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Babwa on Trump: "That Poor, Pathetic Man"

1/10/2007 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie and Babwa stuck it to The Donald again today, with Babwa calling him a "poor, pathetic man." They showed solidarity with each other and their "View" companions, and Rosie then couldn't resist a little knife-turning of her own.

Rosie opened the show, sneering,"He's at it again," referring to Trump's open letter to Rosie yesterday, in which he recounted a conversation with Walters wherein she supposedly called Rosie a "pig" and essentially gave Rosie her walking papers.

Just after Barbara took her shots at Trump, whom they couldn't bring themselves to call by his name, Ro and Babs reaffirmed (at least on-air) their professional relationship ("We're both OK?" "We're OK"). Then, they engaged in a deeply galvanizing, team-building high five with Joy and Elisabeth, whereupon Ro took one final parting shot at Trump, exclaiming, "His show tanked!" (referring to "The Apprentice's" tepid Sunday debut) and quickly changed the topic.

No word on whether Trump will preempt President Bush's address to the nation this evening to present his response. The Donald did, however, release a statement early this afternoon slamming both of them, yet again.


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Careful, Barbara. I believe he prefers the term "extremely wealthy, pathetic man."

2842 days ago


I am SO glad they are teaming up against him! It is about time they expose Trump for what he is. An OVEREXPOSED spoiled brat loser!

At least Barbara and Rosie EARNED there wealth!

2842 days ago


I just can't wait to see what he says next!!!!

2842 days ago


THE DONALD IS SURELY now losing this 'battle' and MAYBE IT'S JUST ME BUT HE NEEDS TO SHUT UP if ONLY for the sake of his crappy azz show!!

2842 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I don't buy it... Barbara Walter is showing solidarity with Rosie O only on the air. Barbara is doing what she wanted to do with Star Jones, but Star didn't go for her fake BS. Barbara and Donald Trump were friends, she wasn't personal friends with Rosie, she had a certain amount of loyalty to Donald as a friend and a certain amount to Rosie, being Barbara is her boss. Barbara should have stayed out of it, if she chose to make a public statement she should have discussed it with both pf her "friends" The Don and Rosie, were she seemed neutral and hadn't chosen sides.

I think Rosie needs to leave the View, Barbara got higher ratings but at what price?

2842 days ago


You know he'll say the ratings are wrong and that he's the number 1 show in America. Everyone I know has boycotted his show. I never knew he could say such vile things about someone. He stuck the knife in his own back.

2842 days ago


Ha ha.... donald, you are such a loser. Babwa and Rosie are taking you to the cleaners and you are the LAUGHING STOCK of the year. AND.... it's only just begun....

2842 days ago


All a big show for ratings. I would rather have Trump as a friend then Rosie. Lets see what happens when Rosie becomes a regular on NIP/TUCK. She is probably going to get plastic surgery so it will work into show. And as far as the other one Meredith goes she bad mouth the Donald just in case her new gig doesnt work she can go back to the View and have Rosie as a boss. Looks like Barbara isnt the boss anymore. And Elizabeth is just scare of losing her job.

2842 days ago


I don't believe Barbara. Did anyone see how she kept looking down when she said "that poor, pathetic man"? She wouldn't even look at the camera or at Rosie. She won't even do anything when Rosie calls her a liar. If I called my boss a liar, I would be booted out the door right then. I guess Barbara doesn't realize that she's losing her credibility and integrity by letting Rosie run amuck over everyone. Rosie started this with Trump. She could show a little class and apologize. That's the problem. She doesn't have any class. JMO

2842 days ago

He's Boring now    

WaWa is a two face...running with and rubbing elbows with the NY elite crowd, than crawling in the gutter with Rosie..runs with the NY crowd yessing them at every turn, than kisses the ass of her co host Rosie...she wants it both ways and she is getting caught up here. Keeping Rosie over the NY elite will cost her in credibility with the powerful. WaWa is a native new yorker and will be silently banished from this playing both sides behaviour.

Like Larry King, the old bird needs to Retire...

I could care less about the differences going on between Trump and Rosie...Walters is turning out to be the real story here----wanting and playing it both ways and than getting caught at it. Rosie will beat her up, Trump will banish her...guess she chose the not taking an ass whooping route...but banished she shall be in the crowd she so needs to be in.

2842 days ago


personally feel only people who tune in to watch The View are people will little intelligence.....They provide you mindless people with Their VIEW....why is Their View to be considered the right view to have?

You are all ROBOTS and are being led by these 2 knuckleheads who's Opinions and VIEW's are not appreciated by everyone....Rosie seriously needs to SHUT up, not all causes are a cause for her to fight.....Who the F*** made her QUEEN RULER OF MORAL??

2842 days ago


I knew Babwa would step it up sooner or later. She's a bit out of Trump and O'Donnells league to get that involved but I guess the big dogs like to get their feet dirty now and again.

I seen this in the other Rosie Thread @

I thought it was hilarous

2842 days ago


Donald....stick to your gund man. We need you to kick the crap out of those k**ts. They both suck each smeely p***ies. BaWa, what a freaking name and that Rosie is the biggest k**t bully in the world. i hate her more than anything in the world, More than that skank Spears. Rosie is one ugly freak

2842 days ago


Barbara Walters is a damn liar, didn't deny anything, just held her head down in shame.

2842 days ago


Getting busted sucks doesn't it Barbara?

Women "sticking together" is your only way out......

If you don't feel it...don't say it! Back up your words and be held accountable!

Donald may look like the extreme attacker....however. "OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELEIVE HE'S SAYING ALL THIS!".....give me a break....he speaks what we all feel, and he has the voice! We don't.

This country is 50-50, we aren't united, so why would his ratings be up?

I love him for sticking to his word and not backing down!

2842 days ago
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