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Jessica and John's "Public Affair"

1/2/2007 1:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After ringing in the new year together at Christina Aguilera's party at the Hudson in NYC on Sunday, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer continued partying at hot New York club Stereo.

With reports of the duo "making out" on New Year's Eve, a disheveled Simpson can be seen exiting the club with Mayer by her side.

While famous for micromanaging his daughter's career into the ground, where was Papa Joe (or Ken Paves!) with a hairbrush when she needed one?!


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All the catty comments are very very weird. I'm a Mayer fan, and I couldn't care less who he dates. Who cares? It's not my business. Blah blah blah he's tricking us, whatever. There are more important things than deciphering who's dating who, especially if we don't know them personally.

And John Mayer wrote Daughters - he won a Grammy for it, remember? He writes and performs his own songs - and occasionally does covers (and doesn't take credit for them). Look it up.

2852 days ago


Leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish them luck!
John is a great person and Jessica too!

2852 days ago


Wow ! looks at the mileage Jessica has piled up on her face, she looks like 30

2852 days ago


Oh PLEASE! Jessica is a smokin' hot woman and John Mayer is extremely talented. All of you TMZers must be extremely gorgeous and talented to be casting stones with such arrogance and righteousness. Give me a break and get a life! They can both be with whomever they want - I don't think your little petty opinions factor in on it... I hope it works out for the both of them. ;-)

2852 days ago


I luv both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2851 days ago


Jessica looks like she should be featured on "The Faces Of Meth"!! She looks like a 3 month meth-head!

2851 days ago


John Mayer, what are you thinking? I understand you are not running for public office but you have the same responsibilities to your supporters as a politician, and the same scrutiny that they come under. You are not stupid, so I am sure you knew how this would look to your fans. You should not have to live for your fans, but please accept the constructive criticism offered. I lived for 8 years with a man that all of my friends said "Why". I suppose your fans just want an answer to that question.

2851 days ago


Jessica has not only gone downhill since her divorce but it seems that she has hit the ugly, the fat, and the pathetic stick on the way down. Nick hasn't looked more HOTT since hooking up with Vanessa. I hope they have babies soon!!!

2851 days ago


She looks messed up in this photo. Is she drunk? She definately looks off!

2849 days ago


Jess: Do what makes you happy girl. If you made mistakes (it's showing) so what!! - move forward! get over what was done in your past relationship and go to the next level. You can cry over what happened before - well forever...or you can get over it, learn from it, and sail into '07 with a new point of view. Listen to your heart. Do not stay stagnant - or you will fail girl! You can't FAIL! You've worked too damn hard to come this far!

Peace + Love + Blessings + Mad Respect =

2849 days ago


O Love both of them. Nobody should talk bad word about them because they are 2 beautiful and talent people. So let them find out what they have in comum, I'm sure they do. Fan number one MD

2836 days ago


John can do SO much better than Jessica Simpson

2834 days ago


He is too good for her. I'm sure she's nice and all , but he is smart and talented and complex and she won't appreciate him... we all saw her on newlyweds edited or not on her best day she'll never be more than arm candy for john. she should be with someone who is just a little superficial... like her.

2822 days ago


I'm a huge, huge, huge John Mayer fan. I don't really think its great that he's dating her but what do I honestly know about what he likes in women. I also read in an interview that 'he refused to drink or do drugs because he didn't want something stupid to end his career'. Well congrats John you now drink Scotch and 'smoke pot' using a 'vaporizer' or whatever. He doesn't always follow through with what he says but we're clearly not the ones living his life. I still love his work and think he is inevitably an amazing artist. He always has been, he is, and always will be. Jessica, no matter how long she stays around can't bring him down. But if it were up to me, I'd say boot her. She's trash and a fake. Gah, come on man. I guess he'll learn sooner or later that she's really not something he wants and she'll get on his nerves enough that he'll just get rid of her.

2818 days ago


is it me..or does jessica look like john mayer with a wig on? the lips, the cleft in the chin.....someone HAS to photoshop this one!

2811 days ago
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