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Did 'Several Shots'

Before Fatal Crash

12/6/2006 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has exclusively learned that Lane Garrison drank "several shots" of Grey Goose vodka at a party before driving a Land Rover that crashed in Beverly Hills, killing 17-year-old high school student Vahagn Setian and injuring two 15-year-old girls. This contradicts the account of Harland Braun, Garrison's attorney, who told TMZ that the "Prison Break" star had consumed only one drink at the party, and that he doubted that Garrison was intoxicated when he took the wheel.

Five eyewitnesses from the party tell TMZ that Garrison arrived at the party with Setian and two women, whom he had met earlier at a gas station. They say Lane brought a bottle of Grey Goose vodka to the party and unveiled the bottle to the crowd with a flourish. The gathering was described by several attendees as a "kick back of around 30 people." Two of the eyewitnesses claim that Garrison took four or five shots of vodka. Two others claim they witnessed the actor throw back six or seven shots. Several eyewitnesses also claim Garrison offered shots to other partygoers and say photographs were taken of Garrison consuming alcohol.

Later in the evening, when the alcohol at the party was running low, the eyewitnesses say that Garrison agreed to drive out to buy more, and took Setian and two girls with him. About four hours elapsed, they say, before they became concerned and drove out to look for Garrison, Setian and the young women. After discovering the accident, they then drove to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where they learned that Setian had died.

Attorney Harland Braun tells TMZ that ultimately the results of Garrison's blood alcohol test could tell the story. The results of that test are two weeks away.


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Jo Blo    

Sorry, but Tweener did bring something to the show. If he hadn't of stolen the C.O. watch, Scofield couldn't of know the time to take over English, Fitz and Percy. He was killed off to show what a sick bastard Mahone was.

How about you actually WATCH the show next time, f***ass.

2787 days ago

george vieto    

Doesn't Lane Harrison know the slogan "Don't drink and drive"? MADD is going to have a field day with him

2787 days ago

A**hole SHILLS @ TMZ & Loser Steve-O    

Already built one. ;-)

Hate him, (those couple of people who) love him, whatever... discuss and it'll be kept as a historic entry into the life of a screwed up drunken perv. lol

2787 days ago


i said it before and i'll say it again, at whose home was this party taking place where under agers were drinking? that person or persons are equally culpable in this situation. furthermore, we need to get tougher drinking and driving laws on the books. you kill someone with a car while drunk and it's labeled manslaughter. you kill someone with a gun and it's called homicide. really, how are these two scenarios different? driving drunk should be a felony. punished by a hefty fine, jail time and community service. no exceptions. no excuses. i wish i was the judge overseeing this case. i would veto any decision by a sympathetic jury. this kid would learn his lesson the hard way.

2787 days ago


this is devastating to read. i was at the party with our friend 'V' who was the boy that was killed. I'm not sure how 'V' met him, but i know when i walked into the room where 'V' and Lane were, Lane was sitting with a bottle of alochol in his hand and offered me some. I didnt stay at the party long, but i know what happened next from my close friends that stayed. Lane was hitting on the 15 yr old girls and said he'd go buy more alcohol for the party if the girls came as well. 'V' was always looking after girls, he always treated girls with the utmost respect and watched out for them so he went with them to make sure they were not harmed. 'V' was drinking, yes, but no one can say they didnt have a sip of alcohol before the age of 21 and for all you parents critizing 'V's parents, get over yourselves. trust me your kids probably drink too. anyway 'V' wouldnt have gotten into the car with Lane to get a ride home, like some people are saying. tons of sober friends would have given him one and the only reason he went somewhere with Lane is b/c Lane was the only person there over 21... over 18 at that point. They went to pavilions where they wouldnt sell alcohol after 10. they then went to ralphs where they were sold alcohol and got in the accident when they were on the way back to the party. These rumors need to be stopped. the press needs to get in touch with some beverly students who were at the party. Lane was most certainly wasted and so was 'V'. the only difference is 'V' wasnt driving drunk, buying kids alcohol, flirting with girls 10 years younger than him, and did not Murder someone on saturday night. instead he was the unfortunate victim of Lane's horrible crime. I'm disgusted by this television actor's lies. this is real life, some thought out script wont get you out of trouble. the devistation he has brought to our community will not be forgotten. he will be brought to justice, that can be certain. this community will never ever ever forget.

2787 days ago


#38 ~ Since when are 15 year olds considered WOMEN? This needs to be addressed as well.

Gotta agree with you on that one! They aren't even old enough to drive in most states! This dumb $#i+ needs to pull his head out of his a$$!!!

#74~ As if you wouldn't get into the car of celebrity at that age...drunk or not! Give me a break! Kids do stupid things, "adults" are suppose to be smarter!

Also we seem to be forgetting that it's illegal to have open containers in a motor vehicle in CA. If he doesn't get dropped from his current movie, I'm going to boycott it BIG TIME!!! This man deserves to be locked up! He killed a kid & has probably totally destroyed an innocent family. I honestly hope that justice will be served! I'm sick & tired of these celebs thinking they can drive the streets impaired just cause of who they are without regards to anyone!

