLY A FEW. You have whites that do crime and think that they are not going too get caught either. But some whites want to only look at black rappers. Some Whites get caught and run to the Betty Ford clinic so they don't get in trouble. The bottom line is you have BOTH races that people want to catagory. Just like these bigots on here want to talk mess on blacks. We blacks can make our comments on whites. But as soon as a black rapper makes the news, Here comes the bigots talking mess on them. Here comes the "N" word. If they only knew what the "N" word really meant. And as far as leaving the ghetto and perpetuating the ghetto. I think some of the myths of the ghetto that people have think it's all bad. It's not. I came from the ghetto. I was raised in the project. There is a lot of love and respect that comes from there. But does the ghetto have respectful, educated, loving, good, people that comes from there? The answer is YES!. Don't say all blacks are criminals and we won't say all whites are bigots. I don't know what city or state you come from but that a ride into a black neighborhood. You will be surprised to see how some of us can behave!! (smile) You'll be surprise to see alot of you guys there too!

2918 days ago

Puh der Baer    

White Girl, I was commenting on YOUR blogging ettiquete!!! I think it's grand...I was on your side on this one!!!

2917 days ago


lol whos surprised lol not me lol snoops a fool you know he aint gonna get no criminal charges they basically slap his hand and let him go on his way

2917 days ago

Brandon Hallstead    

Duh! He shouldnt have an warrent out for his arrest if the police didnt arrest him then. Man crooked cops I tell ya

2910 days ago


I'm sure he forgot about it, these comments are brutal.

2910 days ago


I don't care what kind of education you have black white or redneck when you are an adult you know better! You still may do it but you know better.

2910 days ago


BIG QUESTION iT'S 11/02/06, the "crime"??? occurred in late September 06.

Judging from these comments and what I know about being Black in America, if the "collapsed" "enclosed" and "visible by standard security measures" baton was a flagarant "weapons possession" violation, they would have had Snoop spread Eagle in 10 secs flat. Especially Orange County, CA. It took to law enforcement agencies over 5 weeks to come up with a charge ie:ALLEGATION.
I think i would have prefered these defenders of justice to have spent that manpower on the streets of California helping defend people that daily came in touch with "folks" possessing "trigger ready" weapons that were in no way in compliance with the standard possession laws"

The only thing i like about Snoop is He has had the Courage to be Snoop. He's probably broken a few laws (for real) (only one public trial by media arest resulted in conviction out of 9.

To SNOOP are u really that "bad" or Are you getting tired of "Actig Bad".

2910 days ago


when everyone wants a piece of you in one way or another, and worth as much as he is, you would carry a self defense weapon too. I mean come on, it's just a friggin baton!

2909 days ago


ok he is a good singer but he is soooooooo stupid........ well he had 2 learn the hard way. loove kayla

2909 days ago

rick is dumb    

yo first check this out snoop brought a weapon cuz he feels like it and i think thats not wrong i think the police excuse me the pigs are retarded i would a brought a weapon to.oh yeah and rick your a dumb ass mutha f***er "asswipe" you is dumb

2908 days ago

hips don't lie    

Vato, you won't believe what I saw at John Wayne Airport it was my homie...Snoop Doggy Dawg!! Possession of a deadly weapon "was the case that they gave me" You "gotta pay the cost to be the boss" so playa sit back with a cup of "gin and juice" and "let's get blown"!!

2905 days ago
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