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Busted Romances in '06

12/30/2006 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pam and Kid: click to launchAs we prepare to ring in the new year, some of the celeb couples from 2006 will be doing it separately. This year's breakups have been some of the messiest, saddest and most shocking splits to hit La La Land.

Pam Anderson filed for divorce from husband Kid Rock just two months after their wedding, with papers being filed a few weeks after Anderson suffered a miscarriage.

Hudson and Robinson: click to launchAnother couple that made their separation official by filing divorce papers were Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson. They announced that they were taking time apart in August when rumors swirled of an affair between Hudson and Owen Wilson. Chris ended up making it to the courthouse first.

Britney and Kevin: click to launchBritney Spears won back millions of fans by ditching her deadbeat husband Kevin Federline. Britney filed for divorce in November, citing "irreconcilable differences," but most people blame K-Fed's embarrassing attempt at a rap album, bad hygiene and constant partying. The burning question -- how much dough will Federline dance away with?

Jessica and Nick: click to launchBritney wasn't the only pop sensation to say "I don't" this year. Former "Newlyweds" Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey announced their split in November, 2005. The two didn't have a pre-nup. In the end, they settled out of court, and Nick walked away with a lot less from Jess, sans stress.

David and Pamela: click to launchNext, one of the most hard-hitting, below-the-belt separations seen this year ... of course, we're referring to Pamela and David Hasselhoff. The rancorous two called it quits in January and have been mutually throat-squeezing ever since. Pamela claimed that David was abusive to her and their kids, and that he even broke her nose. Ouch. The feud rages on, and shows no sign of flickering out.

Denise Richards: click to launch On a milder note ... after 11 years of marriage, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora split in February. Although they parted ways in a somewhat graceful manner, things got a whole lot dirtier when their neighbors decided to call it quits as well; Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. The friends became enemies after Denise and Richie started dating. TMZ snagged the first interview Richards gave regarding her divorce, new love, and ex-best friend Heather Locklear. Since then, things have cooled down; Denise and Charlie started to play nice, at least while in front of the kids.

Heather and Paul: click to launch Another brutal breakup last year would have to be the one between ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Papers for divorce were filed in May, and nothing has been settled. The royal ex-couple from across the pond has done a reasonably good job of steering clear of each other, except the time when Heather allegedly broke into Paul's flat.

Next on our list are two more couples that had the misfortune of having their lives and love captured and displayed as an MTV reality series. In July, Pussycat Doll Carmen Electra and bizzaro Dave Navarro experienced the wrath of the MTV curse. They were followed by Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler's split in August. Shanna and Travis have gone on to cyberbitching at each other MySpace. You gotta love the blog!

Whitney HoustonIt looks like Whitney is back! Since Houston left perennial arrestee Bobby Brown in September, the diva appears to be prepping a comeback, and she's looking great. No word yet as to what the pair's plan of legal action will be, or whether their split will get fugly. Let's hope they don't get back together.

Sara EvansCountry warbler Sara Evans filed divorce papers this past month, stating that husband Craig Schelske committed adultery, was verbally and emotionally abusive, drank excessively, and frequently watched porn. Men. Since the media frenzy over her allegations, and her subesequent choice to drop out of "Dancing With The Stars," the two have stopped firing bullets and are trying to manage a more dignified goodbye.

reese witherspoon And last, but certainly not least, we come to the most shocking split of the year. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe called it quits just 14 days after arriving arm in arm to the "Flags of our Fathers" screening. So far, no major blows have been thrown from either corner.

And that's the end of that!

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Jessica Simpson was a nobody until Nick came along and married her. She thinks she can do better than Nick? Look at her now! Her 15 minutes of fame are OVER!

2862 days ago


Reese and Whitney are some very lucky ladies now free of their creepy hubbies.

2862 days ago


Pam has the worst taste in Men !!!!!!!!! When you're
picking them out of a Trash Bin, that's exactly what
you get, TRASH !!!!! She needs to get her act
together and that includes fixing herself up...she
Looks horrible !!

