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Van Halen's New Bassist? Eddie's Boy Wonder!

11/2/2006 8:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Van Halen has finally found its new bassist -- and it looks like the rock gods are keeping the band a family affair.
Van Halen has a new bassist
TMZ is first to confirm that Van Halen has hired 15-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen -- the son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen and estranged wife Valerie Bertinelli, and nephew of drummer Alex Van Halen -- as the new bassist for the band.

Wolfgang replaces longtime bassist Michael Anthony, who left the band earlier this year. Eddie Van Halen's spokesperson Janie Liszewski tells TMZ that Wolfgang, known as "Wolfie," has already joined his dad and uncle for rehearsals in the studio for a 2007 summer tour. Wolfie played dates with his father during the band's 2004 tour, and the song "316" on 1991's "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge," was named for Wolfie's birth date that same year.

The band is still without a lead singer, despite rumors that David Lee Roth might rejoin.


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Hey Eddie im available for lead locals...get in touch ;)

2833 days ago

Bela Black    

Yay, they finally wised up and got rid of that jerk. Bassists are an easy replacement, Go Van Halen! Michael Anthony SUCKS!

2825 days ago


This is good. Kick Ass..............................................

2821 days ago


I have been a fan of Van Halen since the late 70's and I have only ever seen one change with this band that worked, and that was when Sammy Hagar joined in the mid eighties. Since Sammy official left (or was sacked depending who you believe) the band has never been able to get back on top. Eddie's decision to replace Michael Anthony with his son Wolfie is hard to accept. Most fans admittedly just wan to see Van Halen back performing and producing new
material and I hope they do, but the days of Van Halen being at the top of there game is well over. Eddie needs to sober up and get his act together. I truly miss Van Halen, and hope Eddie proves me wrong???

2812 days ago


First of all, I play bass. I have been playing bass guitar and guitar, rock and metal stuff, since 1993, I'm 33 now. I can play every single VH song on bass and also guitar. I can play all of the solos, eddie parts and everything. I used to buy the books and sit in my room with the guitar tabs and learn it. Neck tapping everything, alternate tunings, the whammy bar stuff, floyd rose. I then learned all of the Mike Anthony parts, and probably the hardest song he did was Hot For Teacher, the bass line is really moving in that, especially during the chorus and the solo breaks. His bass parts aren't really that spectacular, and if you listen to a lot of their older stuff, you can barely hear the bass. Templeton really buried it in the mix. The part where Mike Anthony stands out, is his back ground vocals. EVH also has a good back up voice, but it's primarily Anthony. I'm sure Wolfie can learn and has learned how to play all of the bass parts, especially with his dad teaching him, so that's not a problem. As far as his weight issue. Yeah, the photos that people saw were from the 2004 reunion tour when he was 13. He's almost 16 now and probably has grown a few more inches and maybe shed some of his baby fat, maybe not, who knows. The one thing i'm curious about though is, can he sing back ups? Because if David Lee Roth gets back with them and tours, his voice is just pathetic nowadays and he needs someone like Anthony with a strong harmony voice to complement his own voice. Maybe Wolfie can sing the back ups, who knows? And maybe he is thinner and has more stage presence. Being only 15 or 16 doesn't necessarily mean that he's not ready for the big time. The one thing that I keep insisting on though is, YOU NEED STRONG BACK UP vocals for VH songs, and judging by how wasted eddie was during the 04 reunion and how pathetic his back up vocals were, you will need Michael Anthony for the 2007 reunion tour, if they do decide to tour. Now, if you brought back Sammy and kept Wolfie, that might work. Cause sammy still has a strong voice. But Diamond Dave is old, bald, bleach blond, and washed up. I wouldn't pay a nickel to see them. And in my estimation, Eddie doesn't have long to live. His liver has got to be shot by now, and he still smokes like a chimney, and from what I've heard, he's an ice head and coke head. Also, I heard a few years back that Michael Anthony didn't have long to live either and I heard that he needs a liver transplant. Anthony is a serious alcholic too as well as Sammy. i don't know about Alex, no one says much about him. But i'm sure he smokes and drinks too. And I'm sure Wolfie has already begun to smoke Camel lights, and drink beers like his old man, and wouldn't be surprised if he has done bong hits, and tried ice or coke.

2810 days ago


I will be watching Van Halen closely now. Watching for this train to wreck. Van Halen is now a sideshow. I love DLR & Sammy, but Roth is washed up and unstable.

I hope Sammy and Micheal start a new band, a la HSAS

2806 days ago

Greg Cox    

No VH. A true great player,He supports Eddie...kinda like Ringo.Saw Vh in '78,79 and with Sammy in '96...fantastic. Two years ago here in Calgary....SUCKED. In fairness to Wolfie...I'm sure he can play fine...but what about experience???A great intern ISN'T a great doctor.If dad is too loaded and misses the bridge...will Wolfie fall off too?? P. S. saw Dave at Cowboys in Calgary the last two times and was GREAT...Kiss and make up boys...lifes toooo short. Greg

2801 days ago

U Know Who    

LOL All I could think of as I read this. Was the scene in "School of Rock" where JB is talking to the teachers about not making the philharmonic. And says they hired yoyoma's cousin "a little nepotis".

Good for Wolfie! Wow how much would that have not sucked to be that kid right about now.

2890 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

It's really sad when they don't know when it's time to go. Your fifteen year old son, really? David Lee Roth? Last original thought...went swirling down the toilet this morning. Come on, it was good while it lasted, now its over: WTF you think you guys are the Rolling Stones? Retire already!!

2890 days ago


If they take David Lee Roth back, I will pay $250 per ticket.

One of the top 5 bands ever.

We need MORE ROCK!!!

2890 days ago


Get Michael back and Dave then they will sell out every show. To me it will never be Van Halen without David Lee Roth. It would be like The Beatles without John or Paul.

2890 days ago


Horrible, no lead singer and now a 15 year old bass player. The Van Halen reunion is only a reunion with David Lee and Michael Anthony. Michael Anthony's backup vocals are a trademark of the Van Halen sound. The Van Halen legacy should end. The first four albums are the cornerstone of Hard Rock / Metal of the 80's. Thank God I was around when Van Halen was a band in its prime.

2890 days ago


OH GOD PLEASE bring back good bands !!!. I would go see them in a heart beat !. All I need is FLOYD and ZEPPLIN to come in concert and I will die a happy girl !!

2890 days ago

Scott Dred    

Wolfie looks like he was weened on lard and packets of Capri Sun.

2890 days ago


This is stupid. Michael Anthony is a crucial part of Van Halen not only for his bass playing but also for his high-pitch backing vocals... With potentially Roth not able to sing much anymore, VH would desesperatly need Mike to sing back-up vocals for this (potential) reunion tour. I saw VH in Montreal a couple of years ago and Eddie was dead drunk and Sammy was all over the place singing autographs in his stupid yellow suit. The worst show I have ever seen. The rythm section of Mike and Alex was the only thing that worked that night and pretty much the only reason why you were able to recognize the songs (apart from the taped keyboards). Plus Mike is giving a pretty good show with his solo and his jack daniel bass. There's no VH without Mike as far as I'm concerned.

2890 days ago
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