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Rosie Rips Kelly for "Homophobic" Remark

11/21/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell started a bitchfight with fellow morning-diva Kelly Ripa when she accused Ripa of making a "homophobic" remark.

The fracas started on "The View" when O'Donnell said that Ripa was "homophobic" for her scolding of Aiken when he co-hosted her show the other day and playfully put his hand over her mouth, prompting Ripa to snap, "I don't know where that hand has been." Rosie suggested that if Aiken had been a "straight guy, a cute guy" or, for instance, Mario Lopez, Ripa wouldn't have made the same remark. (Aiken, of course, has never said anything publicly about his sexuality.)

Ripa was incensed enough to call into the show immediately, firing back that Rosie's accusation was "outrageous" and "irresponsible" and that Ripa made the remark last Friday because it was "cold and flu season" and that Aiken had shaken the hands of the studio audience. Rosie wasn't buying it, and in acknowledging that she admires Ripa, said that "from where I sit" as an openly gay woman, Ripa's response was homophobic.

Kelly, for her part, continued to pile on Aiken as well, saying that his behavior on last week's episode was "disrespectful," including the fact that he never thanked her for the opportunity to co-host. Kelly and the ladies agreed on one thing: guest host Sherri Shepherd's assertion that Clay probably wouldn't have muzzled Regis like he did Kelly.
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Gary Miller    

I think they should both be kicked in the ass and toss on the street. " BUTCH' O'Donnell for being a fat obnoxious blubber butt
and Smelly Rippa for being loud mouth and totally stupid.....

2800 days ago


Go John!!!! He said it all!!!!!!

2890 days ago


What do they say about people who have really lost it. Who knows but Rosie has definately ''lost it'' this time. She sounds like a real moron with this one.

2890 days ago

Laughing out loud    

Rosie, i hear you. We need to get you out in the spot light, but I have a better approach. Here it goes, how about we start a reality show where you have to lose a hundred and such pounds to become the next spokes(WOMAN) for Quizno's. I mean, Jerod just doesn't have your mouth!

2890 days ago


I used to be a fan of Rosie's inspite of her sexual preference. But I'm so sick of her bashing any and everyone whom she deems to be not honest enough or not tolerant enough. Let's just be honest she built her entire career and fortune without mention of her homosexuality and all of a sudden every else needs to be honest! Star's lying about surgery, Clay's being mistreated give me a break, if I was the regular host of a talk show and some guest host put his hand over my mouth to get me to shut up I'd be pissed too. Maybe Clay should be invited to the view so he can get Rosie to shut her big mouth!!

2890 days ago


Yanno what ..for years when Rosie had her own show she lied about being straight and said numerous times that (Tom Cruse) aka Tommy Boy was her boyfriend. And she would love to be his wife one day.....LMAO give us a break. The Dyke lied to us then and now when Kelly Ripa stands up for herself and opposes to Clay Akin's actions from last Fridays show. To which I watched the entire show. Rosie jumps on her soap box and starts her tirade. I don't know anyone that would allow anyone stranger or not to place their hand over their face. But again Rosie believes she has the right to use the View to voice her opinions like the View is her own personal media to accuse people such as Kelly Ripa for voicing her own opinion about Clay Akin's actions on last Fridays show. That Kelly making homophobic remarks. Rosie get a life and grow up. Akin has never said either way his sexuality. So its very childish of you or anyone to accuse someone of doing the very thing you do. I really feel sorry for those kids you adopted. Cause their being raised in a household that condones your half assed beliefs that everyone is looking down their noses at the gay population when in fact were looking down our noses at just YOU. You have to be the most ignorant person on the planet. You're rude,loud and totally obnoxious and from what I've seen of the View since you joined that show makes me sick and I refuse to watch the show because of you. I don't know what Barbara was thinking when she asked you to take Meredith's spot. I use to have such respect for Barbara. But since she hired you I don't. Wake up Barbara and fire the loud mouth and take back your audience. Kelly was completely correct to say what she did and by no means did Kelly make a homophobic remark. Clean the wax out of your ears and get it right and STFU ROSIE!!!

