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Heather vs. Paul

Cops Come A-Runnin'

12/29/2006 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police in Sussex, England tell TMZ that the divorce battle between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills reached a low point, as they were called to Mills' house yesterday in a fracas about some high-priced art.

Mills and McCartney
At 5:30 Thursday afternoon, Sussex police "attended" the lodge formerly shared by Sir Paul and Heather after an alarm was activated at the house. Police spokesman Chris Oswick tells TMZ that officers spoke to Mills, who said that several pricey pieces of art -- reportedly including a Picasso and a Renoir -- were removed from her home. Mills was advised that the incident was a civil matter between her and Sir Paul, and that there were no criminal offenses. Oswick adds that Sir Paul was not at the house when the police arrived.

According to the Sun newspaper, the paintings taken were valued at an estimated $19.5 million, and that Paul also retrieved family pictures. McCartney reportedly reprogrammed the estate's alarm codes and informed Mills by text message that he'd taken the paintings.

The art seizure is just the latest salvo in a toxic feud between the two, who separated in May and began divorce proceedings in July.


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It's obvious she's just a gold digger and if fearing being left without a bunch of billions so she's making up all kinds of stories about him. Hate her.

2855 days ago



2855 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

She is a money hungry tramp. Have some dignity. He earned it. Go out and get a job that doesn't involve spreading your legs for rich men you, whore. Paul McCartney is a legend and she are nothing but a cheap prostitute.

2855 days ago


She deserves anything she wants for having sex with that old fart. Let's not all forget, he DUMPED her, not the other way around, so how is she a gold digger?

2855 days ago


Oh, let's be HONEST. Paul married a "rebound". . . a whore. It's what she WAS and apparently, still IS. So yes, GOLDDIGGER fits that slut to a capital T.

I would PERSONALLY like to invite the almost-FORMER wife to a face-to-face meeting w/ ME, so that I can take off her prosthetic limb & beat her head in with it. Stupid bitch. Thos paintings, I'm SURE, she didn't have a CLUE as to who even painted them, nor was SHE the one to purchase them.

I loathe her(kinda obvious, eh?) b/c she never HAS & NEVER will come ANYWHERE close to what the first & ONLY Mrs. McCartney represented in Paul's life AND of their children together----whic would be class, dignity, natural beauty, CLASS again, her OWN money to spend, approachable & simply a lovely person to be around. Her heart that was nothing but GOOD & gracious. I do feel badly for Beatrice, Paul & Heather's child together. Hopefully, she will be raised by her father, the only one who has PROVEN his diginity, his charitable heart, his tenacity , and something Slutbag has NEVER had, morals. His elder children have turned out to be shining examples of what two parents can do when they work together as a team, even if the ride is a bumpy one.

Heather Mills-----drop off the ace of the earth, please. And don't what is NOT yours. I don't recall YOU helping along a little known group called the Beatles, way back when. YOU may be good in bed, darling, but there isn't a female ALIVE(nor male) who's "Cee You Next Tuesday" is worth half of HIS fortune. Now, if you'll kindly let me have that limb of yours, we can commence to the head-bashing.

OH YEAH! Happy Holidays to the rest of you!!!! V

2855 days ago


Sir Paul? Ho ho ho.. He's a stoopid old fart that doesn't understand, He can't take it with him and he's mighty picky about material things, but ignoring the human side of his life. What, his wife wanted to work, have rights and not follow him about saying Oh Paul You are so Fab and perfect. What a Perfect person you are?.. I hope he understands his daughter will learn about his stingy, mean treatment of her mother and hate him for it .. Just another hypocrite that can't say I never did sin!

2855 days ago


Something tells me it wasn't HER millions that bought those paintings.....

2855 days ago

Mad Balls    

If she is so pure she would be happy with the ten to fifteen million she is going to get from the pre-nup . The greedy B*tch wants 100 million to 250 million . WOW what a holy soul . Yeah more like soul full of holes . Dickhead .

2855 days ago

beth c    

Victoria..I couldn't have said it better myself ......and dmumsie how is Paul stingy...he dumped her because of her vicious mouth, her attitude toward others and her attention-seeking bullsh*t. Linda (whom I never liked but at least respected) lived with Paul and established her own rules and career and raised a wonderful family. Paul is not a saint but he is a music legend and has brought joy to countless of millions of people. What or who is Heather? I wouldn't be surprised if she has both legs and lied about a wooden leg......dmumsie, Paul is in the midst of a divorce and behaving protect YOUR marital assets and close ranks with your family. Why does he owe her a penny?

2855 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Well, it was his stuff, he worked for it, paid with his own money and he went and got it. Still, he's going to get his ass kicked by a one legged woman!

2855 days ago


He should have listened to Stella, she could tell by the beginning Heather was a fake Moneygrubbing Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2855 days ago

Lenn K    

Scratch that one-legged grifter a check and kick her sorry ass to the curb. When our kids tell us that were making a mistake listen to them.

2855 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Mills IS and WAS a money-grubbing, bimbo out to set herself up for life, and took advantage Sir Paul by falsifying her self-presentation . She's a tramp, no good bimbo. I hope she gets what she deserves, One Million Dollars ONLY. And sad to say that's too much for such a wasted piece of azz

2855 days ago


I'm glad to see Paul has some balls. He's not going
to let her walk all over him. She may not get a 1/4 of what she
thinks she'll haul in from him. However he would have saved
himself and his kids a lot of grief if he would have had
a prenup.

2855 days ago


Paul knew she was a hooker when he married her. Like Anna Nicole with her decrepit old husband, Macca entered into a binding contract, with no prenup.
Everyone knew that this bimbo slut was taking him for all he was worth. He's lucky the moneygrabbing ho' didn't poison him. He had a kid with that piece of pure trash, so, he will have to pay, like it or not. He can afford it. We may not like the idea of that grifter-hooker getting rich, but, she grabbed the gold ring with that lonely, slightly alcoholic aging star who was jazzed by her lusty kinky trashy ways.

2855 days ago
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