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Lindsay Out Of It

Who's Chasing Me?

10/29/2006 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan had a rough morning Sunday – and by the looks of it, a pretty rough night, too.

At 6:45 am, a TMZ spy spotted Lindsay at Olive and Sunset in Hollywood, near a dog park. Lindsay was sitting in her parked black Cadillac Escalade and our spy, who was walking his dog, could see Lohan through the tinted windows, "freaking out" and talking on her phone.

Then, Lohan called our spy over and told him that two men in a silver Toyota 4Runner -- parked behind her -- had been following her for the last two hours, trying to "hit" her vehicle. Our spy reports that "she seemed out of it," that it appeared she'd been out all night, and that she'd clearly been crying, with mascara running down her face. "I've called the cops," said Lindsay of her alleged pursuers. "But the cops can't catch them."

Lindsay Lohan: click to launchWhat Lindsay didn't even realize in her reduced state was that the two men in the Toyota were actually paparazzi. Our spy saw them snapping away. And, he says, as their vehicle started to creep up on Lindsay's Escalade, she shifted into drive, hit the gas and took off. The paparazzi followed her.

An email sent to her rep was not immediately returned.


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135. i don't care for the story... i just want to f*** her. ;)

Posted at 5:53PM on Nov 2nd 2006 by markus_9128

That's a really intelligent comment Markus - after you do that, be sure to blog about what STDS feel like and what pecker amputation looks and feels like so the rest of us sane people can keep saying "I told ya I wouldn't touch that wench with a 20 ft. pole." She used to be cute, she's not anymore, she used to have good skin, even "ProActiv" isn't doing her a whole hell of alot of good. All you read about now if her dad's in jail, she and her mom are partying all over NY and LA - someone call Family Services and get that youngest kid out of there. The one that looks like Lindsay before she turned into a alcoholic, meth addicted, trampy looking desperate hooker.

2877 days ago



2875 days ago


I work at a stores in Beverly Hills and see celebrities and paparazzi all the time. The paparazzi are HORRIBLE. They make the celebrities lives and the lives of ordinary people stuck in the middle miserable. They taunt celebrities screaming horrible obsencities at them. Any human being put in Lindseys place would do the same thing... YOU GO GIRL! If I had them following me all the time I would get drunk too!

2875 days ago


Oh lindsay, how much i really do feel bad and sorry for you, you picked this kind of life

but i really do wish all the best for you-i have great faith in your career in the future

2874 days ago


Ive had enough experience with people acting like this to know its probably Meth -- that would explain her weight issues--- and her hatred of underwear--- (alright not the underwear.....thats more of the slut in her than the meth) Its hilarious that people let her get away with saying she doesnt do drugs--- anyone that has done them or known someone who has, knows its a no brainer that she is using......

2873 days ago


Why is there ONE person who feels sorry for her? Because paparazzi are chasing her? Awwww, poor thing. They are also chasing the thousand other celebs to get pics - some with alot more to lose if there is an accident - like those with children. Lindsay got into this show business thing as a young kid, as many other's have done, but she's gone down the wrong paths. Not EVER child celebrity makes the decisions to use drugs, drive like a maniac, and act like a freak. She needs serious intervention, and a stay in rehab until she sees what life is REALLY about. She has to remember she's a role model for her sister, and if her father is in jail, and her mother is riding on Lindsay's success, Lindsay needs to stop and think what is most important here. One day those "voices" in her head and her paranoia are going to get the best of her, and she'll scream off in that car and kill some innocent people. If she can't handle the paparazzi, she needs to get out of the business for awhile and decide what she can do, safely, so her little sister isn't the next one in line.

And for those who blame the paparazzi, there are many celebrities who give them what they want, and the photogs fade off. Running from them only makes it look like you have something to hide. And to be quite honest, she really is sort of a has been.

For the record, I do know a bit about the paparazzi, and they can be vicious to get their pics, but if you give them what they want, they usually back down.

2872 days ago


Is the BRAT even old enough to drink yet??? And god get a life Lindsay....there's more to life than parties and clubs! You're famous (for a reason which I still can not grasp) do something valuable with that!! I am more worried about how our legal system is allowing her and other underage "stars" to enter 21 and over nightclubs and drink illegally and in turn put everyone's lives in jeopardy.

2866 days ago
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