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Jessica's Riding Mayer's Bus

1/23/2007 7:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson and balladeer borefriend John Mayer are taking their show on the road. The new couple was spotted in Miami just hours ago -- loading into Mayer's tour bus.

Mayer will be performing in Jacksonville on the 25th, and Jessica seems to be going along for the ride. Just a few months ago, Jessica weathered a media backlash for her then publicist's mistake of going public with the Mayer romance and then denying it. Now Jess is on board and on the bus.


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Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

For some reason I think John's going to break Jessica's
heart.. I just
don't get them as a couple, but it's not as if I know them personally.
If they are happy then I guess I'm happy for them, what I don't
understand is why this particular story about Jessica getting on his
tour bus was worth posting on the site?

2793 days ago


She didn't exactly trade up in any sense of the word. Bombshell? More like dumb bell! I read a quote of his about her, I think he is so white trash, talk about "dude" of hazzard. But they might be a pretty good match come to think of it, both kind of trashy and neither particularly talented.

2793 days ago


not talented ...mayor has more talent in his little pinky than any Nick Lacs ever had. LMFAO Nick is a no talent ugly midget!!!!! Good for Jessica, i think he is cute! I always thought nick was riding her coat tails anyways.

2793 days ago


John Mayer does have real talent, not like Nick with none! As long as Jessica is happy, I'm happy for her. She looks so relaxed & adorable. Maybe John is good for her. He is also very sexy looking.....

2793 days ago



2793 days ago



2793 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

It IS Rocky from Mask..theyr'e both looking for that Rube Walker baseball card..hence the tourbus. That concert in Florida is just the cover story.

2793 days ago


He may be talented, but he isn't that great looking. She could do better. He's akwardly dorky. Makes you think there must be something wrong with her physically....

2793 days ago


It's not like Jessica has anything else going on. She might as well just go along for the ride...(pun intended)

2793 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

To all you Jessica ( Horse face ) Simpson fans .... Can you tell me why this skank is famous ? or that you find her attractive ?????

Is it her rabbit teeth ? her manly jaw ? her crossed eyes ? her fake hair ? her orange skin ? her pimp daddy Joe Simpson ?

What ?????? her big boobs ( Yawn ) ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

2793 days ago


Hey, I just realized that in the article they called him Jessica's "borefriend". That's kinda funny.

2793 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I do not hate her nor John Mayer. I think Mayer is talented and I think Jess and her family hit it big with her marriage as a stepping stone and a good gig. I think her father is a good manager. Jess is very pretty and has a good voice has is marketable. I do not see anything wrong with things about that about Jess. Lets just be honest and real. He rtalent is notthat grand. She is a "time talent" in that she is really marketable right now. John Mayer is not a "time talent". He isth erela deal. Now lets goosip...I bet her father is going to set up a duet with her and John. If Mayer falls for it, it will hurt his career. I think he will hurt Jessica because he is a known man ho.

2793 days ago


jessica has turned into white trash!!! Nick is so better off without her!! and he is a hottie and john mayer is so not hot!!! She can have him... what else does she have???

2793 days ago

nancy katchmar    

john mayer is talented and seemed so down to earth. what is he doing with this no talented ditz. maybe her body is a wonderland, but for how long?

2793 days ago

Mad Balls    

How you guys doing ? I missed you guys . Your the best ! Now I know why my dad llikes this ..its badass ! anyway my dad says Jessica simpson is Elvis and her DAD is Coelenel Parker . Whatever that means. I think I'll google that later to find out . anyway . my dad should not talk about Jessica ...SHE HAS BIG TATA "s oh I'd love to see them buddies . YEAH NAKED !! WOWOWO ! anyway heres my NASTY BOIL jr for you guys . I hope you like it . I stayed up so late that I caught the info commercial about Mens sex thingy getting limp . Boy , I can't keep mine down ! I hope I never get like BOB ! poor guy with a limp thingy .

Jessica Simpson is going out with a music bum . WOWOW she HAS BIG GUNS ! BIG OLE TATA "S YEAH > BADASS > she needs to let me sleep on her TATAS one day OH YAH ME AND JESSICAS TATA S oh yeha OWOWOOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOOOOOO BADASS yeah

kinda sucks . Oh I'm rubbing my scruffy head of cute kid hair and looking sad with my boyish big -brown eyed face . I wish my dad was writing these 'cause harv don't pay for this crap . He says he saving money for when the Rosie crotch shot comes up . Harvs a perv . AND he has a small peanuts . At least I think thats what the guy from TMZ said to the other guy .I think he said " peanuts " . I love you , guys ! your the best ! Thanks for being my buddy . See ya '

2793 days ago
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