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P. Diddy: "I'll Smack Flames Out of Your Ass"

3/5/2007 5:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy Lawsuit -- Click to ViewSean "Puffy" Combs has been sued by a man who claims the music mogul "unlawfully attacked, assaulted and battered" him during a post-Oscar party.

In a lawsuit, filed March 2 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Gerald Rechnitzer claims he was at Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with his girlfriend after the Academy Awards. Rechnitzer says that as he was leaving, he stopped in the restroom. When he came out, he saw that his girlfriend was speaking with Combs, who was surrounded by his private security detail.

The suit claims "Combs, also known as 'Diddy,' also known as 'P. Diddy,' also known as 'Puff Daddy,' also known as 'Puffy,' hereinafter Defendant Combs," suddenly said to the Plaintiff, "What the f**k you looking at dude?'" Combs then allegedly followed up by yelling, "I'll smack flames out of your ass!"

The suit claims Combs then attacked Rechnitzer. His lawyer tells TMZ Combs punched his client in the jaw, causing him to fly backwards. The suit claims, "At no time was Plaintiff, who is five feet, seven inches tall with a slim build, ever a threat to Defendant...."

The suit alleges "after attacking Plaintiff, Defendant Combs intentionally, willfully and knowingly pushed Plaintiff's girlfriend and attempted to spit on another female member of Plaintiff's group."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

The LAPD tells TMZ they are investigating the allegations against Combs.

A rep for Combs tells TMZ "These claims are completely false and ridiculous. It is pitiful that Mr. Rechnitzer is stooping so low to prey on Mr. Combs celebrity. Mr. Combs will not stand for such ludicrous accusations.".


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Hey TMZ, why are you asking if P. Diddy is a thug? With all the stars getting arrested and slappying women around etc., you should also ask the same question about them.

2724 days ago


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2723 days ago


i guess white ppl forgot how they came to this country n raped,murder,n enslaved da poor native americans that actually own this country if all of u forgot go to da library n look 4 history books

2723 days ago

princess wanna be    

Pretty and Ghost, give it to the ignorant fool David who knows nothing about history. He is so pathetic it sucks with his half pea size brain. I bet he has not and will never be to Africa otherwise he is a dead meat. he showed his ignaroance when he wrote that crazy bush went to irag becos of WMD which up till now they have not found.

2723 days ago


I feel bad saying this but David Allen cracked me up with that last post!

2723 days ago


prettyx2-admit it: you'd trade your right arm to be white like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

truth hurts, doesn't it??

2723 days ago


blacks don't have hands stained with blood? Then why do blacks keep killing each other? sounds a little "stained" to me. forget the white man, you're doing yourselves in. or is that a big lie too? it's all a lie from the EEVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL white man.

you crack me up!

By the way, white people LAUGH when you use the word cracker. We think it's funny that you're trying so desperately to insult and that's the best you can do! hee hee

2723 days ago


Speaking of African countries that don't have African names...
Let's talk about Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia. Taken over by blacks Zimbabwe now cannot feed its own people, it is in a state of economic collapse. When it was Rhodesia and run by the white farmers it had a thriving economy. Now HOW can this be??

Read and weep liars

2723 days ago


#15 . "Computer Thugs"...hey i like that, and you're right. It's these type of open forums that
create safe havens for the idiots we live with, both Black and White.

2723 days ago

princess wanna be    

Dayuuuuum, David Allen Coe, I wonder if you ever did well in school. YOu are so clueless and never did your research well. You need to go back to school and study history. You are a disgrace to even your stupid redneck community and you are disgracing them by your apparent lack of knowlege and gross ignorance. This forum is not for you to win and in that case you spew anything trash all in the name of disparaging a race. Pretty and Nan are full of info and you need to learn you liver- spotted-skin-moronic fool. YOur skin is so pale that it makes me sick and throw up. YOu people have constant mouth odor and never clean yourself well. You people's hygiene is so deplorably low. Anywonder, I always hold my breath when i come across you red necks.

2723 days ago


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2723 days ago

princess wanna be    

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you AREN'T as attractive and yo u know it. You won't admit it but you know it. That's why black men love white women. We're prettier, less bitchy and typically don't come into a relationship with 5 kids by 5 different men. Just ask Tiger Woods, or Kobe Bryant. They have a couple of white beauties now don't they?

Still waiting for someone to explain WHY Zimbabwe is a total disaster. After all, the blacks got what they wanted. They're in charge. The whites sure knew how to run things. As usual, put the blacks in charge and it completely collaspses. Anyone surprised?

2722 days ago

Please God help her    

prettyx2 I'm really seeing a pattern with you..In fact anyone that is familiar with your posting style can see that YOUR THE RACIST....check the last several posts this Trick has posted....all talking shit about the white raise while trying to justify all crimes committed by African Americans....ITS RIDICULOUS.... besides she emailed me one day last moth and said that she hates white people,specially white women because h er boyfriend left her for a white women....Its all pretty sad sorry that thats happened to u prettyx2 but cmon dont take it out on an entire race....

2722 days ago


Speaking of that freak Michael Jackson....... It was just reported that he will lose the Beatles catalog; it will be auctioned off to pay his debts. ha ha ha

I'm STILL waiting for someone to explain why Zimbabwe is in a state of economic collapse. Let me say it again. Rhodesia=run by whites=thriving economy
Zimbabwe=now run by blacks=no jobs, no food, economic collapse. WHY when blacks began ruling did the entire country go to hell? Do any of you have any answers? I can't heeeeaaaaarrr you!!!!!!!!!!!!

2722 days ago
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