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Justin's Replacement?

1/19/2007 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cameron Diaz got a whole lot of personal attention from surf champion Kelly Slater during a private surf lesson in Hawaii this week. In fact, the surf god could barely take his eyes off Diaz as the pair shredded waves on the North Shore of Oahu.

As TMZ first reported, the two have been spending a lot of time together in the wake of Cameron's split from Justin Timberlake. We're told the duo hit various golf courses and restaurants on the island ... and that Diaz is shacking up at Slater's island home.

Cameron was often seen hangin' ten with former flame Justin Timberlake. A distant memory. Cowabunga dude.


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bunny (heta) If you have a life a wonderful family and a great job the why are you wasting time on here yelling at people for pointing out that you are an idiot. Your probably just lying. People have talked crap about some of the stuff I have posted in the past and I haven't gone crazy yelling in my comments. Grow up, or go back to you so called life!

2835 days ago


you know JT...all he a little BITC#. Seriously...look at the sap...ugly little ho boy. Cameron is delightfly and beautiful and she sure doesn't need a little man with a big man's ego ridin' her coattails. Canned Spam is all he is.

2835 days ago


ummm #17....seems as though u need to go back to math class...if someone was born in 1972....that makes them 35 or about to be depending on his birthday....."DUMB ASS"

haha ohhh how i love this site...makes work seem worth while

2835 days ago


#28 i am not yelling. i am saying it. why i am here, because i have no patient that's why and i am bored at my work. so i am just passing my time somehow. i do have a life. i wish i was busy at work...lololo

2835 days ago


I've seen you do a few interviews and you seem like a nice person, pretty down to earth for a person who has your looks and success.
Maybe think about taking a page from Julia Roberts "book" and forget these male media messes and find yourself a nice normal guy.

2835 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Who the hell would pay attention to what a girl called Bunny has to say anyway? Can't you find a Big Girl name? If you really are a lab tech God help us all. Since you can barely form a sentence and your spelling sucks ass I can't imagine how your test results are read.

2835 days ago


Can somebody please tell me why her hair is black? Is this for a role or some ghastly Goth attempt? Seriously, I really want to know. Poor thang desparately needs to be blonde again.

2835 days ago

Oh Canada    

Hooray for Cameron!!!!
She a wonderful actress with a great sense of humor, and self-deprecating attitude that says I'm a celebrity, but also human.

Justin TimberFake??? I didn't get it, I don't even know how he's managed to become so popular, he's really not that talented. I don't see it, but with the right agent can market and sell almost anything and almost anybody to the public.

I don't care how it ended with that gross little no talent boy Justin Timberfake, he was not in her league; he should be asking the stars/gods how he got so lucky.

Now Kelly Slater, what a babe. Not that looks are important, but at least he looks like a grown up.

Justin enjoy the ride, your type of music isn't timeless; you don't have talent to maintain the staying power of Prince, the short guy you made fun of at the GG awards.
JT, 10 or 15 years from now, you'll be consumed with making another comeback.

2835 days ago


It's OK, Bunny. I think your name is cute. ;-) LOL, TMZ is a rough crowd!

2835 days ago


Cameron stays with a guy for two to four years and then when they realize what a commitment phobe she is they break up with her. Cameron ought to try spending some time alone for a while before moving on to the next one and figure out why she's so afraid of making a commitment. Justins' better off without her. She's beautiful but really starting to look her age or older. He needs a nice young woman who's not afraid of marrying and having kids.

2835 days ago


Cameron is so f***ing cute, and so is Kelly Slater. I love it!

#5: you're a moron.

2835 days ago


Maybe she'll get her new honey to beat the '%&#@' outta that whimpy-whiney, ugly girly-boy she left.

2835 days ago


thanks get real.. when guys hear my name as nickname bunny its such a turn on for guys.. hehe

2835 days ago


Who TF cares about Joker-Faced Mrs. Roper??

2835 days ago


Cameron, Way to up grade baby. I mean you could get all wet with a hot hot hot producer like myself which you can peep my heat at plus at because Cam it's 'bout time that you take a walk on the DARK side, ya' dig. So holla at a playa. Peace&Love

2835 days ago
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