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Forget LaFave -- Alba Rules!!

11/17/2006 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The American people have spoken, and they want gorgeous Jessica Alba to teach them a lesson!

In an online poll conducted by the National Education Association, Ms. Alba came out on top as the celebrity that people would most want to see substitute teach for a day. Detention never sounded so good.

Here's a reason to bring back corporal punishment!

Jessica and her A+ curves received more votes than Oprah and Angelina Jolie; apparently, philanthropy doesn't hold a candle to six-pack abs. Think of the extra-curricular activities!


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Yeah, she's really good looking, not anorexic at all. And sorry for post number four if you are a servant of hers, and if you aren't it's probably just s crappy rumor.

2837 days ago


Jessica, your attraction to men is not a sin as some may want you to think. I pray you continue to live out your salvation. Phil 2:12 Your modesty does show and you would be a good teacher. I've substitute taught at many schools and met several attractive teachers that do very well with both the girls and the guys. I believe you could do well too. God Bless you in your indivers. John 1:12 :-)

2837 days ago


she is perfectly fine, if u girls dont like her, thats also fine but u dont have to rail on her like that cuz she is just better lookin then all of u and that she is famous for her looks. i admit there are some bitchy celibraties but she is not one of them. i rather have alba teachin kids then paris hilton if u noe wat i mean :)

2837 days ago


Jessica is a hot every sense of the word. There now continue reading everyone elses explanations.

2837 days ago


Uhh...hey, 11? This is hypothetical. Anyway, she is not anorexic. Nicole Richie you can actually see the bones, and Jessica looks about as Healthy as some of the girls I work with that are in high school and are definitely not anorexic.

2837 days ago


"...the celebrity that people would most want to see substitute teach for a day."

How the author explained the students' choice seems completely reasonable to me. Have any other enlightening reasons they'd choose her? I doubt it. Whether you believe she's beautiful or not, most people seem to. They were asked to choose a celebrity (someone forget what that is?) that would substitute for a day. That is one day. Education isn't so demanding that one day matters. Unfortunately so, but that's how it is.

Anyway, I wish people wouldn't take the opportunity to bash celebrities left and right. I think we all know people have different concepts of beauty, you don't have to remind us.

2837 days ago


Some women need unhealthy habits to be skinny and others are naturally that way. It appears that Alba just has a naturally thin physique and is in fine health. I think she is a beautiful women and always looks great.

2837 days ago


Everyone's so ready to blame the celebrities themselves for "starving themselves" to being so skinny, when it's really outside pressure to be so thin. Probably most of the people here are basing most of their "too skinny" comments on this picture or pictures like this (done professionally). I don't care how skinny you are, after these pictures are taken there's usually someone airbrushing it so the people look even thinner. Jessica probably isn't that thin in real life and the pose stretches out everything. Everything about celebrities pictures is an attempt to make them look thinner. To number 5, natural selection doesn't work for being skinny, being skinny isn't a need of life, it's a need for of society (excuse me if that doesn't make sense to anyone reading this). And to number 9, that wasn't nessesary. Just because someone (in particular, female) is opinionated about something, doesn't mean it's because they believe/ look/ act otherwise. Anyways, I'm done.

2837 days ago


she is so hot she would be the best sub ever!!

2837 days ago


You are nuts, Jessica looks amazing

2837 days ago


jessica alba is don't have to be big-boned to be cury...and she's is gorgeous...she's not anorexic....nicole richie is anorexic...people need to look up that definition because apparently they don't understand or choose not to comprehend the difference between anorexic and skinny....she's skinny not anorexic..people that think she's not pretty your just mad because you're ugly. she's gorgeous..people that think she's anorexic you're just mad because you're fat or don't know what anorexic...and there are too many women out there hating on other women because they are prettier or thinner...for all you hating..stop hating because you can't have what they have..

2837 days ago


Yeah, I'd like her to teach me.....(Wearin' the "Cowgirl outfit" from SIN CITY) I can guarantee she'd get my undivided attention, and I would be happy to bang more than just the erasers after class!!! ;0)

2795 days ago


I love her so much to turn gay

2757 days ago


I would never want someone like Jessica Alba teaching my sons in school. They would never learn anything because they would be so flustered by all of her beauty.

2842 days ago


curvey?! She's 110 pounds... thats not curvey, thats SKINNY. We are so f***ed as a society, no wonder girl's are dying of anorexia.

2842 days ago
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