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Richards' Rant -- Not The First Time

11/22/2006 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael RichardsDid Michael Richards attack the Jews? Two Los Angeles residents have come forward and said that's exactly what happened last Spring at L.A. comedy club, The Improv.

Carol Oschin and J.P. Fillet say they were at The Improv on April 22 when Richards took the stage. They say that in the middle of Richards' skit, a man in the audience said something to the comedian, when Richards allegedly launched into an anti-Semitic rant. According to Oschin, Richards screamed at the audience member, "You f***ing Jew. You people are the cause of Jesus dying."
Offended couple - click to play

Oschin says the rant continued and Richards stormed off the stage. Oschin and Fillet say that, at first, they thought Richards' tirade was part of his act, but claim that it quickly became apparent it was not.

Richards' publicist, Howard Rubenstein, confirmed to TMZ that Richards did make derogatory comments about Jews, but says it was part of his act. Rubenstein says Richards told him, "I'm not anti-Semitic. I was playing a role and poking fun at the rednecks."


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I am not surprised by Micheal Richard's racist rant. I bet most whites agree with him, even though they may not express it as he did. When poll was taken after John Rocker' racist comment against Black players when he was with the Atlanta Braves, more than 50% white people agreed with his racist remarks. Mickeal Richard and John Rocker are definately racist., But I applaud their honest feeling, at least they don't pretend not to be racist as most of the white Americans.

2829 days ago


The "hang upside down with a fork up your ass" is an old saying used in clubs run by the mob from 50 or so years ago.

It was a multi insult to a group in a way because the old sicilian boys might string you up and make your pals eat shit before they killed all of you.

This is how they talk in some places,,,like in Jersey or Chicago or Memphis or Cuba.

If you were from the streets it would strike fear into you.....for real. Why?

It might be because you pissed off the wrong guy.
If I had been one of those two hecklers.....I would not bring attention to myself.

2829 days ago


Oh hell no... he is not anti-semitic at all. That's the problem with America, everyone is so gunhappy to shoot racism and anti-semitism accusations. This guy is just your normal out of work, probably depressed, and drunk individual. Therefore, he takes it out on ANYONE who
approaches him.

2829 days ago


CULTURAL/GLOBAL RELATIONS is part of what has caused the current war and many. If we don't talk about what is going on, we are doomed to repeat inequities in the future.

I clearly denounce not talking about people attacking individuals because they are angry and saying oh well... get over it.... INSENSITIVE..

Okay, yeah sure they get their 15 minutes of fame talking about what they saw... But, it happened and there is value and worth to people feeling the need to come forward...

we are smart people we can talk about the war and racial/global issues.......

2829 days ago

Khaled Dahman    

Balcks and Jews have and still racisms and supremacy agains every one..
After 911 they both committed crimes and still doing so against Arab Americans and Muslim Americans equivalent to crimes against humanity in a real legal system, yet they did not and still have not faced justice.. of course those acts must be considered part of some political deal and they are exemped from any liabilities. Cool right.....
yet hell breaks loose when someone refuses to serve them as they wish or uses a meaningless word..

2829 days ago


kramer is a jackass, he meant everyword he said, jerry steinfeld must be dying he was on letterman with kramer apolozing promoting his dvs's kramer ruined it for him, ya know the colored people were very classy they left, than god there wasnt a fight, kramer would have been dead

2829 days ago


I went to hollywood
and all I got was...

Smacked with a laptop
swiped with a bentley
a fork up my butt
and hit with a benz!

Sued for divorce
(and I'm not even married!)
an eating disorder and
improvements that varied.

But the thing that sent me
over the edge was the
guy who claimed sugar
was on my decollatage!

2829 days ago


You must be ignorant, Miami Girl and Leesa. Yes, I agree that there are more important things to talk about. But your comment about other comedians talking about races is just ignorant.

The difference between those comedians and what Richards did is obvious. NO ONE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY. When other comedians make fun of different races, they don't yell at the top of their lungs and make absolutely outrageous comments that are offensive; they talk about stereotypes and usually talk about their own race more so or compare their race to other races. They talk about the funny, yet sometimes true things about different cultures. Sometimes those comedians take it out of hand, but there is definitely a big difference.

If you thought anything Richards said the other day was funny, then you, yourself, are a bigot.

