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Diana DeGarmo: American Soccer Mom?

2/2/2007 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diana DeGarmoSince appearing on "American Idol" three years ago, 19-year-old Diana DeGarmo has grown up right before our eyes ... into a 42-year-old soccer mom! Anyone want a juice box?

DeGarmo arrived at a book signing in New York this week, looking twice her age in a mid-90s menopause red 'Rachel' bob, and enough pancake to smother her entire "Hairspray" cast.

Unless DeGarmo is interested in reporting the news on Telemundo, she might want to ease up on the RuPaul rouge. Work it, mija!


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Darth Sidious    

wow this news on this former idol star wow none of these idol winners cant even make a decent record they all washed up im surprised william hung makes a better records than kelly clarkson anyday anyhow william hung and metallica destroy kelly clarksons music

2818 days ago

Be Nice    


Either you're in denial or something because it seems to me that YOU are one of the biggest racists I've seen. It goes both ways!! People like you are the ones who cause all the problems for everyone else. If you were a person's only contact with another race, it would be easy to see why they would dislike that race because you're so nasty and angry!!!

2818 days ago


She's the cutest little thing I've ever seen. I saw her the other day on a morning show and she was great. Well spoken and real easy to look at.

2818 days ago


I just happen on this site. Started reading and realize this must be a black, african american etc site. Farrah has a real problem. Has she/he ever been a slave. Is she/he one now? wHITE CRACKERS!!! Do you want to be called the n word. Name calling is name calling no matter what the word. If you folks are not getting an education IT IS YOUR FAULT. THE WORDS ARE GO TO SCHOOL , STAY IN SCHOOL, STUDY, FINISH HIGH SCHOOL. THAT IS EDUCATION. EVERYONE CAN HAVE IT. It is not just some of the white people that are racist look in the mirror and see the real problem.

2818 days ago

JDJ1 in Richardson, TX    

Listen up you RACISTS scum STOP POSTING AS ME. My daddy is white but I don't claim him. Just like slaves days my Moms was taken against her will by the WHITE DEVIL. Mo, you people on Telemundo are just as bad or worse. Nasty and stupid and never invented nothing, The white crackers don't have to lie on you because there is nothing to lie about. Your people invented nothing you hear me, you are worthless and your illegals take jobs away from my brothers and sister. DeGarmo is half Mexican like you. You and and her need to get on back to Mexico and stay. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2818 days ago


hmmm, topic is about Diana DeGarmo and I read the first group of comments and I see barely anything about her. Why does everyone trash talk stars? Why do you have to make it a point on a blog about your religious or personal beliefs? Do you think anyone really cares or are you just trying to stir up trouble? My guess would be the latter.
As for Diana, she looks beautiful, all grown up and her voice has gotten lovelier with time. Leave her alone and learn how to accept beauty without nitpicking it. Insecurity is not a good trait to display and I see an awful lot of it here today.

2818 days ago

JDJ1 in Richardson, TX    


this isn't an African-American racist site. it is run by a nice white Jewish guy (like me).

have you ever watched Judge Millian? well the guy that runs this site is the Man in the Street guy, the lawyer who interviews people on their opinion on the cases.

this Farrah person who posts is not even black or a female. Its a guy in my school and he' s half Irish and half Japanese. He just likes to start stuff!

2818 days ago

JDJ1 in Richardson, TX    

I didn't think Diana DeGarmo is a Mexican-amercian. That last name sound italian like. She has odd slitty eyes. Is she part oriental?

2818 days ago


For Farrah out there...I'm sorry honey but no one invented Fire, get your history straight

2818 days ago


Uh, white racist crackers? Who is the racist here, Farrah? Sounds to me like you are someone who embarrasses YOUR race. Instead of focusing on "exposing racists" which is obviously the pot calling the kettle black, why don't you focus on promoting peace and educating people (and get your facts straight first) instead of promoting hate & stereotypes? do you not have enough African American role models on BET showing you how to make the world a better place instead of worse? You are one of those people I believe would be disliked not because you are African American but because of your attitude. Grow up & get a life.

2818 days ago

Lori Moir    

Diana looks like she always does, perky, young. and NORMAL. Whoever wrote this article is a jerk, and the remark about Telemundo is way out of line. Take away this person's right to express themselves on AOL until they take a course in "Good Taste". Horrible excuse to just start trouble if you ask me.

2818 days ago


Who cares about her......really who cares....tmz. you can do better.....

2818 days ago


I'm not understanding the reason behind the article on Diana. Her picture is lovely and she looks very nice, certainly older than her 19 years but definitely NOT a 42 year old soccer mom. Seems like someone at TMZ is trying too hard to be funny.

2818 days ago

This is from Diana's official fan site. It's a very recent picture.

Does this look like a "soccer mom" to you? TMZ, you are ridiculous

2818 days ago

Christine Judy    

Um........she looks beautiful and yes, classy to me. Are you media people on crack?

2818 days ago
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