2787 days ago


There are so many unanswered questions in this whole story. I just don't get it. This guy Lane Garrison meets 3 teens at a Beverly Hills grocery store takes them to a party stays for a hour then leaves the party with the same kids and has a accident where one of them dies. Sounds like the plot of a good movie. a good whodunit. I have several questions on this subject.Are there any good answers out there?
1 How did the teens get to the store where they met Lane?
2 Did Sietien have his license, and or the use of a car?
4 Where was his car? People this is Beverly hills most of the kids probably have one?
5 Why did his so called friends at the party let him and the girls leave with someone who they said was drinking (friends don't let friends drive drunk or leave with someone who is) maybe they are throwing blame to relieve their own guilt?
6 Could Lane have been drugged as a prank? take some scandoulous pictures for a internet web site maybe?
7 Who's house was the party held at? They share responsibilty in this, they allowed under ageed drinking to happen.
8 Why was Lane with these kids? Could they have lied and said they had car trouble to get him to give them a ride?
9 What is the deal with all the hate Lane posts all over the web? until the facts come out weshould give him yhe benefit of a dought.
10 Why was Lane not arrested at the scene? no field sobriety test?
11 Why was he not accompanied to the hospital by BHPD ?
11 Why are there no accident photos ?
12 Why was there no discription of this accident other than "vehicle hits tree 1 person killed"
13 Why was the story not reported until Monday when this happened Saturday night befor midnight ?
Why were there not more witness's? it's a very busy intersection in L.A.
14 This is Beverly Hills Ca. 90210 where was the papparazzi? They have pic's of any celeb who has a hang nail.
15 Who sold them the liquer?
16 Where are the pictuers from this party that they attended? All the kids have camara phones surley someone took pictures. where were the parent's of the kid who had the party? Were they aware their child was having a party?
17 Why did the teenagers get in the car with someone they really did not know who was drinking?
18 Was Lane really drinking at this party? or we believing stories of a bunch drunken teenagers?
19 kids lie all the time to keep themselves out of trouble, so what really happend?
there is no mention of any of the real information in this sorded tale other than just little pieces of nothingness. Ask the real questions before you jump to any real conclusions. If this is true than it is really sad that 3 young lives are changed forever and one is gone. All of them are in my prayers and we hope that the healing can start soon.I hope that all who were a party too such a serious lack of good judgement will be dealt with by the law.

2787 days ago


I am really saddened to read some of your heartless remarks. A young man died while trying to protect and watch over the two girls. He sounds like the kind of person we should all be so lucky to have in our lives. If only Garrison could have been as honorable, respectful and thoughtful in his actions as V was. V seemed like a child that we can only pray our own children grow up to be. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and his many friends. I am so sorry for your incredible loss.

2787 days ago


I am a RN at a big University Hospital and guess what? They can run a blood alcohol level on a patient in less than 1 to 2 hours. They know NOW what his BAL (blood alcohol level) was that night. If he was drunk and killed that teenager, why has he not been arrested yet? We get patients like that all the time in my ICU, thaty have killed a loved one, brother, best friend and we can't tell them. It's up to other family members to tell them!

2787 days ago


I'm sick of reading and watching all of this bullsh*t put out by Garrison's lawyer. He says Garrison drove after only drinking one drink and yet he was taking shots? There are going to be more discrepancies as the police carry on the investigation.

I was V's friend and knew he was a great guy. He was the most selfless person I knew. I pity the idiots who are taking the actor's side. V wanted to protect the girls from a pedophile! Garrison had a troubled childhood, maybe he never grew up. A similar situation is Micheal Jackson playing with children. Please keep in mind, this is not his first DUI.

I hope he is found guilty of manslaughter, providing alcohol to minors, and DUI. Lane Garrison is a criminal who needs to rot in jail.

As for Vahag, he will be missed. His absence has greatly impacted the Beverly Hills community. Every night students gather around the tree Garrison stuck. No one will forget what has happened. V's death will not go in vain.

2786 days ago

Jo Blo    

Actually I have never had a drink in my life "L". Your little friends shouldn't have gotten into the car.

2786 days ago

Jo Blo    

He was an illegal immigrant. Thanks Lane - for getting this trash out of L.A.

2786 days ago

Jo Blo    

You people are morons. Why do you believe everything you read so quickly? These friends of the dead kid are angry so they want to see Lane put away no matter what the truth is. They are not credible. They are ranting.

2786 days ago

Jo Blo    

Does anyone know the injuries of the girl still in the hospital?

2786 days ago

duh...totally !    

" L "

...ok, you sound like you were there...soooo have you told this info to the police ?? I hope so, because this is JUST a gossip site full of garbage and hate....if you have REAL info...go to the police please.....

2786 days ago
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