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Alec Baldwin

Gives His "View"

4/27/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0425_baldwin_tmz-1Alec Baldwin was welcomed with applause to a sitdown in a taped segment that aired on "The View" today, with Baldwin giving a heartfelt and somber tale of parental alienation that drove him to the boiling point.

Baldwin said that his "deep and endless frustration" in being unable to communicate with his daughter, Ireland, led him to misdirect his anger to the child, because he "can't address the other person in this dynamic," but stopped short of mentioning Kim Basinger.

The "30 Rock" star went on to address the topic of parental alienation and his frustration with a litigious and complicated custody battle. Baldwin said he was sorry for all those who were offended ... also mentioning how many people he'd heard from who had either been abused by a parent, or frustrated with an ex-wife, and those who were alienated from their children.


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"The sad part is after everything, counseling, depression, medication, my pleading, crying to the court as a mother, that our child's life was in danger, they reprimanded me and warned me they would change custody if I interfered. They called Interfering when our 15 year old child is having panic attacks, hyper-ventalating, won't get out of the car, clinging to you, begging you not to make them go! Having your ex call the cops on you, scaring your child even more, not because the mother didn't want them to go, our child knew what they were going to at their father's house!"

See, the court reprimanded you even for your interference and threatened to change custody (which they should have done actually), but it still did not stop you from your evil-doing! If a child "clings" to its mother, its usually the mother's fault because she did not educate the kid as it should be. What a drama queen you are! Even blame the father for calling the cops. He did not scare the child, you did with your unreasonable behaviour!

"Almost a year later my ex made a last ditch effort to hurt our chid, and filed for custody of our child at age 16. This pushed our child over the edge, even though I was his target!"

Not everything is about YOU, believe me.

"What if there was "proof beyond a resonable doubt" that Mr. Baldwin is/or has been in the past abusive, either emotionally or physically?"

There is none, else he had no visitation rights.

"There are documented accounts of his anger management issues and his irratic behavior and temper!! His daughter was probable afraid to pick up the phone cal beause every time he calls her he makes her cry on the phone!"

No, read it again. As many times before, she was not available for his scheduled phone calls. Its her mothers fault because as a mother she should make sure that the kid talks to its Dad.

"Oh by the way, my ex had a very expensive attorney who was a former government official in the same small county, I had to be my own attorney most of the time."

He most likely needed a good one who was able to counter your Academy Award like performance as a drama queen in court.

"I have been fighting to protect my child's life for the last 12 years. "

This is hard to believe, has the father attempted to kill his child?
Or did you fill your kid with panic and fear? - This is typical for mother's who do not want their kids to have close relationship with any other person than them. They say "protect" but they mean "control". Control even to the extent that the kid gets mentally ill. And even after their kid developed such mental problems they will still blame everybody else, but themselves, and hope the therapist can "fix" it. Yeah, way to go. Its better the kid is a nervous wreck for the rest of its life than letting the kid loose and let it visit its father - w/out making all this drama and a big deal out of it.
God, what a nutcase ... lol

2675 days ago


Please remember that all cries of "Parental Alienation" are not necessarily true.

My ex's kids were growing up in another state. I asked him "Don't you miss them?". He privately stated to me "I don't care whether they live or die" but his story publicly was "I've tried, but their mother has turned them against me".

Later when he found himself alone he decided to have a relationship with his (now adult) children. To excuse the fact that he had abandoned them he blamed their mom by telling them "I tried really hard, but she blocked all my attempts to see you". Because he's a good liar they believed him.

There WERE no attempts to see them. In fact he actively avoided their attempts at contact.

Just because someone bleats about "Parental Alienation" it doesn't mean they are speaking the truth. It's pretty obvious, but some people have evidently never thought of this.

2675 days ago


Alec Baldwin should be ashamed of himself. Here he is trying to make others believe he left that message for his wife when he plainly states that she is an 11 or 12 year old girl. He has a hot temper and needs to get anger management to control this issue. If he loves his daughter so much and feels so alienated, why leave such a nasty message for her? No, I agree it should not have been leaked to anyone but if he were nicer and did not fly off the handle then he would have nothing to worry about. He blames everyone else for his problems and does not take the blame for anything he has done. Maybe he is blaming the wrong one also for the alienation, maybe his daughter is tired of his temper and tirades and him badmouthing her mother, maybe she is the reason he is not seeing him so much, maybe he should stop and take a long look at himself before throwing stones at othrs. Children are very perceptive, they can figure things out for themselves and understand more than most people think they do. Maybe Ireland is tired of having her mother degraded and torn to shreds, maybe she is tired of his tantrums and tirades and disrespecting attitude. Children should not be made to choose between parents, children did not ask to be brought into this world and treated as he is treating his daughter. If he gets himself in check, maybe this would be easier. I am not saying Kim Basinger is perfect but he is blaming her when maybe his daughter is tired of the temper too. Get a grip, you berated your "own" daughter and more or less threatened her when you come for a visit, that is my opinion, no matter if you are a movie star or not, is the most disgusting thing ANY parent can do. I don't care how frustrated you are with the other parent you should NEVER treat your child that way.

2671 days ago


Poor excuse for a dad , no matter what you should never cut down the other parent to the child and Alec did...Go for sole custody Kim......Alec is a loser!!!!!

2667 days ago
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