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Jay-Z Accused of

'Faux Fur' Fraud

1/16/2007 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0116_jayz_fur-2He had 99 problems, now Jay-Z has one more.

A jacket from Jigga's clothing line, Rocawear, allegedly has dog fur in its collar, even though it's advertised as having fake fur. According to an investigation by The Humane Society of the United States, the Hunter jacket on contains real fur from a raccoon dog, a dog indigenous to Asia that The Humane Society claims are skinned alive for the coats, hence the uproar.

As of today, the $265 coat was still a "featured" item on the Rocawear website. Late last year, a similar investigation found that raccoon dog fur was being used in a coat in rap mogul P. Diddy's "Sean John" collection; that item was removed from stores within a few days.

Reps for Jay-Z and Rocawear could not immediately be reached for comment. The Humane Society said that it informed the company of the issue a week ago, but that they've taken no action.

In a statement to TMZ, a spokesperson from Rocawear says, "We were not aware that our product included raccoon dog materials. We have immediately instructed all manufacturers and licensees that no product can be produced using this fur. In addition, we have removed those items from our website."


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As much as I hate PETA (they're guilty of animal mistreatment too) there is no reason/no excuse for wearing fur. Animals should not be trapped or bred for fashion.

2782 days ago


I agree with #43. I eat meat and it doesn't even cross my mind how it gets produced. We all know the meat. fish and chicken we eat is killed in horrible cruel ways, yet we still eat it. I feel bad for animals but that won't stop me buying it at the grocery store. As for fur, I don't wear it. Not because I'm so morally better than fur wearers, I just don't think it's needed. And yet I wear a leather coat.

Hmm, what' s my leather coat made out of folks? Ponder that. And look in your fridges and closets and SHUT UP!

2782 days ago


I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone in their right mind still wears fur, that is some barberic s*it, I don't give a damn who you are fur is neither sexy or glamarous, you silly walking around with some poor dead animal on your body. what a bunch of jackass.

2782 days ago


OMG! Where was PETA when the Cavemen, Indian Tribes and whomever else needed fur just to stay warm? They are only animals for crying out loud. Animals are not human as some people would believe them to be. An animal can "turn" on anyone in a second if allowed. Any animal, not just exotic pets. If JayZ has the money, he can buy the goods. He, himself didn't skin "man's best friend". If any of you REALLY cared, sign up and help those poor skinless dogs running around. I could care less about him or his fur or anyone else wearing fur. There's a WAR going on that's #1 in my book. In fact, send the dog meat over to IRAQ and feed those poor starving kids over there!

2782 days ago


Wow, fake fur is real fur? So what. As I recall, we're in the middle of a war, New Orleans is still not rebuilt and there are starving people ALL OVER the world who could use the meat from that stupid fur! I seriously doubt some poor kid in another country who has to drink tainted water and eat out of a trash can CARES about the right to wear fur. THEY'D RATHER BE FEED!

2782 days ago


who the f*** cares. f*** a dog, fox, cat, rat, bear or whatever the f*** they wanna use. like you guys live your lives without comming in contact with some type of product made from animals. dumb jackasses.

2782 days ago


Let's skin him alive and wear Jay-Z as a coat.

No reason on this earth to use real fur. Loser.

2782 days ago


Quit...Comparing animals for food, from what to wear...who skins a live chicken or put a steak on their plate? It is very cruel..what happens to all animals, I can bitch all I want cuz...I do not eat meat, or kiss my ass...but when is it okay to skin a living get it's fur/pelt....visualize dumb asses..that think it's okay..f***en cruel have issues,,must have been raised by wolves, in a cave...nothing humane about any of you....that think it's okay get skin from a live animal...WTF...

2781 days ago

Howard Stern is Americas Most Hated Man    

I hope PETA is investigating this. Cruelty to innocent animals is horrible and a crime to say the least.
Fur was worn centuries ago to keep warm but today we have many other choices, food is a different matter since our protein comes from meats, grains and cheeses and we need sources of protein to survive.

Comparing food to fur is comparing a necessity to a luxury. Not a good example to say the least.

2781 days ago

the wise old owl    

SHAME ON EVERYONE OF YOU who has come on here to defend these classless and heartless people who choose to support a commodity that promotes the torture of LIVE animals.

IF someone wears a pair of leather shoes or eats a piece of meat at least the animal doesn't die a long and painful death. Only someone with Santatic belief's would contribute to an item that demonstrates this kind of practice.

To make a statement like " who cares it's only a dog , racoon or a fox " ... shows ignorance and a lack of compassion on the people who say that. If you need to "keep warm " or make a " fashion statement " wrap a damn wool shawl around yourself or sit by the fire.

Perhaps these people would like us to use THEM to keep warm. I'll bet P.Diddy's thick skin will come off nicely if we boil him in HOT WATER and than immediatly BLANCH him in a bucket of ICE. THe skin pills off much easier that way I heard.

J. Lo might like it , if we hang her upside down and starting from the feet 1st.........we slowing pull her skin down OVER HER HEAD .........and than turn it INSIDE OUT.

Dogs possess feelings and emotions. They are loyal, loving and protective. They are better than most people I know. INCLUDING THESE CLOWNS WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN FLAUNT their " fashion sense " and kill innocent animals.

I think BEFORE anyone buys a fur they should be required to SIT DOWN AND WATCH ONE OF THESE HORRIBLE VIDEO'S that show just how they obtain these furs. THESE PEOPLE ARE EGO MANIACS WITH NO CONSIOUS. I have NO RESPECT for any of them.

2781 days ago

homegirl101 know we love your..posts....
I'm going to get addresses and post them to boycott Roccawear, and anything to do with Jay Z, J Lo, Beyonce, and P sho

Yeah please...try to tell me they thought it was fake fur....I saw those coats at Burlington...and wondered what kind of fur it was...who knew....
They were rocking the PET box...........on a destroy these creeps

2781 days ago


Please....Contact Rocawear.
tell them what you think of this..cruelty
sorry misspelled Roca wear....previously...never paid much attention to the line, but I will now...
1-800-839--6016 customer service email

2781 days ago



459 days ago


Umm for all the people saying "who cares" you need to see the video of what the Chinese people do to these animals.....I mean seriously they will leave them alive in pile skinless because they don't even have the basic humanity to not make the animal suffer.....most hunters I know would vomit and then shoot at those people after seeing what they do...

413 days ago
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