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Eddie "Scared" He's Not the Daddy?

12/4/2006 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown Eddie Murphy reportedly revealed that he's split with former Spice Girl Melanie B., and he's questioning the paternity of her unborn child.

Sources say Murphy was asked on a Dutch TV show this weekend if he was happy with the pregnant Melanie, to which he reportedly responded, "You're being presumptuous, because we're not together anymore. And I don't know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn't jump to conclusions, sir." Okay then!

The couple started dating in June, just two months after the "Daddy Day Care" star's divorce became final. Murphy already has six children, while Melanie, aka Scary Spice, has a daughter from a previous relationship. Now who's your daddy?

Eddie's rep told TMZ, "Mr. Murphy does not discuss his personal life publicly, so whatever is being reported is a fabrication and did not occur."


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He needs to find his own daddy..or go back to trannies---they dont get pregnant eddie.

When you gonna answer the N word question Murphy? Waiting for Sinbad to go first? He never used it and is hilarious. Leave Scarey Spice alone.

2882 days ago

We, are not amused.    

And your point is...?
He is right to be questioning his paternity, why should he be on the hook for the upbring of a child that MIGHT not in fact be his?

2882 days ago

Magical Mike    

It is well known in Hollywood that Eddie is on a Trannie Hooker banging frenzy.

Eddie picks up Trannies on Santa Monica near Highland or in front of a club on Sunset.

He is bound to get caught again.

The trannies say he pays great though

2882 days ago


So they started dating in June and she's easily 4-5 months pregnant because she's showing like hell. That's so gross.

2882 days ago

Magical Mike    

Eddie is smart though.

At least banging Trannies they can't get pregnant.

Eddies probably like I knew I shouldn't have banged that slut. I should have stuck with the Tranny Whores on Santa Monica

2882 days ago

Go Away    

Wow... I thought they were so in love or some crap. Big surprise.

2882 days ago


@ #2. Who the hell are you calling a N*gger? Meet someone where, and I bet you won't dare say the word to my face. Hiding behind a computer screen.

WHITE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2882 days ago


Here we go. Another man trying to weasel his way out of getting someone pregnant with that tired line about not being sure he is the father or not. Eddie needs to either get the big "V" or use protection if he is worried about getting someone pregnant, especially having 6 kids already.

2882 days ago


Jeezus,eddie looks so old and gay now.

2882 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Hollywood Insider, Jim Crow and Freddy Jr. are all one and the same!

2882 days ago


Oh, so Eddie's gonna play that game now.


2882 days ago

Land Shark    

He's already got 6 kids. The guy ain't made of money! Of course he's going to question the paternity. How many kids can YOU send to college? Mel B's a skank.

2882 days ago

You Bloody Whore    

oh wow, did Michael Richards made TMZ his home?

2882 days ago



You shouldn't be calling others 'stupid' darling. Look at your grammar and spelling and even MORE important...your stereotyping and racist comments are about as stupid as it gets!

And what do you know about him taking care of his kids? His kids weren't by six different women.

If he has reason to believe a paternity test is needed, good for him. It wouldn't be the first time, someone has been made to believe they were the father of a baby when they weren't.

2882 days ago


Er, the use of the N-word isn't cool. Especially since we're all digging on Hollyweird gossip. Let's not get ugly. Go to "Rotten.Com" if you want seriously cut loose with rage.

Although the poster's name is "House N*gger". I 'm guessing it was a joke. Not a good one, but jokes don't always translate well in cyberspace.

Now, to matter at hand: Scary Spice is a complete and utter retard for getting pregnant by a man who 1) has SIX KIDS ALREADY; 2) Was married for looong time already; and finally ladies & gentlemints, they weren't married.

Sorry, I'm old-fashioned. But marriage is for the child's benefit. An unwed mother is pretty much screwed, unless she can afford a paternity test, legal fees, etc.

Sperm donors don't always stick around. Ans a lot of times they accuse the incubator of being a whore. Like the above mentioned movie star. Not much of a gentleman, is he?

I myself am married, with two cats. I'm not a bitter dumped bitch, but I had a preggo scare 20-odd years ago, and boy ,did boyfriend do a splitsville pronto. That was bad taste in man-meat on my part.

Ladies, girls, Femmes, use birth control. Scary Spice didn't and now look at her. A man is basically calling her a slut in public.

Congrats, Eddie. You're a creep.

2882 days ago
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