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Is Rachael Ray's

Food Network Show

A Crock?

11/8/2006 5:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Racheal Ray"Inside Dish with Rachael Ray" was a stolen recipe, according to a new lawsuit.

TMZ has obtained court documents filed in Los Angeles Federal Court in which a syndicated radio host claims The Food Network burned him bad.

Ross Crystal, host of "Showbiz Express,"
claims he contacted Food Network prez Judy Girard back in 2001 and pitched a show he called "Showbiz Chefs." The idea, claims Ross, "is a 30-minute interview/cooking show featuring celebrities cooking their favorite dishes in their own kitchens. Celebrity guests will open their homes to the viewer, providing a glimpse into their lifestyles, and the host will participate in the cooking experience."

Crystal received a letter from Girard on December 13, 2001, thanking him for thinking of Food Network, but stating "...we have no interest in celebrities at all. Every time we do something of this nature, it fails." Oh really?

In November 2004, Food Network launched "Inside Dish With Rachel Ray," using the promotional description: "Join host Rachael Ray as she takes us to the homes-and kitchens-of some of America's biggest celebrities."

In the first episode, Rachel visited the home of actor Dennis Franz and baked crabcakes with his daughter Tricia.

Ray was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

TMZ placed calls to Food Network. So far, no reply.

Crystal is seeking a minimum of $150,000 in damages.

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I used to LOVE Rachael Ray, but she's something that's best taken in small doses. I can handle 30 minutes of her every few days or so, but now she's just everywhere and I can't seem to escape. They sent me her magazine the other day and I didn't even subscribe to it! Now I only watch her every now and then, and when I do, it's because it's the only cooking show my husband will watch with me. He says she's hot if you don't look at her boobs, which look like flat little pancakes.

2821 days ago


I love Rachael Ray. She's a nice person which may be why some of you are so put off by her. It's hard for sourpusses that sit at home and criticize others from their keyboards LOL, to understand kind and nice. Easy to be mean when you'll never ever have to look that person in the eyes. Maybe find out who they really are.

2821 days ago


Thank you for loving pit bull dogs. . . .They're the best!
God Bless You!

2821 days ago


I use to like Rachel Ray but anymore she gets under my skin. My girlfriend says she talks like a truck driver. I think the 30 min. show is great. If you turn your volume down. She has come a long way and good for her. But some of the others on the foodnet work channel would be a better host for that show. With a little more class I guess. But she is making it big, alot of people like her so good for her. But I stopped watching. SHE IS TO LOUD!

2821 days ago


Tell that to my horse who had her throat ripped open and her legs lacerated by the neighbor's pit bull when he dug a hole under my pasture fence in July. The injury was so bad that I could put my fist up inside of it, with a flap of skin the size of a cantaloupe hanging down. The vet couldn't even stitch it, that's how bad it was. If you don't believe it, I'll be more than happy to send you the photos. You can keep your pit bull, and I pray it will never turn on your or anyone in your family. Pit bulls are as worthless as Rachel's EVOO!!

2821 days ago


I think your friend doesn't know a whole lot about truck drivers. I've been driving a truck since 1974 and I certainly don't talk like her. About the time I did, my husband would probably never let me in the truck with him again ~LOL~

FWIW, I can't stand to listen to her, either ~wink~

2821 days ago


Sorry for your tragedy but you should blame the owners of the dog. Not the entire breed. My friend's mother's Pomeranian chew holes in her daughter's face before she was stopped. The dog was untrained and spastic but they never took it to one behavior modification class and so.... It's not bit bulls, it's the owners.

2821 days ago


It seems like there is a simple explanation:

This Crystal guy was looking for his own show and pitched it to the Food Network. The concept is not original as I remember Dinah Shore doing the same type of segments in the 1970s. The morning shows duplicate celebrity cooking segments almost every day. Is he going to sue Good Morning America next? Evidently Crystal is the host of some show nobody watches and was pitching a pilot where HE was the host.

He'll probably get some money out of this lawsuit as the mistake was made by the Food Channel in its explanation of why they turned it down. They should have simply said they were not interested in HIM...not his concept, and left it at that. It seems that the Food Network was being kind...and this could bite them in the butt.

Nonetheless, if he gets a penny, it will be the end of his career as nobody will ever want to see his future treatments for new shows. I hope TMZ follows this story and tells us who this guy really is. Is he a real talent, or a wannabe?

2821 days ago


34. Patti
Sorry for your tragedy but you should blame the owners of the dog. Not the entire breed. My friend's mother's Pomeranian chew holes in her daughter's face before she was stopped. The dog was untrained and spastic but they never took it to one behavior modification class and so.... It's not bit bulls, it's the owners.

Posted at 2:36PM on Nov 9th 2006 by entrodelflego

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for your kind comment. I would almost agree with you that one should blame the owners and not the breed, except for the fact that the dog dug under my fence!! Had it just been running the neighborhood, that would have been bad enough.

