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Halle Berry Record Hoax?

12/19/2006 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle BerryHalle Berry is one of those hotties who can do just about anything she wants and we'll eat it up. Whether it's an action film or a serious role, Halle lights up the big screen in a way few in Hollywood can. But, can she sing?

A rumor is floating around the net that Halle Berry is going to put out a record. A lot of people's first reaction is "Halle NOOO!!!!!" Too many times we've seen big screen stars pick up the mic and, shall we say, "not do so well." I mean, we all remember Alyssa Milano's recording career, right? Or, Halle's "Monster's Ball" co-star Billy Bob Thornton's? Ok, I don't remember either. That's because some people shouldn't quit their day jobs or try to "crossover." Is Halle one of them? She did play Dorothy Dandridge and Zola Taylor, so I guess it's possible she could be up for giving it a go.

The rumor has been beefed up a bit with a wikipedia page now devoted to the record. Of course, the wiki writers use words like "confirmed" and cite sources that do anything but confirm. There is even a link to a record label supposedly putting out the disc, but the link to the label goes to a non-existent page. Today, there is even a "track listing" floating around , citing an all-star cast of singers, producers and songwriters allegedly working on the record, including uber-producer Scott Storch. Even Storch's wiki page has him listed as producing three tracks for Berry. But, the whole thing may be a hoax. Storch's rep tells TMZ that they've never heard of the project and that reports that he's working with her in the studio are "completely untrue."

So, now we know Storch is not involved. That doesn't quite quash the rumor. The supposed due date for the release is in February, so we won't have to wait too long to find out if Halle has pipes to go with her impressive lung capacity. With two new films coming out next year, and a seemingly happy romance, I'm betting Halle doesn't have time for a record. But, stranger things have happened...


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Mad Balls    

I could take a sh*t and it could wind up as a reference in Wikepedia . Nothing hurts like a never ending story . Its like your Aunt who won't stop with the you at ten in your stained underwear story . Dickhead . Sure Berry is not Dame material but she is rumoured to hit both ways . I'll take her and Ms. USA in a hottub , over your rants and raves , anyday . Dickheads .

2842 days ago

Kevin Madden    

Joel, if there's anything more pathetic than the obligatory internet spazz who goes on message boards using grammar as leverage to diss, I haven't found it. Please be a good little bitch and go over that last sentence with your slide ruler, mark the errors accordingly, and stuff it in an envelope addressed to the care of "nobody f***ing cares", you half-queer retard. Your keen sense of the english language should come in handy as you're stuck home on Friday night playing scrabble with mom and dad. So a grammy lets people know that you're well known? How profound, you pre-op.

2842 days ago


Why are you all so angry? Why does Halle have to be a sell out? She has been linked to many african-american men and now because she is with a white guy she is a sell out. Remember, Halle Berry's mom is white and even if she wasn't so f***ing what?! This is not 1952...sorry to all the outdated, typical, blatantly ignorant people out there, but you need to know it is 2000 and f***ing 6! Get over it and go sit in the corner alone and be mad-as long as you do it by your f***ing selves!! Unless you have the midas touch or can fly (not in an airplane idiots) then shut the f*** up. And I doubt VERY seriously that Halle is putting out a CD. Come on now...think logically. Some of you talk so much crap that it has gone to your heads. So what if she is not the best actress to you-cant you be happy that she is at least successful?

2841 days ago


And if you are going to read someone (a term used to telling someone how it is or whatever), then at least read the truth. The whole calling people "pre-ops" or verifying your arguments with more rumors is so...mid-american.

2841 days ago


I knew that chick couldn't sing...she looks like she would have a horrible singing voice..

No singing voice and no friends to shop with...

2841 days ago


#18 Sam. I agree 100 percent with your comment !

2841 days ago


Because Halle isn't dating a womanizing perverted nappy-haired freak I wouldn't call her a sellout. I call that an upgrade.

2841 days ago


Although as an actress she does leave a bit to be desired...

2841 days ago


LMAO So why did you pick the most cracked-out picture of Halle Berry, the ugliest picture you could find?

2841 days ago

Melina Reynolds    

I think she's wonderful. Is it true that she bought her bedroom furniture from

2841 days ago


Alyssa Milano has NEVER won a Grammy Award and I assure you the Grammy Database is updated. If Halle wants to do a CD...let her..I am sure it wouldnt be the Masterpiece that Paris Hiltons CD was but what is.

2840 days ago


Halle Berry, put out a record? Now I've heard it all! I hope it doesn't happen, or if it does, I hope nobody's dumb enough to spend their money!

2830 days ago

jack big    

halle berry is a mor fine LADY than a godiva to LNF THAN A HERSHEY bar

2808 days ago
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