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Jennifer to Beyoncé: It's My Destiny, Child!

11/18/2006 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer HudsonWho cares if Jennifer Hudson didn't win "American Idol"? With her performance as Effie White in "Dreamgirls," the big-voiced diva is getting enough critical acclaim to send her Grammy-winning co-star, the fabulous Beyoncé, over the edge with envy.

The film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical was supposed to be Beyoncé's star vehicle, but it's Hudson who's getting the Oscar buzz. Oh no she dit-n't!

Entertainment Weekly believes Jennifer's a shoo-in for a Best Supporting Actress nod, and New York Times reporter David Carr flat out says that Hudson "steals the show." Even Oprah called up the songstress and told her it was a "transcendent performance." If you thought Beyoncé was angry before -- somebody better ring the alarm!

See for yourself as a star is born; "Dreamgirls", with Jennifer Hudson, opens December 15.


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People please. I agree with number 11. The media has a lot of people brainwashed... it's how they make their money. I believe that BOTH girls are extremely talented.. but Jennifers voice is better suited for THIS particular genre of music. Why is it that people can't wait to find a reason to hate on others? We have been conditioned to relish someone elses downfall... especially if they have more than we do. Unless you have seen with your own eyes Beyonce or her parents do something bad to Jennifer.. dont buy into it.

2837 days ago


Beyonce is crazy. She has never done any roles that deserved an award. She is not a good actress. They only put her in movies because she is a singer and they think all of her fans will go see the movie.

2834 days ago

Carlette Stevenson    

I know that Beyonce is jealous of Jennifer's shine. I am so glad that it is her time. The music industry has slept on Jennifer's talent for so long. Beyonce has no acting skills what so ever. I really hate the fact that people act like she is the best thing since sliced bread. There are many other talented black female artists that sing wayyyy better than her anyway. Bday Is garbage.

2832 days ago

Just Sayin    

At first I thought the Beyonce/Jennifer thing was just movie gossip--but after I read a comment where B says" I wished I coulda gained 20 pounds and played Effie" you can plainly see the haterism!! Damn B--thought you was better than that. She is so used to being the star and "pretending" to be humble that when the spotlight turns and leaves her in the dark do to speak--she cant handle it.

2826 days ago


I don't understand why Beyonce needs to watch out for anything!!?? Let them both have their shine. People and the media love to make a mountain out of a molehill...I swear. First off, the statements she made where cut off...and everything this sites has isn't true. has the full dialog....geesh!!

They are both beautiful and very talented...let them be!!

2825 days ago


Hey Zalia, What has Beyonce done for the world? What a stupid statement. dah!!

2825 days ago


I have never liked Beyonce, she can;t sing, I said it she CAN'T SING, she can't act, and by the time she is 30 she won't look the same, Moniaue said it best, she's one cheesburger and 2 chicken wings away form being a BIG GIRL, now as far as looking like your mom as you get older, that's usually true, but her mom ain't all that hot either. And as far as she and Jay-Z goes, I think they are having problems. On his new album the second song there playing now , Lost something? I don't know the name but you will hear it if youhaven't all ready. Listen to the words in that song. He said something about letting her go to be on her own and do her thing, for what reason ?? But check out the song. I knew when Rhianna came out with that SOS song and the way she was dressed in that video looked like classic Beyonce, and ever since she's dressed, not in jeans and short tops, but designer dresses and heels. I heard he took her to the Bahamas, that's when I guess the shit hit the fan between he and B. But anyway J. Hudson can sang. She is a natural talent. No voice coach in the world can teach you something youalready have naturally. It's called a gift. And now it's Jennifers time to shine. Forget Beyonce, I've never liked her and NO she can't sing. Nicole

2825 days ago

Perfeeda Lim-Pin    

I love Beyonce. She can sing alright. But in "Dreamgirls", Jennifer sings - not to mention act - a lot better. Very well, in fact, that critics have already conceded the Best Supporting Actress race to this girl who was untreated fairly by know-it-all judges in "American Idol".

2825 days ago

jon bacon    

What's wrong with these people?? Do you really think Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce gives a shit about your comment...and also FUCK PETA!!! take your tree hugging, save the animals ass to hell. I love FUR!! they make my diamonds look real nice.


