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Fists Fly Over Jessica Simpson

1/23/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson has the power to turn men into blood-thirsty, violent animals. During a weekend shopping excursion, her mere presence ignited a WWE-style rumble between paparazzi and a herd of security guards.

As Jess left a shopping spree in Century City, tension between mall security and pursuing paps reached a high; erupting into all-out battle.

After a security guard pushed a photog out of Jessica's way, two photogs responded by unleashing a flurry of punches. The fighting finally came to a stop after a photog was thrown to the ground by a squad of mall security goons.

Just another day of shopping for Jessica Simpson.


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Jack Frost    

What I find hilarious, is some paparazzo scumbag getting into a fight with the security guards, and then saying "you're not cops, you're just mall security, you're in a lot of trouble!"


OK, here's a clue, dumbasses:

A Mall is private property.
Private Property is not Public Property.
Security guards who work for said private property, have every right to refuse entry to anyone, or to physically remove anyone from the property they deem necessary.
Paparazzi's can go wherever they want on public property, as they're also part of the public, but private property like a mall is another matter, and they cannot expect to be allowed to roam free and harass customers.

If this was on the sidewalk, it might be a little different, but these morons are inside a privately owned building, fighting with the people whose job it is to keep that building safe. They're lucky all they're getting is humiliated. They could, and should be slapped with assault charges or even civil lawsuits for their aggressive behaviour.

The paparazzi's are a fucking plague.
It's a real shame that if someone's success at their job depends on getting the public to like them, they then have to deal with these pinheads harassing them all day.
It's also a really sad reflection of us as a society, that we take so much interest in the private lives of others, that they can't even go to the fucking mall without getting swarmed by paparazzi.

2800 days ago


since WHEN is it against the law to take pictures in a public place? that stupid bitch needs to get with it, she is NOT royalty SHE was in a public place and those rentacops were out of line I would sue those stupid bastards faster than she can think.

2800 days ago


Jack Frost, you are absolutely correct. Those security personnel have every right to do what they did. The paparrazzi are really getting out of control when they decide to fight anyone who challenges them. My spouse worked in mall security a few years ago and they put up with so much sh*t for very little pay. How dare these a**holes try to attack people who are only trying to do their job and support a family. Jerks.

2800 days ago


This is ridiculous, I noticed the X-17 sweatshirt. They need to get a life. Malls are private property and they had no right to act the way they did. The security guards are completely justified in their actions. This is not the first time that X17 has had bad press, they are notorious for viciousness, I have removed them from any bookmarks as well as the sites that purchase photos from X17. Losing one person at a time might teach the cameramen to be more respectful.

2800 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone & allow her to do her thing. Hey, I love to shop, & I would hate to be hounded every 2 seconds. Love ya Jess!

2800 days ago

el rojo    

Hugh Hefner is in the wings to offer brown eyed girl a cool 5 million to appear naked in Playboy. Flint would do 7. Either way, they would have a best seller. Cindy Margolis got a lot and donated it to charity. I hate seeing Jessica sing because she is too animated, jerky, you know. Her head looks like one of the bobble heads. A nice still tasteful shot in Playboy would stop some of the fighting for mindless photos . Then all the paps would maybe leave her alone.

2800 days ago

US Marine    

Personally speaking - and this is just my opinoin - why would anyone waste their time, trying to get a piece of this plastic, arrogant, white piece of trash. She's no better than that other creature that was married to that yo yo K Fed.
Jessica, you had the best road to fame. Your now ex husband, Nick. You didn't sign a pre-nup, because your plan was to soak him later, with your gold digging father and unfortunately, someone in Hollywood believed you had talent - when not only do you not have talent, but you have no class either and you're not that pretty. Not that these things are the issue, they aren't. But, I hope that these mall security guys, along with the paparazzi animals all go to jail, because they're all stupid.
And Jess, just a note here. Don't waste your time ever coming to Ohio, because Ohio is Nick country and we're team Lachey here - so stay where you are - because we don't want you here!

2800 days ago


HOLY, CRAP! They should have beaten the crap out of Jessica too. I can't stand her, since she has a no-talnted sis' and herself, is just so disturbing to look at. If it would have been Paris, I understand, but this whore? Who cares about Jessica anymore? Her 15 minutes have expired. Hmmm... Wait, are those guys getting beat down to the floor even paparazzi? They looked like public to me, whom just wanted to take a look at Jessica, then that is when the paparazzi guy said, "You guys are only security guards. You're in a lot of trouble." The two guys who were thrown to the floor were just part of the public. "PRIVATE PROPERTY?!" Come on, amigo, no f'ing mall is private, unless it's a top mount Arrowhead!

I wonder if Ms. Mexican-looking chick went shopping afterwards, after all this tragedy.

2800 days ago


Hey squirrel, we live in The United States of America. Private property means just that; it's private. There is nothing facist about protecting patrons at a private shopping center. The only idiot is you. I bet you believe that WTC 7 was a controlled implosion don't you?

2800 days ago


On one side you have people rooting for lame mall security just because they dislike photogs (are you people even famous? Why do YOU dislike paps?)

On the other side you have people rooting for the paps who apparently havn't realized yet that they are just photographers. Nothing more.

Anyone who chooses a side in this ridiculous scenario needs to get a life.

On a side note: Do paps get paid minimum wage or something? They go after photo ops like starving dogs go after food. It's pathetic.

2799 days ago


With todays technology you would think that someone would come up with a better camera than those big ass things the paps carry. get some small James Bond sh*t that paps can take pics with from far away with out having to be all up in someone's face. That was a mob of paps. that is just not safe. what if there had been children in strollers, or toddlers around? They would have been run over in that mob. They are just out of cotrol. Yes it is your job.. i get that... but they go about it terribly, and plce thihse they are trying to get in danger..

2799 days ago



2799 days ago


Greg, you're obviously a Right-Wing wacko, a Republican scumbag (are there any different type?)
These failed cops were way out of line. Especially the slant eyed Flip (Filipino)!

2798 days ago


Paparazzi Is Wack. Damn Queers.

2797 days ago

PSC security guard    

F*** Jon hes a homo and a Paparazzi anal lover go back to ur moms p***y b/c that the last one you've seen

2796 days ago
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