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Alec Baldwin

Gives His "View"

4/27/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0425_baldwin_tmz-1Alec Baldwin was welcomed with applause to a sitdown in a taped segment that aired on "The View" today, with Baldwin giving a heartfelt and somber tale of parental alienation that drove him to the boiling point.

Baldwin said that his "deep and endless frustration" in being unable to communicate with his daughter, Ireland, led him to misdirect his anger to the child, because he "can't address the other person in this dynamic," but stopped short of mentioning Kim Basinger.

The "30 Rock" star went on to address the topic of parental alienation and his frustration with a litigious and complicated custody battle. Baldwin said he was sorry for all those who were offended ... also mentioning how many people he'd heard from who had either been abused by a parent, or frustrated with an ex-wife, and those who were alienated from their children.


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If he was as loving of a father as he claims to be there is no way Ireland would not be able to see him. She would beg and plead for her mother to let her see him. Something isn't right here. I have a feeling Ireland is afraid of her dad and has been for awhile. He is feeling rejected by her and placing the blame on Kim. when the fact of the matter is Ireland is really SCARED of her dad.

2701 days ago

Alec's Done    

BY ME My daughter is 12 and most nights me and my husband have to kick her out of our bed. You're nasty.


2701 days ago


#116 Spencer, why do you condone such behavior????

2701 days ago


What Alec Bladwin did wasn't yelling. That was threatening and berating. Speaking as a parent, NOT ALL PARENTS DO THAT...

2701 days ago


"Stan...You're a little dramatic don't you think? Suicidal...come on."

You might be unfamiliar with such matters. If so, good for you.

Many men do commit suicide when stuck in a situation such as many face. Alec Baldwin said on Larry King that he spent a year in bed.

You have to experience the uncaring, biased courts and being alienated from your kids to fully understand. It really does not have to be like that.

2701 days ago


I can tell you this..I'd not let here near you. If those are the thoughts in your head all little children should steer clear of you.

2701 days ago

Alec's Done    


2701 days ago


He is just pissed off that he got caught! He did a great job trying to put Kim down and trying to justify his BAD behavior! It will never compare to what you did Alec!

2701 days ago



Not denying what your saying, I just think you are being extremely dramatic. It's bordering on silly.

2701 days ago


Apparently this site censors some posts - and all I did was mention that Baldwin has a film opening today and on May 17th and how insincere his "apology-rant" on the View seemed.

There is so much wrong with his reaction to the tape leaking - I wouldn't be surprised if EVERYONE is in on the hoax.

Shameful all the way around - and he needs to get help.

2701 days ago


"Mary, you are soooo misinformed.

I am a NCP and I have been dealing with PAS for 5 years now. I have a rich ex-husband with lots of hate and plenty of lawyers. He did everything he could to keep me away from my babies, and ya know what? It worked. Now my girls don't want to deal with the drama so they just pretend I don't exist.

PAS is REAL and it affects all NCP! Men AND women!"

> This is a far fetched comment made as if ALL custodial parents actively engage in alienating a child from their other parent.

You obviously missed the point.

Alec Baldwin was abusive towards his wife, as she claimed, with regards to verbal and physical abuse.

He has a pattern of [public] aggressive/abusive behavior.

Women have stated that they will not work with him due to his behavior patterns.

There can be no doubt following the taped message left for his daughter that he is abusive towards this child as well.

With due consideration of HIS pattern of cruelty and/or abusiveness HIS claims made of parental alienation [via the custodial parent/Kim] IS a crock of BS.

HE has no one to blame but himself.

He has no need for anyone to alienate his child from him - he does a very good job of this on his own - children are witnesses to the abuse of their mother and/or they often become a direct party to it.

They figure this out and THEY take steps to protect themselves.

IF for years this child has witnessed her father's abusiveness, then one can easily consider this - perhaps SHE does not want to talk to her father on the phone because she knows that SHE will be abused by him as he does her mother when not getting his own way and/or when he is angered for one reason or another.

His rage is intense and his words were frightening.

HE threatened his daughter.

A good father does not abuse the mother of his children.

A father who loves his child does not abuse them.

If your daughter's now pretend you do not exist then perhaps you have not dealt with the active alienation of your ex in the correct manner.

I would strongly suggest to you that you deal with this with a mental health professional, act in the manner as you normally would as their mother and seek court intervention with regards to your ex not fostering a relationship between mother/child.

IF all else fails then remember one thing - the kids eventually figure it out and they will come back to you.

2701 days ago


Alec Baldwin is a total a**. He referred to his daughter the whole time he was talking, as "the child". He accepted no responsibility for his actions, blaming his tantrum on TMZ, lawyers, judges and Kim. What a creep. He also tried to control Barbara, and his minion Rosie sat there looking like she was helping the nation and bringing a poor pushed around soul to the forefront. These people are freaks, and Alex Baldwin is a has-been.

2701 days ago

Alec's Done    


2701 days ago


I might be able to forgive Baldwin if he hadn't called his little girl( who he claims loves so much) a thoughtless little pig or said that he was going for anger management therapy. And the only reason Rosie is defending him is because she admitted swearing at her own children, (F bomb btw) so I guess they have something in common. Also, if Harvey didn't air the voicemail, I'm sure some other tabloid source would have picked and ran with it.

Back to Baldwin....I don't think he helped himself much today since he was more concerned about bashing his ex. I wasn't too impressed with his apology to his daughter either. It seemed very rushed and I noticed he kept getting the focus back on HIM. I was glad Barbara spoke up to mention there were 2 sides to this story, which he quickly pointed out that today was about HIM, not her.

Anyway, it's a sad situation. They all need help.

2701 days ago


Alec is a bully. He was verbally abusive to an 11 year old child. He has a history of anger issues. I don't blame Kim for not wanting to subject the child to his explosive outbursts. Rosie and the View crew make me sick. Next week they'll be talking about why women suffer from low self esteem while giving this abuser a pulpit to blame everyone but himself.As for him blaming Kim, TMZ and the rest of the world for the leaked message, he shouldn't have left such a message. Now he is doing damage control for his image. No wonder why this poor child didn't answer the phone. The real issue is his anger problem, and his inability to accept responsibility for his actions, not the leaked message to the media.

2701 days ago
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