2890 days ago


I think as the acting host, Kelly Ripa should have been more hospitable. It was true that Clay was kidding around with her, and she certainly was getting her digs in as well, but to make such a big to do about him putting his hand on her mouth, that was ridiculous. IT WAS A JOKE. HE WAS KIDDING AROUND. She does that all the time to Regis and others. Can she not give him just a little slack, he's new at the hosting thing. He's new at interviews. I bet she wasn't great the first time she started. The thing that I saw was that he was trying to over-compensate for being so nervous and totally out of his element. With time he could do better, but this was just joking around. There are far worse things than and inexperienced co-host putting his hand over your mouth. Let's put all this into perspecitive. I think she was just embarrassed that he got the best of her and it made her mad. No he should not have done it and if he had had more experience he probably wouldn't have, but it wasn't a great tragedy. Lighten up. It was all done in fun.

2890 days ago

Deb C.    

I think someone with brunette hair is just a TAD too sensitive! I used to like and admire Rosie, but I agree with some of the other opinions here----when did "The View" turn into "The Rosie O'Donnell Show"? It seems to me that she HAD her own show before, and it went belly up. GO KELLY! If I were you, I'd ask for an on the air apology. By the way, isn't Rosie's reaction a little suspect? Why is she so defensive, especially since the remark wasn't even directed at her?

2890 days ago


Rosie needs to shut her fat ass up. No one wants anyones hands in there month regardless of who they are!. Clay was disrespectful and should have been bitch slapped! Now that's homophopic ROSIE

2890 days ago


Thank you Rosie! Since when did Kelly Ripa become God? Are all you posters so young that you can't think these thrings through and see the homophobic remark? And the individual, (Clay), doesn't need to be gay for those remarks to be homophobic Kelly has a grating mouth on her that never stops and I applaud Clay! One of the reasons I don't watch Regis's show is because she is on there. God, even Saturday Night LIve makes fun of how Kelly is so handsy all over Regis, yet when somebody playfully tries to show you you have a big mouth you freak out? Grow up Kelly! Good job Rosie! You live in the real world and call them as you see them. Amazing how many people can't see this!

2890 days ago

Daniel Natale    

This happened to me at work, my homophobic racist boss told me to keep my filthy hands off the glasses, and I am a total neat freak. He was refering to whatever his sick mind was dreaming up. Rosie is right!! She is always right and poor straight people are unfortunately gonna support bigotry, because they are stupid and inferior. And jealous.

2890 days ago


Kelly, you're JUST a talkshow hostess....I've always liked you.....till are taking yourself WAY too seriously.....not very attractive little rich girl...looks like Regis' self importance has rubbed off......this marks the beginning of the end of your long positive run....buh bye!

2890 days ago


I believe Kelly as a mother normal reaction is keep hands away from the face-I tell my kids that-God I didn't realize that a comment like that could offend gay people-as for Rosie she has been on a roll lately. Calling people out-ex. Star,Christie,Oprah and now Kelly-? She must be upset when no invite was given to TomKats wedding. Rosie is definately wrong in this case with Kelly and owes her the apology. The comment above about Kelly over reacting, she only told Regis as he had asked how it went and could tell that she was upset and he wanted to know. Kelly thumbs up to you-standing your ground and refusing to be bullied by Rosie!

2890 days ago

Donald Bowers    

As a gay male who has been out for 30 years,I am very sensitive to any "homophobic" statements. What Ripa said was not . In an awkward situation she said a quip that any one of us would say. As for Mr. Aiken,whether hes gay or straight, his behavior on that show from the get- go was not of a "gentleman",something ALL men should be regardless of sexuality.

2890 days ago


i'm not gay, but i'm fat, over 55, and female, so i know when i'm being dissed on any or all of the above. if rosie thought the statement was homophobic, it probably was. i'm all for allowing the target to define the arrows that are thrown at it.

2890 days ago
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