2825 days ago

jon bacon    

What's wrong with these people?? Do you really think Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce gives a sh** about your comments and also F**K PETA!!! take your tree hugging, save the animals ass to hell. I love FUR!! they make my diamonds look real nice.


2825 days ago


What is interesting is that in the original broadway play Effie was the lead actress- amazing how in the movie Deena (B-yawn-say) is the lead actress. Hollywood shame on you!!!!!

2825 days ago


I think beyonce is very pretty and talented, but I'm tired of her. I would like for more talent to approach hollywood. I hope it works out for jennifer cause someone else deserves to be honored and appreciated for their talent as well. I also find it funny that beyonce is not getting most of the credit for the movie and I'm glad cuase I honestly don't care for her acting. Also I feel she has to accept the fact that everyone is really giving jennifer the big pat on the shoulder cause when I watch tv in the past all I saw was beyonce and never saw much of the other destiny's child members. I hope jennifer rock the charts and I hope it work out for her acting roles. I am for jennifer not beyonce.

2825 days ago


#8 post by hit it right on the money. People might see it as hating but it's not at all. Beyonce is talented but she is over rated on so many levels. Acting just isn't her thing right now. How many movies will it take for her to do for people to see that she's not an actor. Then her management has been feeding her lies in which she feeds to the public like " i can really say that im an actor now after doing dreamgirls" ...stop..think about it...let's be realistic. I understand the whole promotion process to get the movie off the ground but if they wanted to do that they could've left it at jamie fox or eddie murphy and kept it moving. Maybe one day a role will come along that she is meant to play but so far it's been nothing but disappointment. By the way Zalia you're either a groupie or a wanna be beyonce. What you need to do is find your own path in life. She has accomplished so much and people are just hating on her because they don't look like her. See this is what fame does to one's brain. Looking like her or doing things like her is not the path that anyone should try to walk in. We're all put here for different reasons on behalf of those who won't be blunt with you. My purpose and journey in life is bigger than entertaining people and shaking my ass. Don't let the glam fool you because real shit beyonce so far as her music career goes. She's a nipple from being over exposed and ass pop from being a stripper. She can sing ...yes..i'd give her that..she is beautiful...yes i'd give her that too. Savior of the world? therefore everything she do is pointless to me. If you want to talk about accomplishments and footsteps to follow in why call out the name of an entertainer im sure there are greater people than what you see on tv walking this earth. Back to the movie discussion. I've been hearing about Hudson and how she shuts it down. I don't think that "hollywood" is trying to pend beyonce and hudson against each other. I just think that people have been paying so much attention to promotion and talk about this movie for the last few months and the focus has always been on beyonce. Now that people have seen it and clips of the movie they no that beyonce was just a ploy to bring in a bigger audience. The same type of promotion was done with all of the other movies she was in. Goldmember she sang and said 'shazam' 600 times that's it. In fighting temptations she sang and said "don't judge me" 600 times. In pink panther she sang and said " i didn't kill my husband" 600 times. In carmen she sang and said ' i wanna be a star" 600 times. She's a modern day Pam Grier. She's being exploited by the industry and being avoided by the people. Pam grier's best work was done in Jackie brown and that was 50 yrs after her first movie. There is a difference in acting and being when it comes to movies. Acting is Joe Pesci in my uncle venny...being is him as nicky in casino. Acting is denzel washington in he got game...being is denzel in malcom x. Acting is angela bassett in boys in the hood ...being is angela bassett in what's love got to do with it. There is a fine line between the two and beyonce have yet to cross it. End of Discussion!

2825 days ago


my cousin whatever yall know what i meant

2825 days ago

A. Odom    

I think Beyonce is great, she's has a beautiful voice. I don't know about her acting becasue I haven't seen any of her movies, but I will see Dream Girls. I also think Jennifer Hudson is wonderful and deserves success. The pitting of the two is the normal media hype. I don't believe their is any jealousy or envy between the two. Beyonce is already a Star in her own right. People have their own time to shine in their own light for however long they can, so let them enjoy it and be happy for them because it doens't last forever.

2825 days ago
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