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Drops N-Bomb,

Faces Fallout

12/6/2006 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Damon WayansDamon Wayans became the first famous offender of the Laugh Factory's ban on the use of the n-word, and was fined and banned from the club for three months as a result, Wayans' publicist tells TMZ.

After the Michael Richards incident on November 17, the club decided to ban use of the word and fine comedians $20 for every offense. Wayans took the stage Sunday during a showcase of African-American comedians called "Chocolate Sundaes." Wayans opened his routine with the line, "Give yourselves a big round of applause for coming down and supporting 'N***** Night.'" According to the L.A. Times, Wayans used the word 15 more times during his 20-minute appearance.

That's a $320 contribution to the Laugh Factory's swear jar. Wayans' rep had no further comment other than to confirm the fine and the temporary ban.

Andy Dick drew fire earlier this week for using the n-word during an appearance at the Improv.


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I'm betting the house was ROLLIN!!!
I'm surprised the one's who take extreme offense to the "N-BOMB" aren't taking offense to "Chocolate Sundaes"!! How 'bout we bring back "Honky night?"
So Damon is banned for 3 months...I bet he's booked there in 3 months & one day!! He'll pack the house......Why?
And it wouldn't surprise me if he drops the fine in the jar IN ADVANCE & says
"Let me know when that runs out!.."or in the middle of his show,"how many n***as
I got left?"
What Michael Richards did was stupid,insensitive & desperate.
there was nothing funny about what he said or how he said it.
Words are like guns.When used irresponsibly a/o in hate they are dangerous & deadly. Especially racial epithets.
It's easier to ban an unfunny comedian(Michael Richards,Andy Dick) than it is to ban a word. Blaming the word for the damage is like blaming the weapon for the wound. It's inanimate & has no intention of it's own. The blame is on the wielder.
You go Damon!!

2844 days ago

Hee Hee    

This sh*t is getting really stupid and it seems as if it's a copy cat effect because saying the word in public now will garner media attention. I agree the first people to stop using it should be black people. No matter what spin people try to put on the use of the "n" word, it's origin is rooted in racial hatred and meant to be demeaning to blacks. You don't see Jews walking around calling each other the "K" word do you? Also f*** Andy dick and big nose michael richards!!!!

2844 days ago


F*** all you people****BURP**** where's the whiskey?

2844 days ago


Blacks should no longer be upset with the usage of the word, as they are the ones who made it popular. So popular in fact that it has lost it's meaning, in a sense, as you see people of all races referring to their friends and kids, as "my n*ggas". Of course you will ALWAYS have people use it in the offensive manner, but it's really funny how Blacks refer to White people as "ofay," rednecks," 'crackers," "devils," and claim there is no offense meant.

2844 days ago


Okay, I agree with a lot of the comments posted here. I think the Laugh Factory is way out of hand for banning the "N" word. But I must comment on the reason why there is a double standard when it comes to that word. The reason black people do not like other races using that word is because another race used it to demean them, another race gave it power, therefore, as a symbol of respect, no other race should be allowed to use it. IF a black person calls another black person a "nigga", no one will question them because they are black themselves, but if a person of another race uses it, there is no way of knowing whether that person is racist or not. Is the "N" word ugly, yes. Should people REALLY call each other that, no, but should anyone really use hurtful words of any kind-no.

2844 days ago


Any white poeple who want to use the n-word wish slavery was still around thats why their bloggers out there talkin double standerd. And to number 92 'piss poor ' when was the last time you where called a n*gger? If I had a nickel everytime it was used . Everytime it is used by a white person it is like they cant wait to tell a black person. MAYBE YOURE LIKE RICHARDS when he got heckled he could not wait to say it . Why he just didnt say shutup it was because when white poeple get mad at black poeple were n*ggers. p.s. I have my masters IM NEVER IGNORANT .

2844 days ago


Ok, so they ban the n-word from comedy clubs. I think they need to worry more about their math skills than the n-word. He only used the n-word 15 times and is charges $20 every time it's used. That's only $300. Where'd did the other $20 come from? Overusage fees?

2844 days ago


I just finished re-reading "Pryor Convictions", and I'm hearing in my mind exactly what he'd be saying about all this silliness.

I really regret that his health didn't hold long enough to speak out.

2844 days ago


I have never agreed with the “N” word and I am a white female living in NY. I believe the word is nasty in context and the people that use the word may be revealing their own short-comings. I still don’t understand the use of the word between some Black Americans and yet some Black Americans find the word just as offensive as I do. The “N” word holds to much negative history, and I do believe the world should not be used, I would think in the 21st century that the “N” word would not be used. I guess it reveals just how much further America has to go in race relations. I think each comedy club has a choice and right to implement their own rules, and that is the fact of the matter.


2844 days ago


What I am hearing is that when Richards used the "N*gger" word everyone is upset, but what I am failing to hear is how upset everyone is to the fact that the hecklers also responded with racial slurs as well, calling him a stupid no talent "Cracker" so where is the outrage over the "C" word. Blacks use "White Boy" like whites use "N*gger". All for schock value, like f*** was in the '60s, now it used everyday as part of most people vocabulary, just goes to show how swearing has become everyday expressions

2842 days ago


Let's see ..... hmmmm .... "N-Word". What do I think of? Wow, I almost said nigger. That was close. I feel good that I didn't say nigger. Don't you? What do you think of when someone says "N-Word"? I'm glad all this PC crap works so well.
Damon Wayans is one of the most talented comedians in my book. Unlike most, he's consistently funny. I hope he doesn't behave in a niggardly fashion by not paying his fine.
Everyone - GET A LIFE!!

2842 days ago



2837 days ago


patty that is cause its a word with a long history...not just a tiny word...and to people complaining about black people having BET and other things designated black.......why not question why that is in the first place?? Do white people need a WET?? or do the majority of shows and music cater to white people in the first place......remember this is a majority white nation so to dubb anything white entertainment or white focused would be redundant.....

2837 days ago

Let me get my 2 cents in    

I hate censorship but love good taste...I am not black but even when my black friends start with n work I am uncomfortable...I grew up in the 50's and 60's when I would never have said the "n" word. My daughter is 35 and if someone says it around her she is the first to put a stop to it...I see the pros and cons for black people to call themselves that ...but I really think it is demeaning even for blacks to say it...I don't like any kind of ethnic slurs!

2816 days ago


Andy Dick??? He isn't even remotely funny.

243 days ago
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