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'View' Charges Nicole Richie

With DUI... PH?

12/12/2006 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The chatty cops of "The View" weighed in on the Nicole Richie arrest this morning, and they've decided that a simple DUI doesn't cover the infraction. As Joy Behar put it, Nicole really ought to be charged with DUIPH -- Driving Under the Influence ... of Paris Hilton.

Rosie said that the pin-thin Richie was about the same size as her 9-year-old, and Barbara lamented that Nicole felt compelled to downsize herself from the miniscule 100 pounds listed on her driver's license, to the skeletal 85 pounds that authorites listed as her weight on arrest.

Ever helpful, Rosie pointed out how much vodka it would take (a half a thimble) to get Richie "wrecked," while Joy suggested that Richie could learn from Danny DeVito's recent travails with intoxicating substances, since they're both so petite.


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Why do people keep mentioning alcohol when she admitted to taking drugs? Silly little twit!

2783 days ago

coco puff    

I thought she was stoned and on painkillers. Rosie's a fat cow and is just jealous of thin, healthy celebrities. I never knew that eating p***y was so fattening. Rosie needs to cut back on the fur burgers!

2783 days ago

jokin' right    

Rosie also said that Nicole was 'sick and that anorexia is a disease'.

2783 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    


Question, why does everyone blame Paris Hilton for the other celebrity girls problems? Paris is not a positive influence based on the antics she herself has pulled, but does she have mind control over them....? Give me a much needed break on this assumption.

Nicole has been doing drugs since, forever, I doubt Paris was the one forcing her to swallow pills, shoot heroine, and hit the bong.

I like Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, Britney, they are troubled and need help. And just because I happen to like them does not mean that I condone some of their negative behavior...

2783 days ago


Rosie Babwa, Joi and Co.

Please shut that trench you call a mouth..... when those pigs can have eveery moment of their life under scutiny call us. Ms. Ritchie is wrong for what she did, however those slags from the View weighing in is disgusting...

The View = "disgusting estrogen spewing bile"

2783 days ago


Uh, Danny is just short, not low weight.

2783 days ago


hey rosie you stupid c**t... she wasn't drunk she was high... f***ing stupid dyke

2783 days ago

blah blah blah    

your the jerked off dick head for making such a comment! none your business for one or anyone's sexual preference. with sperm of the mouth sh*t you talk and walk, no wonder women are resorting to a real feal mate
as far as I've seen rosie has always been on the plump and healthy side.
so shut the f*** up you opinionated bastard

2783 days ago


Rosie's a bitter, bitter person. She seems to hate people that are the opposite of herself, thin, conservative, asian, straight, beautiful you name it. The View was a good show before she joined. I'm sure she hates black people as well.

2783 days ago


hi, i'm ignorant, brash, ill-informed and have the uncanny ability to talk out of my a**hole, can i be on "the view" too?

2783 days ago

Mr. X    

Rosie is a bitch. Some of her fans will learn that soon enough.

2783 days ago


Yes Rosie, we know you are gay, yes we know you are mommy, but just because you are all of this does not mean you have to be completely obnoxious! Stop talking before you start looking more like an idiot!

2783 days ago


To X: I have been a fan of Rosie's for over 10 years, I don't think anything she says or does will shock me. Everything the women of the View said this morning was true, anorexia is a disease, and Nicole does need help. Why is that so wrong? People on here just want to put to put her down because they are scared of strong, opinated, smart women. I think most of the commenters on here are also very young. Their age shows in their writing.

2783 days ago


I could NEVER stand these bitches on the view. Bringing Paris into this has NOTHING to do with anything. Driving the WRONG WAY on the 134 FREEWAY has EVERYTHING to do with it! Instead of talking a bunch of bullsh*t, they should use this as an example to show how getting f***ed up can be LETHAL!! Nicole could have killed herself and others! THAT is the most important thing going down here. The stupid cows on THE VIEW don't seem to get the point.

2783 days ago

coco puff    

For a woman who constantly spews her vomitus opinions I surprised she is still obese. Marriage exists between a man and a woman. These sinful homosexuals need to understand that. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Aids is a disease brought to earth by God to rid the world of this sin.

2783 days ago
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