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Court Orders Anna Nicole To Scram

11/29/2006 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A court in the Bahamas has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to vacate the house she's living in -- STAT.
Smith docs

TMZ has obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Marshall). G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her. Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday, November 27, but failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith out of the house.

TMZ obtained a letter that Thompson's lawyer sent to Smith after the default judgment was entered, demanding that she vacate within 48 hours.

Thompson was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.


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I thought she is rich, why she couldn't afford to buy her own house?

2884 days ago


Patty...Thank you for your support....I want to see Justice just as bad as you and all the others !!! We'll all stick together !! Justice will Prevail...seems like it it coming along, just a little too slow for me.....They (anna and peckerface) need to be creamed fast !! LOL ! Anyway Paty...I'm off to bed and will be back on first thing in the morning !! Hope we get more good news in sacking the 2 morons ! Have a good night !! (Cher)

2884 days ago


Wow Vwaughn, you are a toughie aren't you? Another one who's come out from the cave and thinks everyone's hating on Anna. Get over yourself. Please go back to Post #15 Laura (if the numbers are the same, but it's still from Laura) and read the quick update on ANS. If you still feel like everyone is a hater, you don't have a soul.

2884 days ago


Because she is ANS and thinks everyone owes her everything. She does't have her dead husbands money and has so many lawsuits going she is proably going broke . Thats why she keeps doing interviews.

2884 days ago


Night Bully.....oops....I mean Cheryl! She's got to get her sleep on so she's in fighting mode tomorrow for all the bleeding hearts that feel sorry ANS is being dragged ass first (meaning Howard) out of the house she doesn't own but thinks its a gift. Maybe she'll take some meth and they'll stick her on a boat and she'll pretend she's Ginger for about 4 hours before the realization sets in - IT'S NOT A 4 HOUR CRUISE!!!!!!

2884 days ago

the wise old owl    

Cheryl and PATTY : Once again the " POSSE " comes to the rescue. It's nice to know we are all watching each other backs.. Thanks for telling post # 61 " hooters " where he can take his need to grade typo's an minor misspellings.

Hmmmm.... hooters . Isn't that where ANS and LB had all those publicity shots taken.??? Maybe Hooters is Pocahontus, beachmoores and ANS. Just another thing that makes you go.........HMMMMM.

How can any educated person read these intelligent blogs based on months of evidence and then make a remark like " oh gee you made a typo. LMAO over that one. Is that you again HOWARD ON YOUR LAP TOP ??? I'm surprised your battery isn't dead.

2884 days ago

george vieto    

Anna Nicole Smith to leave the house better call BAA (Bahamas Automobile Association.) A Bobby Heenan jokes on how to bodyslam the late Andre the Giant.

2884 days ago


Why does she keep PREYING on older men with TONS of MONEY.
Shes like the B L A C K W I D O W......She mates then goes in for the kill.

2884 days ago

Cali Girl    

If Larry Birkhead is smart, once the DNA test comes back positive that he is the father (which it will) he will petition the court for full physical custody of Dannilynn and WIN. He will be able to do so by having her submit to a drug test.

I am calling this one: Anna will lose her daughter to Larry Birkhead before 2007 is over.

2884 days ago

As u taught me    

61. wise old owl: don't you have a life..unless you're retired like me. how can you spend so much time on this site? please learn to spell and keep your comments's a bit much!

Posted at 11:10PM on Nov 29th 2006 by hooters

WTF is wrong with you judging someone`s typos when you cannot even find the CAPS key or form a correct sentence. Yes, we can see you are certainly retired completely BRAIN and ALL! If you cannot stick to the topic or handle Anna`s continuing legal battles........then at least take some free advice and quit showing your @SS OFF!
I would rather be a bit much than a BIT OF NOTHING!!

