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No Talent, No Problem for Sanjaya

4/1/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya MalakarJust because "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malakar isn't the strongest singer on the show, it doesn't mean he won't have a career ... so says a music insider to TMZ.

Stuart Meyer is an A&R rep for Sub Pop Records -- home to early Nirvana and The Shins, and just happens to be based in Sanjaya's hometown, Seattle. Meyer says that actually being able to sing is just one quality a pop star needs to have. "He has a charm about him that is key to being a pop star," Meyer says. "Some of the biggest pop stars, like Madonna and Britney, aren't exactly the best singers." Word.

Meyer added that he thinks Sanjaya has "a bright future ahead," saying, "I'm sure someone will sign him, he has personality."

No matter what you think of Sanjaya's so-called voice, Meyer says he does have a leg-up on a lot of other pop stars. "You have to give him credit for getting out there and singing live; a lot of the biggest pop stars out there today rarely do that." Um, Ashlee Simpson anyone?


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Wait, we are missing the point. Sanjaya is not ugly, he is a cute kid. He has talent but not worthy of the title American Idol. He is the right person at the right time being promoted by a stupid radio NO TALENT (Howard Stern) Howard is not backing Sanjaya because he is talented, he is indirectly making fun of him. _ That's sad. Americans are so easily lead by IDIOTS. Whats up with that? The American Idiol is not even a talent contest any more, hardly worth watching. All the talented people are being kicked off due to Howard. We are letting an Idiot, Howard Stern, ruin the possibilities for the other who have talent. Don't take this out on Sanjaya, he s trying, blame this farce on Howard . Don't be one of the idiot Howard Stern Followers. This is not funny any more Howard is hurting people, and giving Sanjaya false hope for success in the industry.

2759 days ago

Red Sox Fan    

Please.......who should be blamed for Sanjaya? How about the idiots that put him on the show in the first place! He is just a kid who dreams of fame and fortune. Its just a sin that he comes from a whole generation of kids whose parents have lied to them their whole life by telling them how wonderful they are when they aren't. Then when they get out into the real world they find out to thier surprise that they really suck by professional standards. Heck I know a kid who is a thousand times better looking, athletic, charismatic and intelligent. He has dreams of playing baseball but is not disillusioned to the facts and plans on college. Lets face it ,Sanjaya lacks talent and if I, like many ,heard him on the radio, I would change the station.....Quickly! Never underestimate what the American public wants to hear. Once again I am not surprised to hear he is still in the running since Howard Stern has encouraged his listeners to vote. Just goes to prove the average Stern listener is a sheep. Lets think about the last idol winners, it seems to me that Kelly Clarkson is the only one with a real career, and maybe Carrie Underwood. Fantasia is like listeneing to a cat being strangled. Fat Reuben who? Soul patrol-Oh no! So even if Sanjaya wins he will be an instant has been.

2759 days ago


Sanjaia is a cute kid that seems very sweet and he's going to get some kind of career out of this no matter what happens, but let's face it, he is being out sung by those 3 girls , it would be a totally travesty if any of them had to leave the show because of Sanjaia...I'm a grandma too , but let's be realistic here.

2759 days ago


Will I have been watching the show since the begining and some of them have been voted off for forgetting words in the song, going faster then the music and singing notes off key. at least once that I have noticed. I know that Sanjaya has done all of these things at least every week, so why should he be allowed to remain on the show. I am not a Sanjaya hater I just want to see the people that desire to go to the next round go. People you are playing with someones emotions and their future. The joke is got to stop. I do not mind him being on the show, if he desires to be there, and right now I have not seen that.

2759 days ago


Welcome to show business, and i do mean BUSINESS. People who can SANG are a dime a dozen, but personality and charisma is something that you're born with, and this kid has "it" and that's gonna carry him long after everyones forgotten about everybody else.
I really do feel for the other singers that are more talented, but you gotta love the irony of all this. A kid who "cant sing" actually rising to the top of American Idol? It's the stuff that sitcoms are made of! it couldnt be more perfect if it was scripted! This is theatre at its best. Sit back, relax, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show. You wont be seeing one like this for a long time.

2759 days ago


Sanjaya has a personality? In what way???? The poor kid barely has a pulse. And that obnoxious smile is enough to make everyone sick to their stomachs.
I'm of grandma age and I don't agree with the other "grammas". Please give up the goody goody stuff. This is a singing contest...not a cutesy, kindess contest.

2759 days ago


Sanjaya is so cute and full of personality. He can work on his voice, but if he didn't have the other attributes he wouldn't be going anywhere. Many rock stars are not great singers. You can't watch him smile and not want to smile with him!

2759 days ago


Not since Elvis Presley (1954), have I seen anything like this. The establishment condemned him for having no real talent and the fans defended him in spite of it. It made his fan base extremely loyal and protective of him. Elvis's controversial style kept the media's attention. Now 53 years later he still outsells almost everyone that has come along since.

The music industry has long since picked our "Idols", told us who we should like and who's records we should buy. If you didn't fit the MTV mold, you didn't exist. A.I. is no different.

This new kid has already acquired a loyal fan base, sold on the same charisma that got Elvis started. Elvis learned to sing quite well over time, maybe the same will happen with Sanjaya. I wish him luck. But face it everyone, win or lose he's already an American Idol and will be around for awhile... Pending good management.

2757 days ago


Didn't anyone listen last night?
TONY BENNETT said Sanjaya had a 'good voice'. He is fun to watch. On an earlier show Simon said it's the package you have to sell. Sanjaya has done that.

2756 days ago


Just finished watching the Elton John 50th birthday celebration. A duck costume?? He's made it big in part because he is weird! And remember what the grownups thought about the beatles when they first came to USA? Their'long' hair was even banned in some schools.

2756 days ago

hate howard stern    

everyone who gets voted off American Idol before Sanjaya should sue Howard Stern for what he has done

2756 days ago


The judges are the ones to blame.

Sanjaya made it to the top 12 out of all the hundreds of thousand of contestant so if anyone is to blame it is the judges for putting him into this position in the first place.If he is that awfull how did the judges advance him to this stage.

2756 days ago


Sanjaya Must Go!! I have a sister in Iraq and she tells me that troops say Sanjaya 's performances are killing them! SAVE OUR TROOPS!!!!!! VOTE HIM OFF!!!!

2755 days ago

Anna Manis    

I don't think that he should move foward I think that he should have been voted off a long time ago. I was a big Gina fan and I don't think she should have been the one to go home. This thing with Sanjaya is a joke and that they should just get him off the show. I have a very large family who loves AI and they have all said that if he makes it into the finals and wins.... They will not be watching next year. No one wants to have another Michael Jackson on the scene his time has come and gone so please if you have any sense and you aren't tone deaf please DON'T VOTE FOR SANJAYA!!!!!! He need to do some more growing up before he embarks on the music scene he just doesn't have what it takes and I know that me and my friends and family won't be buying anything he puts out. So just put him out of this misery that he is going to be in Get Him Off The Show!!!!!!!! Before it is too late. I think that he would have done been voted off if he didn't have the whole country he is from voting for him. So please JUST SAY NO TO SANJAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2753 days ago

peggy james    

it is not fair to the rest of the contestants, that have plenty of talent...he is just being exploited.
what a let down for him after the show is finished... dont like the show as much as i used to.

2753 days ago
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