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Is Rachael Ray's

Food Network Show

A Crock?

11/8/2006 5:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Racheal Ray"Inside Dish with Rachael Ray" was a stolen recipe, according to a new lawsuit.

TMZ has obtained court documents filed in Los Angeles Federal Court in which a syndicated radio host claims The Food Network burned him bad.

Ross Crystal, host of "Showbiz Express,"
claims he contacted Food Network prez Judy Girard back in 2001 and pitched a show he called "Showbiz Chefs." The idea, claims Ross, "is a 30-minute interview/cooking show featuring celebrities cooking their favorite dishes in their own kitchens. Celebrity guests will open their homes to the viewer, providing a glimpse into their lifestyles, and the host will participate in the cooking experience."

Crystal received a letter from Girard on December 13, 2001, thanking him for thinking of Food Network, but stating "...we have no interest in celebrities at all. Every time we do something of this nature, it fails." Oh really?

In November 2004, Food Network launched "Inside Dish With Rachel Ray," using the promotional description: "Join host Rachael Ray as she takes us to the homes-and kitchens-of some of America's biggest celebrities."

In the first episode, Rachel visited the home of actor Dennis Franz and baked crabcakes with his daughter Tricia.

Ray was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

TMZ placed calls to Food Network. So far, no reply.

Crystal is seeking a minimum of $150,000 in damages.

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rachel tell us where we can find ur porno video.... i hear its pretty good!:D

2893 days ago


Anyone else HATE rachel ray?

2908 days ago


They took off Tony Danza for this!!!!

2908 days ago


Come off it, Ross...celebrity cooking shows have been around as long as TV. All those cheap ass shows are the same crap churned out with interchangeable hosts and different sets. Your idea wasn't any more original than any of the other crap that's on the air.

2908 days ago


get off this site gentletip you freakin' spammer. i'm gonna report you, you spammin' jerk. stay off tmz. i'm sending your site info to the ftc loser.

2908 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

Love her image on the Wheat Thins boxes!

2908 days ago


This is stupid. Like showing the inside lives of celebrities isn't a common theme on TV or anything.

2908 days ago


It was three years after this other chef sent in his idear. So what, dude? They didn't want to hire you, I guess. It's not exactly like you wrote a novel and they plagirized it. Things change and they thought the idea would work later on... maybe Rachel Ray had the same idea, or because she is more popular and likelier to make it successful. What, they could never make a show that was cooking with celebrities because it's similar to the other guy's idea? It's not exactly such an original one. Everyone sues nowadays, hoping to make a buck off others' success. I guess Shakespeare, if he were alive, would need to sue all the writers of plays, tv shows, and books that have similar plots to his plays, if this guy can sue Food Network for this.

2908 days ago


So what you are saying is someone came up with an idea to have a TV show that shows the inside of the homes of famous people? Like maybe show their kitchen and what they have in their fridge??

I don't know......can you say MTV CRIBS!?!?!?!?!

Racheal Ray needs to go back to her trailer park.

2908 days ago


Sounds like two independent ideas collided. What would be so hard about thinking up a "cooking with celebrities" type format for a show. I think this guys looking for a quick fix. Plus that show of hers was on like over a year ago??

2908 days ago


Who really gives a hoot about Fat Ray when BRITNEY just got divorced!!!!! There should be wall-to-wall coverage of Ms. S. right now!

BTW, does anyone know what that "Let's go to prison" soap bar advertisement is all over this site? I am afraid to click it...can any of you brave souls who have clicked it tell me what I will find? I hope it's not gross.

2908 days ago


Rachael Ray is ugly and weird.

2908 days ago


Ms. Ray is a loud mouth know-it-all. I used to love her show "30 Minute Meals"...but then she got her talk show and its just "AAHHHHHH!!!" all the time. Give it a freakin rest Rachel! You wont have a voice left if you keep it up.

2908 days ago


This is just a rip off of an idea I pitched years ago.

Where I go to celebrities houses and make them cook for me while I sit back and drink all of their beer and do all of their blow. While they show off their skills I make fun of them and tell them the food is godawful then I end the show by crashing on their couch watching either porno or cartoons.

2908 days ago


I love RR. I wish I could find a woman just like her. Shes cute, spunky, seemingly nice and honest, and she can cook. MMMM MMMM GOOD

2908 days ago
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