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Not Tickled P!nk

1/12/2007 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There are worse things in life than being the opening act on Justin Timberlake's tour, although you wouldn't know it from the look on P!nk's makeup-free pouting puss.

The talented and disheveled pop star boarded her tour bus on Wednesday with a new puppy, a bottle of wine and a face so long it rivaled Celine Dion's. Not to mention her headscarf, hat and sunglasses trilogy of terror.

For P!nk's sake, let's hope Justin really does bring sexyback!


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Oh lord, she is ugly. she looks like a poor white trash

2808 days ago

Bebe she does not! You mean to tell me that every moment of your life you look perfect with full make up? NO...nobody is perfect! For christ sake she was getting on her tour bus and about to travel. She is a beautiful, natural woman and we could all live by example of her.

2808 days ago


I cant stand this woman! No talented idiot.. White trash is right !!

2808 days ago


She looks like she got some sort of disease...

Sometimes you shouldn't come out the house looking like anything...

2808 days ago


well what the f*** do you expect. It's probably morning and she's gonna be riding on a tour bus for hours. She's probably just trying to be comfortable and if she gets bored on the bus, then maybe some lipstick will be applied.

I'm sorry, but again TMZ is making news out of nothing. And by the way most celebs look like sh*t without make up or weaves.

2808 days ago


Looking rough.

2808 days ago

no pervs allowed    

I though that was a pix of a dyke in West Hollywood. She scares me, I'm afraid of being beat up by her for flirting with her girlfriend.

2808 days ago


She looks like she is on dope by the look of her eyes...but...if she is travelling, couldnt she do better than a used wal-mart bag to carry her travel gear in..i mean she must have at least one back pack...i dont care that she doesnt have make up on, but she has raccoon her age that usually means too much dope

2808 days ago


She looks like she had a really, really hard night...Doesnt she own a backpack because the crumpled grocery bags are just wrong....

2808 days ago


Harvey, I've been your fan since you were here in L.A. on channel 2, you've worked hard and you deserve your success. But let's send the paparazzi to follow your every move for a couple of weeks, wait outside your home 24/7, catch every nose and ass picking incident, flash a thousand bulbs in your face as you try to walk through an airport or back out of your driveway, etc etc, and maybe you and your colleagues will cut some slack to the celebs when they're caught in shots where they actually look like normal human beings. Especially when they're doing something like walking their own dogs or carrying their own kids instead of having their lackeys do that. While people like Paris may it look like they are, celebs not all really plastic dolls with permanent smiles molded to their faces. I used to subscribe to the attitude that they ask for all the paparazzi attention they get, until I started checking in here and seeing your video clips. They don't deserve to have so many people mobbed around them that they can't walk without being crushed by the crowd and blinded by the lights. Celebs are people too!

2808 days ago


How dare she enslave an animal. Better check the PETA charter punk, I mean pink.

2808 days ago


Who the frig is this person? She look like a herion addict. She look like those $20 hookers you see on the street at nite. What a ho.

2808 days ago


For crying out loud - lay off the poor girl.

Pink is a very talented musician and has a good heart. So she's not all made up - big deal. She's about to jump on a tour bus and begin a grueling tour...

2808 days ago


#4 i disagree with you. if you wear make just to impress guy i think then you are slut and bitch. i dont wear make up and i get hit on my guys every now and then. Pink is way to lucky that she is married to Carey Heart. Carey, he is hot, so pink have something better then her look w/out make up to impresss hotty like carey.
people who think she look ugly w/out make then you have low self=esteem..
and they loser.

2808 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

FUCK Pink.

I always thought there was something kind of "manish" about her. At least in a Jamie Lee Curtis kind of way. Ugh.. *shivers* imagine laying pipe down at that every night. I feel sorry for her husband, he can probably do better.

I think her attitude sucks. I think her personality sucks. She should've stuck to the L.A. Reed coated image of being a pink hair-dyed R&B singing mudshark. She's just like Avril Levine, one of these studio punkers. Pink is a POSER.

2808 days ago
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