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Sienna: No Sex with Diddy, Hayden

1/31/2007 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sienna MillerIt's no Diddy for Sienna Miller. Sources tell TMZ that, contrary to reports, Sienna Miller isn't involved in any way with P. Diddy, and that her very convincing sex scene with Hayden Christensen in "Factory Girl" is just the result of good acting.

TMZ is told that there is "no sexual anything" between Sienna and Diddy, and, in fact, that Sienna has never actually been out alone with the rapper. Diddy, according to a source, showed up to the Manhattan premiere of "Factory Girl" and when Sienna went to the bathroom, he was waiting around, "lurking outside the men's room," but Sienna managed to sneak out from under his nose. Her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, says the pair are "just friends" and that when he showed up to Bungalow 8 later on that night, Sienna wasn't there.

Meanwhile, rumors that Miller and co-star Christensen actually had sex while filming a scene in "Factory Girl" just aren't true. As real as it may look, we're told it's just not so. "When you do a love scene," says her rep, "there is a minimum of five people in the room. There's no real sex and the scene proves she knows how to give a good performance."


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Truth B. Told    

Man, this is a bunch of junk! The man just saw the birth of his daughters and all of this!!! Now you know he slept with her. His public tryst with females are just for publicity. You all know he is on the down low!!! Publicize his partners on that issue and then you have some news worth reading. He is always gonna publically be after those females....Are you listening yet Kim? Or does he still LOVE you?Don't know too much about ole Sienna, just that she just got tappedby the worlds sorriest excuse for a man!!!

2732 days ago

Only in    


2761 days ago


uh huh..........and I am Paris Hilton!

2761 days ago


Sienna is a fine actress and I'm sure her sex scene will be torrid as convincing.

No way that real sex took place - - no A-lister would risk his/her reputation on the act. At the start of careers (see Chloe Sevigny) it's sometimes different).

Nevertheless, her rep needs some schooling. The assertion that sex did not take place because there were 5 people in the room is pointless. A full crew of cameramen, audio and lighting engineers are just a few of the folks that service the set of adult entertainment productions - - where obviously - - very real sex takes place.

2761 days ago


I can't stand her.....

2761 days ago

Only in    

I believe an Orgy took place that morning

2761 days ago


Hey, Diddy (or Daddy), how are the twins? For that matter, how is the Mother getting along with your frequent SOLO outings? Even though you can afford to have people assist her, from one Mother to another, it's just not the same as having Daddy around.

I have always been a fan, but it just blows me away when I see so many celebrities with new babies just painting the town at all hours of the night on what "appears" to be a regular basis. However, multiple pictures with different outfits and various hot spots don't lie. New babies seek higher priority than a new album in my opinion.

Take a break...that's all.

2761 days ago


who give a sh#t???????

2761 days ago


Hahaha. why is her publicist even addressing the Diddy rumor???? Trying to put out some fires perphaps??? Sienna would have sex with anything if it meant that she would be Hollywoods next "it" girl!!! I'm sure she had sex with Diddy and sex on the set of her movie too.. The girl has no class!

2761 days ago

Mad Balls    

Thank God . I was begining to think she was a Skank with no principals . I am comforted to now know she is just a simple skank .

TMZ sucks .

2761 days ago


All bullsxxt. What did you and Puff the Magic Dragon talk about Sienna?
His girlfriend and all the kids?
Just two more celebrity whores.

2761 days ago

Mad Balls    

i am glad TMZ cleared that up . Almost ruined a nano-second of my life . TMZ SUCKS .

2761 days ago

Dark Knight    

She accomplished what she wanted. Her fame will rise because of this scandal with Diddy, and her bank account will grow. Knowing how meticuluous Diddy is I'm sure he had his lawyers draw up legal documents stating that he gets a percentage of her earnings from here on out thanks to letting himself be seen with her. She was pretty pointless until now, and now people want to know who she is. Successful business relationship between her and Diddy.

2761 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Happy with anal #11

Boy or girl?

No matter, it all tight!

2761 days ago


I'll bet this ho has a ton of STD's, what a whore.

2761 days ago
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