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Jessica and John's "Public Affair"

1/2/2007 1:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After ringing in the new year together at Christina Aguilera's party at the Hudson in NYC on Sunday, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer continued partying at hot New York club Stereo.

With reports of the duo "making out" on New Year's Eve, a disheveled Simpson can be seen exiting the club with Mayer by her side.

While famous for micromanaging his daughter's career into the ground, where was Papa Joe (or Ken Paves!) with a hairbrush when she needed one?!


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We, are not amused.    

Maybe she looks like that because she was up on her knees up in the VIP giving John a BJ...she has that "I hate the way sperm taste" look.

2849 days ago

Ida Clair    

1. Looks like she should contact those folks at Proactive to see if she could be their spokesperson again for some free product.

2. Guess that 'waiting until marriage' thing didn't work out so well.

2849 days ago

Some dude    

Three words: Big Blue Vein.

2849 days ago


John is a weel known heroin user. Looks like Jessica is a follower, her eyes tell the story. She looks like sh*t and her pupils are dialated. She's looking alot different since she's been with him. She's using.

2849 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

for me, when it comes to music, its ALL about the music and not about who they are dating and if they chose to make it public or not.

everyone deserves to be happy and they haven't hurt anyone through their actions.

so where is the apology from TMZ? they were obviously making sh*t up last week just to get the jessica haters out in full force. they all must feel pretty dumb right now because nick is only boinking a talking head and jess is boinking a multiple grammy award winner. way to trade up jess!

2849 days ago


When Jessica got married there was all this hype about her being a virgin. I see Jessica as being very naive to say the least and trusting the wrong people for advice. She continues to show her nieveness when allowing the media and her father to rule her adult life. The media has never touched on the subject that her father was a preacher and he encouraged her to divorce Nick. Huh!?$!@ This could truly explain why she is a bit confused NOW! First everyone loved her and now everyone finds fault in her just for showing up at any event and being HERSELF. I blame the media the most for the negative publicity which ONLY sells MORE tabloid magazines. Jessica is an ICON made by the media and currently she is being destroyed by the media. If you party on New Years Eve hard to stump out the past year’s nonsense, your hair will get a bit messed up don’t you think? The only thing I feel Jessica did wrong is choosing to leave Nick for her career. Maybe that is why she is looking SAD and pouting her lips. She is only human and young at that!

2849 days ago


Sheesh, she looks like pure hell upon a stick! She looks pissed because she's 1. mad at Ken Paves for not being there to fix her straggly mane or 2. because she had fat-head as a date for NYE instead of some hot stud like Dane or Adam (Levine) - or Nick!! It's all good, Jess. Nothing a good night's sleep and some major plastic surgery can't cure.

2849 days ago


P.S. I hope John at least gets some before he realizes what a huge mistake it is for a seemingly cool, intelligent guy to be seen cavorting with a self-professed bobble head!!

2849 days ago


Why does Jessica and BritNit look alike?

...oh I know...they're both H.A.Ms.

2849 days ago


Well now....she looks happy. Perhaps she saw Nick and Vanessa acting like love sick puppy dogs and realized that she f**'d up

2849 days ago


She looks mad, maybe John took his "binky" out of her mouth too fast! LMAO.

She needs to grow up and go the hell away.

2849 days ago

Good Love is on the Way    

Hey poster #23 - JCM is like 6'3", and Jessica just ain't that tall... I reas somewhere else that Jessy was all pouty and sh*t during the party cuz John wasn't paying her enough attention. This girl must be high maintence. She apparently needs and likes mico-managing.

2849 days ago

Brooke Iosue    

I agree with most of you guys, she doesn't stand for anything he preaches about I've been done with her for about two years now I'm done with him.... She's showed her true colors too many times and now he just looks like a fool. This makes me wonder if he enjoys empty conversations and BS... It's a good thing you can't make comments on either one of their websites...

2849 days ago


jessica looks amazing for a late night out on New Years Eve. They really look good together. I have alot of respect for Jessica. She's been low-key with this relationship & seems to be happy. John Mayer looks handsome! Jessica I luv you!!!!!!

2849 days ago

Agent D    

I like the guy behind her in the backround!! Check out his face!!! Looks like he is having fun!!!

2849 days ago
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