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Fists Fly Over Jessica Simpson

1/23/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson has the power to turn men into blood-thirsty, violent animals. During a weekend shopping excursion, her mere presence ignited a WWE-style rumble between paparazzi and a herd of security guards.

As Jess left a shopping spree in Century City, tension between mall security and pursuing paps reached a high; erupting into all-out battle.

After a security guard pushed a photog out of Jessica's way, two photogs responded by unleashing a flurry of punches. The fighting finally came to a stop after a photog was thrown to the ground by a squad of mall security goons.

Just another day of shopping for Jessica Simpson.


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spicy chai    

So two days ago. We've moved on to Miami, bay-bee.

2776 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Jessica Simpson = Horse face , rabbit teeth , manly jaw , crossed eyes and absolutely ..... NO TALENT !!!

But she does have big boobs ( yawn ~ ) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ~

2776 days ago

Mad Balls    

hey ! How you guys doin" ? My dad says that jessica Simpson is a poo-poo head . Thats not the exact word he used but their could be a baby lookin' in on the internet and I wouldn't curse in front of a baby . anyway , my dad says jessica is throwing her singing career down the skinny celebraty hat --thats what ny dad calls the toilet . HAH HA . anyway , Jessica my dad says is giving up singing to do " ELVIS" movies . Too bad . She has major TATA S and they really move when she sings . Thats probably why my dad is pee-peed off . anyway , I stayed up all night doing this NASTY BOIL jr. for you . I could have been playing play station 3 that my dad said he traded his soul for and I will have to give up left testicle when the time comes to pay the devil . Whats a testicle ? I hope its not what I think it is . is it ? anyway , heres my "NASTY BOIL jr." for you . LIKe the man/girl from TMZ says ...Enjoy !

DUDES are FIGHTING over Jessica TA TA S . BAdass . She has big TATA S . YES > And when she sings they go UP ,,,,and down ...UP ..and down . I would pay to see her sing ...NAKED ! yeah . BADASS ! fighting over her naked TATA S . OWOOWOWOWOOWOWOOWOOOO yeah . HEHE HE > NAKED ! OWOWOWOOWOWOOWO

I know i suck . I shouldn't have taked that 3 hour break to eat brownies and play Mech warrior . Oh well, anyway , I hope you guys out there are yelling' at harv to get my dad back to being payed to do this crap . Its' hard . I don't know how my dad does it . this wears me out . And thanks for all the money you guys are sending for my dads brain transplant but instead of a dollar or two we need you to send like 1.000 or ten thousnad eack pearson 'cause at this pace hillary clinton will be president before we get that 4.7 milion my dad needs . My dads words not mine . You guys are great pals . I love you . I'll see you guys , OK !

2776 days ago


Those security guards should go to jail. They are all wanna be cops that make it in the police academy. They obviously started the fight. I hope they all go down.

2776 days ago


Since when are security gaurds goons? These men and women are there to protect customers of the mall. The photographers aren't there to buy anything. Ms. Simpson has every right to take in a day of shopping without these stalkers wreaking havoc on her and the rest of the paying patrons of the shopping center.

2776 days ago


Finally!!!...glad someone stepped up and beat the crap out of these Paparazzi jerk offs. If you watch that tape's the Paparazzi who start fighting first. Regardless, it's sad what people will go through to get a pic of Jessica Simpson shopping...big deal *lol*.

2776 days ago



That is so funny!! LOLOLOLOL

2776 days ago


Can a girl go shopping!!! Leave her alone !!!!

2776 days ago

Manda Liddiard    

stupid rent-a-cops trying to act cool by fighting with the Paparazzi

2776 days ago


cute nASATY bOIL jr.....say hi to daddy for us lol

2776 days ago


I love how the paparazzi try to act like tough guys, then when they get the sh*t kicked out of them by some mall police they talk about suing because the got it all on tape. Getting shots of celebrities is cool but when you clog up an entire mall with your stupidity, it gets a little old.

2776 days ago


Paparazzi pigs.

2776 days ago

Ms Kris    

What the heck?


Who cares if this lying piece of trash with no talent is around?

Who cares?

2776 days ago

Great Dane    

Yeah, this isn't really about Jessica.....she's not even if half of the flick....poor girl looks scared sh^t! It makes you empathize with the stuff they have to deal with....y'know?

2776 days ago


Wow, Is she buying a new "big" pocketbook. All she does is shop. Doesn't she have any hobbies??

Shop...thats it.

Doesn't surf, golf, cook or anything that would require some intelligence.

What a bore.

2776 days ago
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