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Did Travolta

Snub Cruise?

11/22/2006 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood is buzzing about a very notable no-show at last weekend's TomKat wedding -- John Travolta -- and there's persistent speculation that Travolta's absence might have to do with the guest-list snubbing of Travolta's close pal, Oprah Winfrey.
Snub Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding last weekend was wall-to-wall celebrities -- Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Brooke Shields and on and on. But Travolta's absence was as prominent as all those attendees combined. Travolta is a longtime friend of Cruise, a fellow super-Scientologist, one of the first stars to see baby Suri during her prolonged seclusion, and was consistently reported to be set to ferry Cruise and friends to the Italian wedding in his John's own private jet.

So what happened? Sources say that the answer might be in the Big O -- as in Oprah. Winfrey is one of Travolta's closest friends -- she threw his 50th birthday party and has called him her "soul mate." Likewise, Kirstie Alley -- another bosom buddy of Oprah's and an avowed and public Scientologist -- also skipped the trip to Italy, even though other, more minor Scientologists, like Leah Remini and Jenna Elfman, made it. And just to prove how Scientology-centered the ceremony was, Cruise's best man was David Miscavige, the head of the Church of Scientology.

All of this makes Travolta's absence all the more mysterious, a circumstance not helped by the response of Travolta's reps to TMZ's inquiries: "We weren't privy to the invite list," was their mystifying reply, though what we really wanted to know was whether their client had gone to Italy or not. John's reps then explained that they could not get in touch with him until after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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Oprah's not being invited should have been between Tom and Oprah -- not the business of Kirstie or Travolta. If those two babies can't think for themselves and side with Oprah, good riddance to them as well. Oprah's a pompous windbag whose absence I'm sure meant more cake for everyone else in attendance. Cry me a river, Oprah!

2892 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!

2892 days ago

K. Haven    

Tom Cruise (and Katie Holmes for that matter) are so COMPLETELY overated. Two self-absorbed individuals who only care about promoting themselves.

There are numerous innocent, good human lives taken every day in Iraq, Dafur and countless other countries. Tom and Katie's oppulent display only reinforces how we, in this society have so misplaced our values. They deserve happiness- there is no doubt of that but instead of showering millions on themselves, did they ever think to use that money to help others and opt of a small, intimate wedding instead?

I use to enjoy Tom's movies but at this point, it is so disappointing to witness what he has become that I have no desire to spend my hard earned money to benefit him in any way, shape or form. As far as the Scientology - whatever a person can gain positively in their life is a good thing; but this is so over the top it's ridiculous. Seems like more of a cult than anything else. No thanks!

Tom, "GET OVER YOURSELF!!! You are no tthat special."

2892 days ago

The Truth    

Hey #1, that cake joke is very funny but should of included Kristi

2892 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Oprah is such a fake beyatch it's ridiculous... She is always in someone's personal business. I stopped liking Oprah a long time ago. Tom shouldn't have invited her becasue she dissed him during that interview...

Then again WHO CARES ;-(

2892 days ago

Syl C.    

Oprah is a highly intelligent person that did not buy into Tom Cruise's fake shenanigans and I suspect neither did Travolta or Alley. When Oprah expressed her doubts to an interviewer about Cruise, that took her off Cruises' A list. Cruise orchestrated this whole wedding sham and I suppose Travolta and Alley didn't buy into it so they did not get invited either. Plus, what's wrong with being a loyal friend, something that alien Cruise know nothing about.

2892 days ago


I find it weird that he DIDN'T invite Oprah. Sheesh, the likes of Jim Carrey and washed up Jenny McCarthy was there. Maybe he just feels now it's Oprah's fault for airing him doing the couch jumping and making him look like a fool.
Personally, I don't blame John Travolta and Kristie Alley for not going. Cruise has made a fool of himself and the the religion they love.

2892 days ago


I am so glad Oprah didn't make the top 100 most influential people...too sad. Not an Oprah fan. I think it's GREAT she didn't get invited.


2892 days ago


The whole wedding was a circus and Tom was the ringmaster. I used to like his movies but now I REFUSE to see anything with him in it. I love John Travolta, and just knowing that he was a no-show gives me even more respect for the guy. Tom is an ass!

2892 days ago


Hmmm, I'd choose John, Kirstie and Oprah attending my wedding waaaaay before JLo and Posh... At least with them, you'd know they were there to celebrate with you, where as the other two sure were trying hard to make ALOT of fashion statements...

2892 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about Tom Cruise.....and SCIENTOLOGY.
Why don't these celebs practice or keep their religions to themselves!
or STFU for that matter!

2892 days ago


John is the jilted lover of tom, why would he attend his wedding?

2892 days ago


biotech - Unfortunately the lying through front groups and Scientology's war against psychiatry will go on despite idiot stars. :(

2892 days ago


I am not a real big fan of Travolta's, however I will say he is a major celebrity. Kirstie Alley while a close friend of his, is not near his league, so I'm not sure why she is even attatched to this.

I am going to take a GIANT leap here.......what if Travolta's kool aide is wearing off? What if he is taking baby steps away from the cult by taking a step away from Cruise and that guy who was his best man? Maybe cult free Oprah is a good influence?

2892 days ago


Who gives a fuck who did or didn't go to the cult wedding, Tom and all these sciencetolgy freaks can go fly to the moon, fuck em all, I agree with #11 John is Toms jilted lover, but because of the cult their in they cant come out of the closet.

2892 days ago
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