Babwa on Trump: "That Poor, Pathetic Man"

1/10/2007 1:20 PM PST

Babwa on Trump: "That Poor, Pathetic Man"

Rosie and Babwa stuck it to The Donald again today, with Babwa calling him a "poor, pathetic man." They showed solidarity with each other and their "View" companions, and Rosie then couldn't resist a little knife-turning of her own.

Rosie opened the show, sneering,"He's at it again," referring to Trump's open letter to Rosie yesterday, in which he recounted a conversation with Walters wherein she supposedly called Rosie a "pig" and essentially gave Rosie her walking papers.

Just after Barbara took her shots at Trump, whom they couldn't bring themselves to call by his name, Ro and Babs reaffirmed (at least on-air) their professional relationship ("We're both OK?" "We're OK"). Then, they engaged in a deeply galvanizing, team-building high five with Joy and Elisabeth, whereupon Ro took one final parting shot at Trump, exclaiming, "His show tanked!" (referring to "The Apprentice's" tepid Sunday debut) and quickly changed the topic.

No word on whether Trump will preempt President Bush's address to the nation this evening to present his response. The Donald did, however, release a statement early this afternoon slamming both of them, yet again.