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This Week's Biggest Losers


11/10/2006 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For Hollywood Republicans like James Woods, Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer, this week was about as much fun as a root canal. Right up there with the kick-in-the-teeth experiences of these woeful celebs.
kevin federlineK-Fed: "BLANK the media, BLANK the haters" bellowed Kevin Federline this week in Chicago, partying with back-up dancers and a bottle of tequila after another non-sold out tour date. He might soon be upping the BLANK ante if Britney goes ahead with plans to give away Baby Photos #2 to a magazine like Vanity Fair rather than share the media moola with the rapper. In the annals of Blonde-Bombshell-or-Bust, K-Fed is already running rings around Nick Lachey and Tommy Lee. He may soon even topple all-time champ Paul Snider, Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten's deranged ex. As Britney continues to defecate in K-Fed's direction (as in the dictionary definition "to become clear of dregs, impurities"), we have a new name brand suggestion. K-Fed, say hello to the backwards-spelled moniker Def-K, as in defecate and three strikes you're out, bro!

daniel baldwin

Danny Baldwin: Brother #1 will preach the merits of religion; Brother #2 will crow about the soothing effects of being married to a blonde hottie; and Brother #3 will disagree with Brother #2. But in our opinion, the PR herder of Black Sheep Baldwin needs to insist that this week's SUV fracas was all part of the unfortunate holdover effects of his client's dedicated, Method acting approach to his upcoming bad guy role on Season Six of The Sopranos. The biggest irony is that Baldwin was caught by police thanks to the GPS locating abilities of the GMC Yukon's On Star system, which is as close to the star system as DB will ever get.

Simon Cowell: He says he wants to sign Kate Moss to a recording contract; he was booed off the stage at a wedding because of some tasteless best man comments; and he went classless in Seattle, dumping not only on the burg's talent pool but also on its rainy weather. Hey, it's all well and good to wield a "Freemantle" on the Kodak Theater stage, but otherwise, it's just plain overkill. We say either up the neck size on those torso-hugging T-shirts in order to allow better blood flow to the brain, or just go all the way and get photographed coming out of Fred Segal with Corey Clark.

faith hill Faith Hill:
Maybe this lovely country star has the same joke writer as Senator John Kerry. Because no matter what your take is on the most popular YouTube video this side of Def-K's dose of reality, Hill's "What?" backstage shout out was about as funny as a Baghdad country ballad. Ms. McGraw, her publicist, dissed winner Carrie Underwood and half the stars in Nashville are all standing firm in their ridicule of the resulting Internet wildfire, but it would have been so much easier if Hill, like Kerry, would simply apologize for the joke not being funny. On the plus side, this adds a whole new dimension to the upcoming People's Choice Award category of Favorite Female Singer. If Underwood loses to Hill, maybe she can return the favor by mouthing, "Oh C'mon!"

chris cornell Chris Cornell: Finally, some good news for Madonna. Advance reviews are starting to trickle in for Casino Royale and so far, it looks like Seattle grunger Chris Cornell's title credits song "You Know My Name" has a chance of toppling the Material Girl's "Die Another Day" as Sir Elton John's least favorite 007 theme. Then again, maybe the ex-Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman's radar is just off across the board, because he has also announced plans to cover Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" on his 2007 album. He told MTV that he has changed the music quite a bit but not touched the lyrics at all, so apparently he skipped right past the last line of MJ's third verse ("So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice").

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Hey Fed-Ex, I'll bet you didn't think " the Pancack Man" was "gonna flip" your raggedy ass straight into divorce court so soon! BOO YA Bitch!
(Insert Eddie Murphey -type laugh here...heh, heh, heh).

2840 days ago


Good for Britney for giving the photos up for free! No more free nights at the Hard Rock in Vegas for old K-fag!

2840 days ago


Weeks biggest loser? How about years biggest loser! Mr. Spears the free ride is finally over! BTW pretending to be a rapper doesn't qualify as having a job! The CDs aren't selling so he is losing money rather then earning it. Oh yeah the tickets are being given away also.......................

2840 days ago


First of all you guys at TMZ have to get over the fact that the Democrats won and that the Republicans are greedy, power hungry, fags diguised as homophobes, lackies of Bush! But at the least you put K-Fed in the right category which is the shady and manipulative group. I guess both parties got what they deserve, but I think allof these people including Britney are just trailer trash!!!

2840 days ago


#16 you truly need to go 'F' yourself...have a good day...nOT.

2840 days ago


Hey TMZ don't rip on James Woods or Kelsey Grammar just because they don't support your JEW AGENDA! They rock!

2840 days ago

Danny the drunken dwarf    

yo let me ax ya why all the wigger hate'n?

2840 days ago


Want to take bets on whats next for or a book deal?

2840 days ago


What a loser!

2840 days ago


What is funny is that Fedex claimed in the interveiw that he got no money and he has to pay for his own way, and yet in his "rap" he brag about having 50 mil LOL

2840 days ago


To Post #22-Amy,
Whoa! I'm guessing book deal in which that'll turn into an even BIGGER legal mess for him and Brit, as she'll want to sue him for having a tell-all about their life together. He'll try to drag her in the mud and make her look really bad. Wonder if their pre-nup included for him not to write a tell-all book?

2840 days ago


Kev might write a tell-all book about Brit and "the dirt" but it will end up in the same Dollar Store dumpster that his cd will be in as no one really cares what he has to say or what he does. He could have had the good life and quietly spent her money and been taken care of with no problems. He was just being so totally stupid by acting the way he did and trying to promote a career that wasnt there.

2840 days ago


Whatever.... Cos No matter what happens, Kfed IS a star now and will always be worth 10 million dollars more than you jealous house mommas!!

2840 days ago


He wasn't saving a DIME for himself. He was spending HER money faster than it was coming in. All he's been doing since he launched his "rap" career is BRAGGING about spending HER MONEY!!! Well, the money tree has dried up. What now?

All this guy did was run around Vegas and everywhere else partying without her or the kids the entire marriage. On the one hand, she gets what she deserves for marrying a man who had a baby on the way with another woman. On the other hand, I'm glad his free ride is OVAH!

2840 days ago


Dorothy Stratton comment was a little too strong, even if FedEx is a loser. She was brutally murdered -- doesn't even compare.

2840 days ago
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