2884 days ago

My two cents    

Ladies--My dear friends (Owl, Tree Tree, Opinion, Patty and the other intelligent ones here): As we all know, there are plenty of dumb @$$'$ on this site who have NOT A CLUE. Please do not let them ever get you down. Post whatever you want because some of us know what ANS and HKS are all about. I have said many times to ignore some of these idiot posters, but I can see how difficult it may be to let some of this idiocy pass you by. I stand FIRM on the belief that Anna needs to get her ass kicked and have that baby taken away. Rumor says she is pregnant, again?? If so true, it just takes the CAKE. The sad thing is that she will do anything to get attention, and I mean ANYTHING. Who really is it that can take pity on this complete MORON of a human being? People...get a clue! Who can seriously defend her? She will sack anyone to get ahead in life. She will sacrafice a child to get what she wants. This woman will sell something the rest of us would never even THINK about. Sell photos of the LAST pictures of my deceased CHILD??? SELL??????????? People!! Use your brain. Quit taking pity on this shallow woman!! Ask yourself if YOU would wait over a MONTH to bury your child. Ask yourself if YOU would sell photos of your deceased child. Ask yourself if you would try to take possession of home THAT IS NOT YOURS AND YOU DID NOT PAY FOR! Before you attack MY friends here, do your friggen research before you post something you really know NOTHING ABOUT!! Yeah, poor friggen Anna Nicole Smith. Kiss my ASS!

2884 days ago

Lisa D    

# 13 agree with you,,leave her alone, she deserves that money, the elderly Howard loved her and wanted her to live the rest of her life not wanting, so the courts should settle and let her get on with her life,,,She deserves s second chance like the rest of us,,were all so judgemental about her and don't even know her. She is beautiful and would gladly like to call her a friend...I wish her all the best in life and hope that one day she proves everyone wrong,,how harsh you ppl are towards her, she is a human being and deserves to be treated as such,,geezs ppl lighten up and give the girl a break,, she just lost her son, the only person that truly loved her for all the good and the bad...At least she experienced that in her life,,she will again with her little girl,,,and she is lucky to have Howard by her side, at least she has someone,,alot of us have no one to care about us,,so lighten up ppl and give the girl a break,,second chances are what life is all about..and who are we to judge?????

2884 days ago

My two cents    

Leary Lover- Gosh, you wanna share that crack pipe of yours? I have been waiting for hit of, "ignorance" all damn day!!!

2884 days ago

Lisa D    

#80 arn't you a piece of work,,lots to say about the ppl who blog here,,,wouldn't it be boring if we all agreed,,,,,retired or working, I see you have lots of time to tell us all off,,wouldn't want you as a friend///

2884 days ago

Diego Chick    

(Part of this is copied from another blog I wrote on ANS.) To answer some of the questions: Should we place bets on the route this will take? I say the AG takes it and runs. Is an inquest really needed after the toxicology reports and the drug evidence were already found? That's a sincere question, but I think the answer is "No." I think it will take too long, and they already have their answers. I'm guessing that in light of the questionable welfare of the baby that the AG will file charges sooner. The police anticipate this and that's why they're giving the "It's out of our hands" answer. I think they're trying to work with California/U.S. for paternity testing, then get that baby's custody awarded temporarily to Larry Birkhead (assuming he's the father). They're going in, any minute, order in hand, to bring that baby in for testing. Birkhead asked for drug testing too, didn't he? If the authorities are smart and diligent, they'll keep a home supervisor there until the results come back, given the fact that her mother is an absconder from the law. And they'll test hair samples for drugs, immediately. When DNA comes back, Birkhead will have Dannielynn on an emergency, temporary basis, "until the custody matter is settled." That will, undoubtedly, become the permanent order.

And to the question "How would it be trespassing (if the authorities broke into the home)?": They have to have the court order determining unlawful detainer, then an order allowing them to physically evict the "squatters," or they would be trespassing. Yes, ANY squatter can use this stratgey, and they do. That's why it takes a landlord about six months to evict a tenant. If they have the keys to the house, they're a "tenant." My bet: ANS is going to appeal that default order just to give herself a little more time to move. And to the person who insulted TMZ, saying it's not an order: Duh, it's probably the order, drawn up by Thompson's attorney, awaiting the judge's signature. It sometimes takes a day to get it signed and entered. Not a big deal: standard practice. The stamped order is most likely the same document. TMZ is fast!

Night night.

2884 days ago
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