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Richie Has Prior DUI

Mandatory Jail on the Line

12/13/2006 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie could be adding stripes to her wardrobe in the very near future.

TMZ has found court documents which reveal that Richie pled no contest four years ago to driving under the influence. Under California law, if Richie is convicted of DUI as a result of Monday's arrest, the judge must impose a jail sentence.

The law requires a mandatory sentence of five consecutive days in county jail as well as a one year license suspension for anyone twice-convicted of DUI. In addition, Richie would be ordered to attend an alcohol education program for a year-and-a-half, even if the second conviction is not alcohol-related.

As TMZ first reported, Richie admitted to CHP officers that she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot before driving the wrong way on a Burbank freeway. A field sobriety test revealed she was not under the influence of alcohol.

Cop: "What have you eaten today?"
Nicole: "French Fries"

TMZ has obtained the police documents in the 2002 case. In the arrest report it reveals that Richie told cops all she had eaten that day were french fries. As for what she drank that day -- "1 shot vodka."

She blew a .12. and a .13 in two separate tests. In California, .08 is considered legally intoxicated. Richie was stopped in her Toyota Corolla after a UCLA police officer observed her blowing a red light and driving over a speed bump at more than 50 miles an hour in an area with a 15 mph speed limit. Richie flunked the field sobriety test -- her eyes were watery and bloodshot, and she could not keep her balance.

Richie was given three years probation for her 2002 DUI conviction and had her license suspended for one year. Six months later, Richie was arrested for possession of heroin and for driving with a suspended license.


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Our jails are severely overpopulated. We should be offering treatment programs to people with substance abuse problems, not jailing them. This would be preferable to letting murderers and child molesters go free to make room for the potheads and the substance abusers who haven't actually harmed anyone.

2837 days ago


For crying out loud....if she doesn't get jail time, our judicial system is even more despicable than I ever imagined. Are the authorites going to wait until she severely injures or KILLS an innocent person before she's punished for this crime?
1. She wasn't intoxicated, but blew 4-5 points higher than the legal limit??
2. 50 mph in a 15 mph zone, driving over a curb, driving the wrong way on a FREEWAY?
I don't care how old she is, her parents should have her committed and/or demand she get jail time before it's too late. I agree with everyone who has posted and NO ONE should have to be injured or lose a life because of a damn spoiled rotten little brat, esp. a 'celebrity'. I would really be interested in finding out whom letters could be sent to before someone is literally caused to suffer due to her actions. Disgusting...:-(

2837 days ago


Here's a video you might enjoy. A hilarious interview with Nicole Richie's attorney:

2837 days ago

Bob D.    

I like her...cute, funny, charming ,outgoing, and generous...that being said , she's over-privileged , egotistical , under-achieving , spoiled , too skinny and stupid and frankly those are the traits that way too many of the kids in L.A and O.C. have....
Parents need to start "teaching" their kids what's right and wrong . Mercedes, Prada , Lipo and trust funds are the wrong things to give a child as they mature... Let them "WORK" for their spoils...of course , there always will be the ones that never learn , however, at least you won't be surprised when they've kicked a heroin habit and have 2 DUI's by the time they are 25.

2837 days ago


I'd like to know what ob-gyn she goes to that prescribes Vicodin for menstrual cramps. I feel sorry for her. She's too stupid to help herself and, apparently, her father is too apathetic to make her get help. The only thing she's famous for is being Paris Hilton's tag-along. If my life was so void of people who genuinely cared about me, I suppose I'd be medicating myself too. Another waste of space on the planet.

2837 days ago

Michael Gallegos    

Send her to jail, like they would anyone else who did what she did, that sorry Slut! Who does she think she is? But then again, OJ got away with Murder, as he had the money to buy off the City of L.A. And, L.A. didn't want another riot so soon. Remember L.A. after the unknown Rodney King deal? Well, what do you think would have happened if they convicted Pro Football Star OJ? Her and OJ should go to Jail/Prison for their crimes!

2837 days ago


I think #5 is on vicodan and weed and booze. How can you even say that nobody got killed and the media is going wild with this story. What if a car (going in the right direction) had been driving when that drunken slut was heading toward them. Would you feel the same and still think she is so cool? You are an ass.

2837 days ago


Does anybody REALLY care?????

2837 days ago

Joan Martin    

Maybe she will get the help she needs. It is said some people need to hit rock bottom before that will happen, and that is usually being incarcerated.
I hope she gets past this, she has her whole life ahead of her, and is beautiful and talented.
She has been receiving too much attention for the wrong things.
Honey, please, eat up, sober up and let people that care about you help you.
I am praying for you.

2837 days ago

Susan Lukas    

Do not feel sorry for Nicole and say that she needs help. Here is a girl that is a millionaire. She has already done rehab for heroin. She has been fooling the public potraying herself to be leading a clean life, hired a stylist and walks around looking so classy. But take a look at what the sneak did, she's been drugging all along. She stays skinny so that she can look like a super model. She is so into herself, very selfish. She had priviledges growing up with a super star father, loads of money and the finest things in life. Now, as an adult she thinks that she can get on a highway in the wrong direction and take some innocent person's life.
It could have been a family with children in a car. How dare she. SELFISH!

2837 days ago


Nicole knows that "when you don't know where you are going any road will take you there" clearly she does not have a clue.

2837 days ago


They shouldn't take away peoples driving privelege for DUI, they should take away their drinking privelege and make them go to alcohol rehabilitation courses, regardless of whether or not they are actually alcoholics.

No more alcohol purchases from stores or bars for DUI drivers. If you take away a persons ability to drive, they just sit at home and drink more. If you take away their ability to drink, they have to do something else.

2837 days ago


Pa-leeze, Nicole isn't going to jail...#1. she's a celeb, #2. she's got money! if it was a "normal" american, they would put them under the jail...let's be glad that no one got hurt, i just think its very sad that these young girls, [Nicole, Britney, & Lindsey,] should be role models, instead they are running off doing drugs & sleeping with anyone who will sleep with them. What is wrong with the parents? why aren't they doing something? yes, they are over the age of 18, but still they can tell their children to have respect for themselves. but like i said, Nicole is going to just a slap on the risk, & then she will do it again...& this time she may hurt herself & God forbid even someone else!!

2837 days ago

Who Cares    

I agree with the posters who want to know why this poor excuse of an adult should be given any media attention at all. REALLY people, what has she ever done to be famous except be Paris Hilton's ( another no talent bimbo who is NOT good looking and only getting media exposure because she's the aire to a fortune she had nothing to do with ) bar hopping sidekick. WHO CARES !! Lionel Ritche must be so proud. Why is the world wasting time on this !!! Every time I see these wenches clog the magazines and airwaves, it makes me increasingly question the intelligence of human beings.....These are people who are wasting our oxygen !!! Now, don't get me wrong, if an SUV loaded with Paris and Nicole, Lindsey Lohan, the Simpson sisters and a few other choice "celebrities" ( I use that word sparingly ) should drive off the road, crash through a guard rail, roll down a hillside and into a fully loaded gas truck and explode *AND* should it all be captured on video.....well, then I'd watch it.

2837 days ago


The girl is young, living in the fast lane, with too much money available to her....Get over it people....It's a blessing no one was hurt or killed....Hopefully she will learn an important life lesson from this & nothing like this (or worse) will happen again...She definitely needs more than a slap on the wrist.....If $$$ buys her out of this...Shame...shame..shame...on the powers that be....These young celebrities are too spoiled & that's that...BUT...You have to remember they are young & just don't "get it"....Weren't you there once...If you're older & more mature...???

2837 days ago
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