2829 days ago


Okay Reason #65, because I didn't hand over my hard earned money to blacks affected by the Hurricane THAT makes me a racist??? That's a good one. If people don't act exactly the way you dictate they're racists? Sorry pal, that's never going to fly and that's exactly why some people are angry at black America. They believe blacks are of the mindset that they are owed something and if we don't give it to them we're suddenly racist. This isn't nazi Germany, I can do whatever I want with my money. You are just contributing to the bad feelings between black and white but too stupid to know it. Liberal nut.

2829 days ago


Yeah he went on a racist tirade,but so did the black idiots when the Rodney KingL.A. riots happened.I think the Black guys who pulled the truck driver out of his truck(The driver who was minding his own buisness and had nothing to do with Rodney King ) and kicked him and beat him up did a lot worse than Michael Richards did.Yes what michael Richards did was horrible name calling but it was nothing compared to what all the black people did to the city and buisnesses of L.A..The L.A.P.D did a unforgivable act against Rodney King but the way the balck community acted was unbelievable and stupid.I wonder how long it will be before the black people at the club sue for millions of dollars.

2829 days ago


HEY IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I can take a joke, a good one. I have laughed at racial jokes. I've even fallen over crying with laughter at good ones. Some where blacks talking about whites and some were whites talking about blacks--like me. A joke is a joke, and if it offends sometimes--those are the breaks! But what we saw was not a joke. He was speaking HATE and it was coming from a very hateful place. (He even admits it!!!) you know it was HATE, don't justify it. I've heard all kinds of people use the n word-but one know's the difference of contexts it can be used. Don't further perpetrate ignorance. It is what it is. He has a right to feel what he feels and say what he wants--but he should also be prepared to hear what comes next. REDNECK, don't be mad, after all, you are probably one of those who wanted to impeach your president for cheating on his wife, right? And that makes sense......? GET SOME KNOWLEDGE

2829 days ago


In America there is now a double standard. There are more people of color who are racist on a daily basis towards white people because they feel we deserve it based upon what happened in the past. Many just can't or won't move on.

Even though we are generations removed, some people of color refuse to accept that white people should be judged as anyone else would be.
White people can't joke around about anyone of color...but people of color can do it anytime they want because they are special and the rules do not apply to them.

Was he joking in this so called "sketch"? I don't think he was...he deserves what ever happens to him for his ignorance of decency no matter what "color" he is.

2829 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

He is cool in my book... Babe.

2829 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

I think several ideas (on both sides of the coin) posted here have been insightful and reasonable, with the exclusion of some lunatic dumbasses who use this medium to vent racist agendas.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to sit here on some sanctimonious high-horse and say I've never had a racist thought, unlike some of you dare to allude to. Of course I've had racist thoughts, but so have ALL of you, so don't even try to say you haven't -- you're human like everyone else. What matters is what you DO with those thoughts. If you have any sense at all, you reflect on why you hold racist attitudes and work to change them. Sensible people know that race isn't a measure of another's worth, after all.

Michael Richards attacked and lashed out with the most clever insult he could think of -- the hecklers' race. That says nothing about the hecklers, but it says volumes about Richards. Most reasonable people know that and most reasonable people think he acted like a huge jerk, not to mention a lousy stand-up.

Of course there is a majority race in this country that is privileged, as there is also a majority gender in this country that is privileged. These are horrid social problems that we must do our individual part to fight against. And, yes, keep yourselves vocal against injustice, but don't try to be high-and-mightier than you really are and for God's sake, don't fight racism with racism.

And, as for those of you white people who say that it should be ok to call black people "n#gg$rs" because you've heard them call each other that, get real. You know better than to believe that doing so is ever going to be received positively by a black person. Try a little empathy (and common sense), for God's sake.

Y'all have a good holiday and let's try to get along.

2829 days ago

Just A Girl    

Let me clear this up...just because SOME blacks, including rappers, call each other the n-word does NOT mean that every black person uses it or refers to other blacks as the n-word or thinks it's O.K. so please stop using the excuse, "Well, blacks use it." You don't know all black people and as a black person, I don't use that word, period. So please stop generalizing all of us. I personally know people of other ethnicities who call each other derogatory terms as well so that behavior isn't exclusive to us, either.

2829 days ago
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