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Rosie: 1

Donald: 0

1/9/2007 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump thinks he's winning the war of words against nemesis Rosie O'Donnell, but in the war of popularity -- The Donald is getting his butt kicked.

Rosie O'Donnell vs. Donald Trump
According to Nielsen Media Research, Trump's "Apprentice" took a serious shellacking in the ratings this week, while Rosie continued to help the yentas on "The View" leave their daytime competition in the dust.

"The Apprentice" finished a distant third in its time slot on Sunday night, light years behind "Desperate Housewives" and "Cold Case," and barely in front of old "Family Guy" reruns on Fox. In fact, Trump's lead-in show, "You're the One That I Want," featuring pathetic Broadway wannabes, scored higher numbers. Ouch!

In contrast, Rosie's been unstoppable ever since she took her first shot at the combed-over real estate magnate. "The View" has been a ratings juggernaut, picking up approximately 77,000 new viewers per week in its metered markets. The latest round of bickering caused nearly twice the surge.

Perhaps Trump should be Rosie's apprentice!


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My wife dragged me to watch the Apprentice, and the candidates this season are the worst yet.

The add your revolting exchange withe Rosie---who's no prize either.

Donald: "YOUR FIRED!"
Rosie: "YOUR FIRED!"
CNN: "YOUR FIRED!" stop reporting on this embarrasment.

2843 days ago


It's about time Trump got a good butt kicking in the ratings! I have watched every seasom of Apprentice, until now. When a grown man can only handle someone's view by the school yard tactics of namecalling, he needs to be told it's not okay, and he's being told.

2843 days ago

Brandy Leamer    

GROW UP ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2843 days ago


Gee every poll I take or see is always siding with Donald on this fued.
Lets me realistic Apprentice was put alongside DH, nothing could beat that on Sunday nights.

I swear everytime you do these stories Rosie gets a chain going to everyone she knows to come here and be positive about her.
I don't see it anywhere else but on this site.

2843 days ago


YES!!! There is a God!!

2843 days ago


Maybe he can get on with his life.

Leave Rosie alone.

She is on a show called THE VIEW. She expressed her view on the usa scandal.

Everyone has a right to their opinion.

2843 days ago


yeah right, like we know rosie personally. everyone with any brains hates DONALD. dumb-ass

now, as far as the ratings thing, let me stoop to trump's level: hey donald, neh neh neh neh neh neh!!

2843 days ago


I watched "You're the One That I Want" because I LOVE GREASE! I changed the channel as soon as Trump appeared on my screen.

2843 days ago



Its all politics. I will never understand why some people act so scared of Donald Trump. He aint sh*t!

2843 days ago

coco puff    

Both shows are a pathetic waste of time. People who watch that crap have no lives. It's scary to think there are so many losers out there who watch this meaningless tripe!

2843 days ago


Whats up with DT calling Rosie fat and ugly.. he obviously hasnt looked in the mirror latley! EW EW EW EW EW.. One FUGLY man their.. not saying Rosie is Pretty. But TRUMP has no room to talk. And he talks like a child, your fat and dumb, he cant come up with anything better than that? He is brilliant! "PUKE"

2843 days ago


The only place I see Rosie "wiinning" is here, everywhere else if all for the Donald. Rosie sucks, she always has and alway will. Of course Donald's ratings are bad. He is up againest Desperate Housewives for god's sake. I watched the Donald! He will win in the long run!

2843 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving    

Donald should spend some of his $$ on an operation to remove the stick out of his [3rd] wife's rear end. Daughter Ivanka -- what a joke.

Go, Rosie!

2843 days ago


OMG!!! This is getting uglier than the battle between borgen and slim shady... or slim shady and his ex... or slim shady and will smith, or slim shady and etc.,etc.,

2843 days ago


I stopped watching the View a long time ago because it embarrassed me as a woman to watch women act and talk the way they do.
Now the show is nothing more than a liberal anti war show that occasionally lets conservative Elisabeth say five words.
Rosie won't ever let this drop because her rants on this generate ratings and the ratings give her a paycheck and publicity.
Glad I am not one of the idiots that still watch this show and defend it.

2843 days ago
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