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Scary Takes Murphy to Court Over Baby Spice

5/2/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy and Melanie BrownFormer Spice Girl Melanie Brown is taking Eddie Murphy to court to prove he is the father of her newborn daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. When one paternity suit case closes, another one opens!

Brown tells People magazine that Murphy won't take a DNA test or sign the birth certificate, "so it's going to have to go to court so he can be forced to do it, which is strange since he was the one asking for it." Murphy questioned the paternity on a Dutch television program last year.

Mel B. says Eddie has yet to lay eyes on Angel, adding, "My people have contacted his people and they just had no response to anything." Murphy's rep told People: "We do not comment on Mr. Murphy's personal life." His actions speak for themselves!


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Eddie is a jerk. He's probably so thrilled he knocked her up so we will all stop believing that he's STILL into trannies and that he's a "real" man. (He IS still into trannies, no doubt!) He's probably just making her go through this so he gets more straight publicity.

2729 days ago


I'm with you Debra, but these ladies don't believe Eddie is gay. Tracy said she asked him and he told her to trust him and she said she does. lol

2729 days ago


im 29,not a teen.

2729 days ago


I for one would wait til my child was born for DNA test were taken...Screw that needle in my stomach - I want no part of that!

2729 days ago


I agree Victoria. i was just stating what my sister in law did.
i would wait too.

2729 days ago


Eddis is a jerk. The fact that Tracy Edmonds is still with him shows that she is a piece of work too. She was on some radio show saying "If it's his, he'll be responsible. There will be a paternity test" Well, whe ndoes he plan on taking it? The sorry SOB knows the time tp pay the piper is here and he's running scared. How can Tracy call herself a mother and woman and still be with a sorry excuse of a man who runs from responsibilty of his kids?

2729 days ago


she had the test done because she wanted to prove baby was his.
i agree,she should have waited.

2729 days ago


Kaili......I hope your sister in law is ok and her baby is healthy.

Needles intimidate me........

Shall we move on to the menopause topic? Because I can tell you a crap load about that!!!

2729 days ago


Whether he's gay or not, if he's fathered this child, he needs to learn these four words:


2729 days ago


Eddie Murphy likes men that LOOK like women! Scary Spice is bi-sexual also, so she has a few strap-ons. Get the picture? Charlie Murphy is a real man. He's also funnier than Eddie. Good luck to Mel...

2729 days ago


In all honesty he should have taken responsibility for himself when he decided to "lay up" with her. You men cannot take take the word of a woman when she says that she's on birth control. The bottom line is that Eddie needs to take the test, since he was so "gung ho" about it before and get it over with and if it's shown that he's the father he needs to take responsibility. If his new girlfriend is smart she'll think twice about a REAL relationship with him. Eddie is just showing how irresponsible he is.

2729 days ago


4. this witch set him up. he did not want a kid and she set him up. she told him she was on birth control. that is why he hates her.

Posted at 1:44PM on May 2nd 2007 by amberbrushetteisasleaze

why was it her fault...he screwed her without a condom, now he really is Playing the Jackass...hes one that wants to screw someone, but not man enough to take Amber why didnt that jackass Eddie Murphy use a condom... its also stupid of you to just blame the took two to make a baby and Eddie did'nt say he should act like a man and take his part seriouly after all this sperm donar is the childs father and hes being a prick by not takingthe paternity test...just goes to show what a lirttle man Eddie Murphy is and on more word...SAW YOUR ANGRY FACE WHEN YOU LOST THAT OSCAR.....A MUCH BETTER ACTOR WON!

2729 days ago


He need to stop being a complete a$$ and take responsibility... and how in the hell can he go from Mel right to Tracey? makes you wonder...hmmmmmm

2729 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

We don't know the background of this situation and the paternity will come out in due time. There are many men who may strongly question paternity of a baby of an ex (again......we don't know the background or who she might have been seeing or what she may have told Eddie Murphy) ........... celebrities have to do it in public.

I'm sure that if he is the father, that he will do the right thing. Obviously their break-up was not that amicable and I hope they can put that aside for the sake of this child (if she is Eddie Murphy's).

2729 days ago


It would appear that Eddie Murphy has been set-up here since Melanie Brown has another child out of wedlock--I do not respect her for having gone public this way as I feel it negatively reflected upon Eddie Murphy's ability to get an Oscar for "Dreamgirls" this year. Go back to England, Melanie Brown!

I agree - it did help keep him from getting the Oscar. And I was GLAD!! He's a jerk.

2729 days ago
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