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Andy Dick:

'I Have Offended

a Lot of People'

12/6/2006 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

andy_dick_180-1Just hours after TMZ broke the story about Andy Dick's cavalier use of the N word in a comedy club this weekend, the alleged comedian has admitted that he made a huge mistake.

In an apology issued through his publicist, Dick said, "I chose to make a joke about a subject that is not funny. In an attempt to make light of a serious subject, I have offended a lot of people, and I am sorry for my insensitivity. I wish to apologize to Ian, to the club, and its patrons and to anyone who was hurt or offended by my remark."

Andy was heckling comedian Ian Bagg at L.A.'s Improv comedy club Saturday, when he sudddenly got out of his seat and jumped onstage, cracked jokes about Michael Richards, and referred to the crowd by the N word. 


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Too late Andy boy. Have another hit.

2876 days ago


he's not even funny....the guys an idiot

2876 days ago


I don't think that he could think of any jokes. It is sad that he had to repeat what Richards did to get a laugh. Oh wait. No one laughed did they?? Maybe because it is not funny. Get a new job Andy!!

2876 days ago


What a fargen poosy. Even less respect for him now. Just quit comedy. You had the opportunity to make a statement, but you blew it. Everyone continue to be PC. This country is going down the tubes because no one has any balls.

2876 days ago


So who's the sh*tty speller, Andy Dick or TMZ? Someone needs to proof read or spell check.

2876 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I think he wanted some attention, and he's gotten it. He's getting even more attention by saying he was wrong... I'm tired of it all, why even report about this anymore. Isn't there juicer gossip to dish on....

2876 days ago


What was the 'N word' ?

2876 days ago

NH Bob    

Well, Andy Dick. I guess his name says it all. What a schmuck...

2876 days ago


Andy Dick Who???This guy is an a**hole and a not so funny one at that.....He is so 10 years ago.....

2876 days ago


Get over this sh*t already. So somebody said N*GGER! Big f'in deal. We are at war and this world is dying and we focus on this crap. Hell, 50 years ago we had slaves. Nobody is shouting about that.

And for the record. Who is the "Leader" of the White race??

Do we have a Jesse Jackoff to voice for the whites? Noooooooo, boo hoo, boo hoo.

Quit yer bitchin and whining and GET A JOB, make some money and back the f*** off!!

2876 days ago


Now we have to wait to see if there are going to be any "Victims" with supposed "damages" because there may be deeper pockets then their own. I don't like what these two (Richards, Dick) have done, but the outrage for me is how many people are suddenly hurt by this talk. It happens all the the time right or wrong, but when it is a celebrity we need compensation for damages all of a sudden. If these two we up and coming comedians we would not hear about it at all and Gloria Allred would certainly not be involved!!

2876 days ago


Unfortunately ignorance and racism is still very much alive and well in these United States of America and this is a prime example. Dick, Richards and Gipson was only saying how they really feel. Their apology is not accepted.

2876 days ago

Max Roulette    

Its too easy to rip Andy Dick apart for not being funny anymore; i mean, don't you find it ironic that you're clamoring for him to get a new act but we're all still doing the same old "Dick isn't funny" schtick? Richards and Dick were never celebrated stand-ups, a total different beast than TV funny, so the fact that they spectacularly crashed and burned isn't surprising. I think Dick's comment was f***ing hilarious, in terms of what he was trying to do. Admit it, if Dave Chappelle did the exact same thing, we would have called it genius. Maybe we should focus more on the hypocrisy we exhibit in our love for comedy as oppossed to ripping apart unfunny standups who tell biting but humourous social(racial?) commentary.

2876 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Andy DICK is a washed up, piece-of-sh*t has-been who's trying to get back into the spotlight. What a loser....

How about saying something FUNNY instead, troglodyte?

2876 days ago

Dark Knight    

You don't get to apologize 2 minutes after somebody else made the same mistake. Wow this doesn't look like he planned this move to try and get some attention. Not to mention why the hell does everybody have to apologize through their PR department or publicist? What you idiot celebrities can't put 7 words together in a sentence without somebody holding your hand? If you're truly sorry have some guts to issue an apology yourself instead of some publicist pulling up a vanilla apology in a word doc and forwarding it to the media.

2876 days ago
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