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American Idol Season 6 -- "Inside Hollywood Week"

12/19/2006 8:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol - Season 6
TMZ has exclusively obtained a script and production schedule for the new season of "American Idol." Season 6 contestants who make it to Hollywood will be put into singing groups and judged on their performances.

Contestants for the new season were asked to perform various musical numbers, including songs by the Bee Gees, Beach Boys, The Supremes and The Four Tops. Wannabe Idols are tossed into a film-style schedule, starting their day at 6:30 AM and wrapping at 5:30 PM. It's hard work being a wannabe.

One of the songs they are judged on is California Dreamin' ... which seems an appropriate song for an American Idol hopeful!

"American Idol" returns to television on Jan. 16


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Where'd everyone go?

2842 days ago


Oh Goody, Farrah's back!!!!!!!!! My Christmas wish has been granted! For those of you who don't know Farrah-she's an uneducated "African American" who brings race into every single article on this site!! We should just ignore the black roach and maybe she'll go away, (although her comments are entertaining). Please Farrah, I'm begging you, get an education before posting here with the adults! You are so sad!!! I'm sure your parents are proud of the fine job they did raising you.

2842 days ago


Hey farrah, get off the computer and go back to smackin' down that fried chicken, watermelon, and kool-aid you people are so fond of.

2842 days ago

coco puff    

I don't appreciate the RACIST remarks but that's OK I got thick skin and take any sh*t you crackers want throw. My mission is just to point out and prove how rampant racism is and hopefully open some closed minded people.

2842 days ago


hey all you idol haters: american idol is the best show ever! it's given america many great talents such as kelly clarkson, clay aiken, reuben, fantasia, carrie underwood, taylor hicks, jennifer hudson, kellie pickler, and many more. why do you people hate so much? is it "cool" or something to hate a tv show? stop putting down such a wonderful, entertaining program! it's not fair to the millions of us who really enjoy it! if you hate it don't watch. the show will survive without you hateful people! american idol has been and will be around for many, many years regardless of you mean, miserable haters! american idol rocks!!!!!!

2842 days ago


if all you racists want to fight why don't you go to iraq and put your great talents to good use? it's christmas, remember? let's stop the hatred already! soldiers are dying in combat every day and you are consumed by your hatred of a tv show and someone's nationality? very sad. enough with the nasty, mean remarks. they're getting old already. we get it. now give up. happy holidays!!!

2842 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Holiday recipe for Southern Fried Desert

1 Bitter Black Bitch
1 Bag of feathers
1 Boiling pot of black tar
1 Crap filled "talent" show

Take the black racist, hog tie to perfection, while avoiding any filming by other bitter Blacks, who are looking to exploit stupidity and ignorance. Pour tar over said black racist, once covered delicately add feathers. When cooled, untie the black racist and let free to blame the white man (or "Cracker" as she puts it) of holding back her race because of color.

Then sit back and laugh. Because no matter what color you are, Farrah needs to be sent back home to Africa where she belongs. If she feels oppressed here, let her know the reality of her own motherland.

2842 days ago


Peace and Blessings to all. That's not nice Farrah and Party on Garth of either one of you. P.O.G. 2 wrongs don't make a right and what if a persons response does not have to be totally nice but kinder to both Farrah's and Party On Garth's racist remarks. For example Farrah may have stated that in history it seems that majority of white artist have imitated great black artist without giving them any credit for doing so. and Party on Garth should know, may know and could've said that there are some white people who do as some Asians have to get that nappy hair do used methods such as gasoline stripping to get dreds and afros in Germany as well. And of course Party on Garth was also correct about the big lip theory since a great deal of caucasian women have increased sells of collagen injections to there lips to get that which seems to be African American feature played up, but also mention buttocks injections for the other feature known to be that of African Americans predominately. Maybe Farrah feels that Ruben and Fantasia were just token black winners used so that people could not label the show racist and feel that there won't be any more black winner's in history so that people can always say that 2 have won. It has been a fact of African American's using straight hair methods to mimic white people, but there are also Caucasians that mimic curly and braiding styles of black people. Maybe whites are more likely to mimic the blacks creativity and ways more but I guess in the end we all borrow something from each other. The only thing that I know of white people wanting the flat nose (But cute sometimes and sometimes ugly just as pointy or hooked nose usually of caucasians) or white girls should I say as Party on Garth had indicated are them wanting and getting with black guys but not with surgery. SEASONS GREETINGS EVERYONE!

2842 days ago

do something about it    

I guess the equivalent of black people liking watermelon and kool-aid is white people liking beer, raw sea creatures, and raw steak. WOW you guys have the best of everything. I just don't understand what color has to do with anything thats how uneducated this country is. You don't even know some ones ethnicity so you attach their color. Thats just like being in a gang(red vs. blue) If color has that much significance I want to be purple have blue kids and marry an orange man. Green is the only real important color to me. So if you want to hate me for anything

2842 days ago


That's right Theresa, you tell them. To: enough already, KKK and ha you guys sound as ignorant or worst than Farrah and kkk your stupid remarks has destroyed your chances of a good law suite agianst Farrah you went at her personally and worst. It really smells like to me that Karl KK, Ha and enough already really are the same person using different names. Farrah, Karl KK, ha, and enough already all sound like a 1980's Jerry Springer racist episode show and we all know how stupid all of those rascist looked, if not buy the d.v.d's on and confirm it. Farrah is correct and stating fact about some things, just going about it the wrong way. All of you should think about God at least a little bit and think about what you put out coming back to you 10x fold. You cannot hide from God. Everything you say does not have to be all sweet and phony but not so harsh and offensive either. At least please think about it and try to Heal The World.
How dare anybody to say that white girls or people for that matter does not mimic Beyonce's dancing. At least state some truth or facts with you opinions to show some intelligence. Beyonce has not done anything to hurt anybody as a fact for us as the public to know about anyway nor her children since she does not have any at the present time.
Peace and Blessings, Seasons Greetings

2842 days ago

Jo Blo    

I was robbed! YOU F***S!

2842 days ago


#55 Farrah, I'm glad that you don't appreciate the RACIST remarks, black bitch!! We white folks don't appreciate your RACIST remarks either!!! It's a two way street! Go away N*****!

2842 days ago


Sasha 61: The sentence on Beyonce makes no sense, try again!

2842 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Ohhh how CUTE!! Farrah actually has a friend here. (Now I have seen it all). Just curious Sasha..have you really read every post here or just jumped in midstream so to speak? If Farrah (is that short for Farrahkan?) wants to continue to fuel the fires of hatred and racism than she should be ready to be raked over the coals. Tell your "homegirl " to come packin heat ..cause I can assure you I am locked and loaded.

y por cierto pude entender ni una palabra lo que me has dicho. Si tienes los labios gruesoes y un trasero grande te felicito..pero no estuve hablando contigo..entonces CALLATE YA!

2842 days ago


TMZ issues.. with posting...if doubled sorry.......

Farrah has the issues... and I do believe she is doing it for the pleasure of getting everyone all...fired up....she talks sh*t because it's obvious if she ever watched the show she already knows blacks have won....and Sasha...if you are perhaps ...uh Russian...trying to speak are excused...if you are.... an need to stay in school.....please

2842 days ago
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