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Tom's a Mismatch in Three-Piece Suit

11/16/2006 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With TomKat's big fat Italian wedding two days away, Tom, Katie and their soon-to-be legitimate daughter Suri enjoyed dinner with the Mayor of Rome on Wednesday.

Katie carried baby Suri, while Tom, decked out in a pinstriped three-piece suit, kept his protective arm around Holmes' waist. By the way, it seems to us that his burgundy tie and brown shoes don't go well with the grey suit. Just our opinion.

Meanwhile with Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey and Brooke Shields among the attendees for the ceremony, helicopters have already begun circling the fortress-like Castle Odescalchi.

Time will tell if the wedding site will be able to keep the paparazzi from crossing the moat.


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Wow! It looks like Tom's buttons are about to bust!

2897 days ago



2897 days ago



2897 days ago


Is it just me or does Katie look totally uncomfortable holding her own child??

2897 days ago


Don't care. Don't you have any other news . Everything is about Tom, Katie, Paris K-fed etc. We don't want news about has-beens. Levin get on the ball or stay with the Peoples Court. At least there its different every day.

2897 days ago


The shoes and tie are not the only thing that doesn't go with the suit. How about Katie and Suri. Both of them are too good to be with him and I don't see this marriage lasting more than a few years at best and I'm giving it a few years because they both will be too embarassed that they made a mistake. Her by marrying him and him by marrying a female.

2897 days ago

coco puff    

I agree, he looks bloated, the camera doesn't add that much weight. As far as his clothes, I guess that's how scientologists dress on Mars. Who's gonna marry them Spock!

2897 days ago

All American Girl    

Don't call that innocent child a bastard. Who are you to judge that child? Such angry over aggressive people.

2897 days ago


Katie looks fab! but Tom is looking drab! He needs a makeover!!!

2897 days ago

Mad Balls    

Too bad this is considered real news . The Networks are having a field day with this crap . Katie , now that they finally let you see the baby ---RUN !!! Tom looks like he is having a baby himself , maybe twins .Katie looks very sweet in thie picture so I assume someone missed her hourly dosage of mind-drugs . To bad nobody noticed the rebels in Darfur crossed over into Chad and have started MASS MURDERING VILLAGERS !! Dickheads .

2897 days ago


As the Mayor of the Munchkin City

In the County of the land of Oz,

He'd like to marry Kate most regally

But He must verify it LEGALLY

To see (To See!)

If She (If She!)

Is Legally, Morally



(And she *is* the brain department. And, judging from the photos of short, bloated, pasty, bad-haired Tom Cruise...he is straight out of a Judy Garland nightmare...well, maybe not STRAIGHT out of one. Do with the pun what ye will. But he is, indeed, a midget).

2897 days ago


Tom needs to come out of the closet so he can lose his "guilt" weight.

2897 days ago


He thought since he was in Italy he should dress like The Godfather.

2897 days ago


Please please dont be mean to the baby. She really has no idea who she is or what is going on and she sisnt ask to be born to these two.

Anyway according to press reports this cermoney will not be legal anywhere..the Pope and Gang are not goign anywhere near this couple and not legal papers have been files....So cruise can wiggle out and say no ALIMONY because it wasnt legal. Thats what Mick Jagger told Jerry Hall. But I am sure the Holmes lawyers have taken care of thier kid. Afterall they are all enjoying this sickening extravagance. Who knew Katy Holmes could be this extravagant adn of course what happened to all her friends.........I dont beleive she knew any of these guest pre TOMKAT. And there are wierd celebs showing up who couldnt possibly have a connection to this couple. I bet they are all laughing tongue in cheek. Afterall who would be want to whitness this extravagant nonesense of a wedding...and really its goign to be a super weekend at the Cruisers expense. I coudl defintely do with an invite ..but would hate to attend the ceremony becasue I will be laughing through out.........
It seems Tom has spent a lot of dough to make his closet really comfy. He is not coming out anytiem soon. I really wish these wives and GF will stop signing cofidentiality clauses..someone needs to an expose on Toms personal life..especially his sex life. He is relaly good atocntrollign what someout into teh press. What he doesnt want us to know never comes out....really good a manipulating the news.............

Well I hope they all enjoy the weekend........I hope the A listed spend spend and spend ..who knows as someone said previously the NON WOGS are probably using this to recruit more celebs.

I have never seen so many pictures of Katie Holmes. I conclude she is pretty enough far off..but her posture is really messed up.......always bending her legs and holding Toms from behind..reminds me a frogs mating..not to be offensice , but you dhould look this up on national geographic. The wieght loss thing really does not work for her, all she lost was her pretty fresh face , her ass and boobs. Leaving us with a different looking goth like kat (i)E to be Cruise with gaint ass legs and knees that looks bigger and bigger as she shrinks./

It must quite embarrasing for the holmes parents this weekend
Hey is there anyone from Toledo here, whats going on on your l ocal grapevince and what happened to Katies Pre Jessica best friend and all the Dawson Creek Alummmmmmmmmmmmm.!!!

2897 days ago


Good lord! What happend to Tom? He is getting FAT. I'm sorry, but that baby is MUCH older than 6 months. I believe that is Chris Klein's and Katie's baby. That's why at the "end" of her pregnancy, she started wearing that fake pregnancy belly.

I bet Tom made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

2897 days ago
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