2862 days ago

Lenn K    

Here's looking forward to 2007 for most of these people will remarry and divorce again. Plus who will the first to divorce in 07, maybe CZJ from that old slug Michael Douglas. You couldn't make this stuff up.

2862 days ago


Just look at how hideously ugly that Kid Rock is. He's just so disgusting - looks like he doesn't even bathe. Pam is no prize, just a walking advertisement for therapy - but this guy should get down on his hands and knees and worship ANY woman who would even give him a second glance instead of treating them like dirt. What an a**hole.

Pam seems like a nice person, but she wears her insecurities as a woman on her chest and she needs to consider that her boys will probably grow up to be just like both of her ex-husbands if she doesn't get it together soon.

Judge Judy said it best: Beauty fades, but dumb is forever!

2862 days ago


Why do they bother getting married? It's such a joke.
How many times can you say "til death do us part"?
I think Taylor and Rooney did it about 8 or 9 times.

2862 days ago

Mad Balls    

Except for kate and whitney none of these gals do anything for the Boil . Pam is baked , fried and otherwise skanked-out .sign her up for the next heavyweight championship 'cause her faces looks like its been in a boxing ring .Brit is sliding down the HO chimney and look for something in your sock for HO- christmas , something Stinky ! Pamela bach is a B*tch of the high degree and has done nothing in the past ten years , creepy B*tch . Heather needs someone to stuff her leg into her mouth to shut her up --who is she anyway ? Sara Evans is one of the biggest fakes around with her H0-ass ways . And Reese is controlling , mean and fake as hell . Jessica needs to get away from father joe as he is over-creepy and controlling . Dickheads .

2862 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Anyone remember Kid Rock in the film Joe Dirt?? LOL..I bet he's just like that in real life. What a TOOL.

2862 days ago


There was no way in hell- even if it froze over- that Reese W. hubby , the very cute but forgetable Ryan, ah ,see, whats is last name? Would be able as a man to continue getting little or sh*tty role and have a wife that can make a crappy movie look great ever time. With her talent , and all American girl looks ( not to mention 2 or 3 Oscars ) she doesnt NEED him , even though she might really love him, a man of any kind , from the President to a garbage man, could not have the self confidence to be in the " background " on the red carpet with his women. As for Whitney, she better hope that golden voice still works, and get some plastic work done to get her pre-drug use looks right again. Some how I do not think Ms. Whitney is done with her "bad boy ", 13 years is a loooog time , and it seemed she really dug him.And #3 I agree with you , CZ-J only married Michael , Sexaholic( hi, Michael ) Douglas. Funny he could not be faithful to his first wife, but he knows CZ-J. is THE ONE and he will never cheat. Also funny is how karma will come around and make you pay, worse than any hurt you could imagine ........... Peace and Love :)

2862 days ago


The only surprise I saw this year was Reese and Ryan, BUT! they are in Hollywood, so really, no big surprise, right?

Pam and Kid? Yeah, love foreva.

Kate and the Crow? He's how much older than her?

The Hoff? Nuff said.

Charlie and Denise? What part of CHARLIE SHEEN wasn't she paying attention to?

Heather and Sir Paul? YEAH!!!! It's not about the money. I had NOOOOO Idea who the ex-Beatle Billionaire was........ PUKE!

Carmen and Dave? No cameras, no marriage.

Whitney and Bobby? Who's more screwed up I'm not sure, I just can't fathom why it took THIS long!

Sara Who?

2862 days ago


Oh... and Jess and Nick. They are so old they weren't worth mentioning the first time. When she grows a brain she becomes human.

2862 days ago


2007 i hope to see the end of jolie-pitt.

2862 days ago

K man    

Kid Rock's nose. It looks like it should be hanging between his legs.

2861 days ago


what the hay...who cares?

2859 days ago

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