Along with that, my husband used to have pit bulls so I've seen some of the behaviors. He had two full brothers (out of the same litter) and neither one was favored over the other. One was as gentle as a kitten while the other would fight a female rather than breed with her. I think you have to agree that's not quite normal. Another one (female) used to nip at his stepdaughters' (2 girls) and stepson's (1 boy) ankles and heels and no matter what they did, she wouldn't stop it. Eventually they had to get rid of her.

I had a purebred German Shepherd (his sire was a working police officer) for 13 1/2 years, whose training started the day I got him (6 weeks + 1 day), so I know how important training can be. I also believe behavior can be modified, so I don't know what the problems were with the aforementioned pit bulls.

I respect the fact that you like the breed and I don't fault you for that. I'll pray that neither you nor anyone in your family has any problems with them, either. I wouldn't wish what I had to deal with (all day, every day, for 3 months), on anyone! Thank goodness it happened in the summer instead of the middle of winter.

Now, lest I get "chewed" on or out for being off the subject... I still don't like Rachel's EVOO *LOL*

2821 days ago


First of all, I like Rachel Ray, I really do. I am glad to see that she has become sucessful and all that since I started watching her years ago and her being in a "Burger King" commercial was The only thing that I hate to admit but have to say is true is overexposure. Oprah is very overexposed but it was done gradually, one step at a time. Rachel Ray was the food networks "best kept secret" but like any secret that has been shouted from rooftops, it no longer holds the same merit. I loved 30 minute meals, cool show with food that I actually would buy. Then there was $40 a day, love that show as I like to eat out and see different restaurants in different cities and she is so enthusiastic--you cannot help but like it if that is your interest, then Tasty Travels...still like Rachel but not into the celeb thing, then the talk show--Rachel is fun with it but it still has not hit me, it needs more personalization as it really just all collides together but it has promise--I think, but now I do not think I can get away from Rachel Ray. Its like all of the food network shows, then the tv show, then I go to the store, her face is right there at the checkout mag., I go home, check the mail and I have a Rachel Ray mag I did not order, I check my email and there are all these offers to get free RR cookware, then I open up a dept store ad and there is her face and the cookware, then I sign on TMZ, again Rachel. I love Rachel and have been a fan a long time, I can imagine how irritating it would be for someone who does not care for her personality or even indifferent to her. It is just too much!!! I know they are trying to strike the fire while the coals are still hot but it will end her career much quicker. Yes, she will make a lot of money, more than enough for the rest of her life in just this year, but people do get accustomed to the lifestyle and it goes quickly if not very careful. Hopefully she will budget her money like she does her $40 meals. I just do not want to see someone with her talent get to the point that everyone, including her fans, dread to see her face or hear her voice and that can happen.
I want her to succeed so I hope it all works out in the end and there is a balance.
As for Dale, you are a chef and most chefs who have actually attended culinary school, worked for years under other chefs, etc. They hate to see Rachel anything. Anyone can learn to be a good chef with time and hard work (I do appreciate that) but Rachel has gotten as far as she has because of her personality and her being personable in general. People do not watch her to do complicated and gourmet or even high detailed dishes, they want to eat basic stuff and whip it up in a hurry as that is what our society is now. Most people could care less about the fancy garnishes and the pains that chefs take to make a masterpiece. Rachel is considered a good cook with a personality that many people like. She is in no way trying to come off as a culinary God. She is kind of like Paula Deen, she represents more of what people understand and have been around unless you are quite wealthy.

2821 days ago

tim jeffries    

she's good butt how many shows can she do??????????? Before it is to much!

2821 days ago


Please...there are only so many places to cook food, in a your home, or some other home.......famous or not so he coined the idea...of cooking a meal, in a celebrity.home......get over yourself...I should have been Betty Crocker...........

2820 days ago


Rachel Ray was somewhat entertaing for 30 minutes, but the new show feels like 2 hours- and I only watched the first 15 minutes! Not every one who likes to talk should have a show , and if I were in this situation I would return to the Big Head Mukkidi Muks in charge and beg for my old show bake, no audience etc., and keep smiling like the other show never happened- deny,deny,deny!!!!
Peace and Love :)

2820 days ago


Rachel Ray is a farce as far as a cook..she does not bake..she throws things around .....she is very loud....and is in a frenzy when her time is nearly done and she has not completed all she planned to do for that show b/c she talks soooo much.
Why is she dressed so unappealing for someone working in a kitchen?
Her hair is hanging down and looks like it needs care. Not the best image to have around food.
II believe she will be a "flash in the pan" and her ratings will decline and she will not be renewed.
She is not a Martha Stewart type. She is best in the half hr segments on FOOD TV>

2819 days ago


Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits!!!!

It's The American way.....

2818 days ago
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