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Rosie Rips Kelly for "Homophobic" Remark

11/21/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell started a bitchfight with fellow morning-diva Kelly Ripa when she accused Ripa of making a "homophobic" remark.

The fracas started on "The View" when O'Donnell said that Ripa was "homophobic" for her scolding of Aiken when he co-hosted her show the other day and playfully put his hand over her mouth, prompting Ripa to snap, "I don't know where that hand has been." Rosie suggested that if Aiken had been a "straight guy, a cute guy" or, for instance, Mario Lopez, Ripa wouldn't have made the same remark. (Aiken, of course, has never said anything publicly about his sexuality.)

Ripa was incensed enough to call into the show immediately, firing back that Rosie's accusation was "outrageous" and "irresponsible" and that Ripa made the remark last Friday because it was "cold and flu season" and that Aiken had shaken the hands of the studio audience. Rosie wasn't buying it, and in acknowledging that she admires Ripa, said that "from where I sit" as an openly gay woman, Ripa's response was homophobic.

Kelly, for her part, continued to pile on Aiken as well, saying that his behavior on last week's episode was "disrespectful," including the fact that he never thanked her for the opportunity to co-host. Kelly and the ladies agreed on one thing: guest host Sherri Shepherd's assertion that Clay probably wouldn't have muzzled Regis like he did Kelly.
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Someone should put a hand on Rosie's mouth once in awhile. Since she's been on the View she seems to have taken over the show, especially when Barbara isn't there. I'm also sick of of people turning everything that is said into either a homophobic or racist remark. Rosie was enjoyable when she had her own show because she was able to do most of the talking. Guess what Rosie, this isn't your show, so keep a lid on it!

2891 days ago


Why is it ok for Rosie to voice her opinions but nobody else? Barbara Walters made a HUGE mistake bringing that big-mouth fat-ass loser onto The View. Rosie needs to learn to take it if she is going to dish it out. Maybe she should stick with being with her "wife" and raising her kids and keeping her big mouth shut.

2891 days ago


I think it's time to start a petition to have Rosie removed from the View. Starr Jones was a sharp legal eagle with strong views until she turned into BRIDEZILLA and made me sick to watch her. Rosie is no improvement. The last thing I need on a morning entertainment show is some angry lesbian screaming her agenda in my face. Rosie is confused, angry and bitter.

2891 days ago


I too am weary of every gays jumping on everyone accusing them of being homophobic. Good grief, enough already! I think Rosie is homoparanoid. I think a lot of homosexuals are homoparanoid. I think they probably should seek therapy for it.

Well, what I think won't matter as I am sure I'll be written off as just another homophobe. (sigh)

2891 days ago

Donald Surdam    

Kelly and Rosie both talk too much. They seldom give anyone else a chance to talk. They try to monopolize the whole show.

2891 days ago


I was a fan of Kelly's from the AMC days. I think she was out of line on this comment. It was very off beat & inappropriatly geared, whether homophobic or sexually innocent. She could have asked Clay not to put his hands on her face because of the Cold and Flu season. I think that excuse is just that... an excuse! Rosie was Right for voicing her opinion, there's a multitude of Homophobic people in the world and Kelly wouldn't have said what she said had it been someone straight like Mario Lopez or attractive Angelina Jolie. Go Rosie!!!!! Stand up for what you believe in girl! Shame on you Kelly for being so rude!!!

2891 days ago


Rosie's email link on the View website has been removed. Barbara, Joy and Elizabeth all have links.... but no Rosie. Are they trying to protect her from the backlash that might crash their servers?

2891 days ago


Sorry for the typo's(their and homophobic), I'm just pissed off!!!!!!!!

2891 days ago


R U kidding me? yeah rosie, i'm an openly gay woman too, but i fail to see why you're so sure the comment was homophobic. she didn't know where his hand had been (the bathroom, down his own pants, whatever). frankly, i would not have made as astute and clever a comment had he done the same thing to me, i'd have ripped him a new one live on TV. his behaviour was arrogant, disrespectful, and how about this one rosie: MYSOGYNIST.

2891 days ago


I can't brelieve that Rosie is even on the View!!
She is loud, rude and obnoxius(?)!! If Barbara isn't careful Rosie will end up
taking over the show and we know how she was when she had her own show.

2891 days ago

Donna Brewer    

I believe the term is "germaphobe" you freaks!!!!! I to would not have appriciated
anyone's hands on my mouth and rightflully so thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2891 days ago



2891 days ago

donald t heiser    

wow. cool. where are all the other comments? Can't see any beynd 15.... and I know there were more

2891 days ago

Joan Smith    

My husband and I are seniors, so we don't know much about Clay Aiken. We do know that Kelly did not give him a chance to speak that day. In fact, about a minute before he put his hand over Kelly's mouth, my husband yelled at the TV(Kelly) "why don't you shut up and let him speak, big mouth".
I think we'll drop out for a while and let her grow up.
As for Rosie, we did not see a slur on gays here and she has diahrea of the mouth, just as Kelly does.

2891 days ago

gus vergara    

rosie, I have a message for you in spanish from your friends in miami,
" pareces una lechona con la cabeza de una lechuza" .
Kelly, I have a message for you from miami also "you are a lady, you are as sweet as you are beautiful, and your husband is a very lucky man".
clay,"no seas tan mariquita, que te van ha ensalchichar".

2891 days ago
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