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Where's the Missing Pussycat?

5/3/2007 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pussycat Dolls performed last night in Atlanta -- minus reality TV show winner Asia.
Pussycat Dolls
While sources told TMZ last week that the Diva-licious Asia isn't "the best match" for the scantily clad girl group, a rep for the show "The Search for the Next Doll" assures us that Asia will still purr with the Pussycats. Her absence from last night's performance was planned and there are no plans for her to join them until after this tour wraps in two days.

Asia is set join the rest of the gang to record the Dolls' second album and will tour with them then.

In other PCD news -- TMZ spotted Robin Antin, the creator of the group, dancing last night with the runners-up on the reality series, Chelsea and Melissa, at the opening of the Stoli Hotel in Hollywood. A second season of the show is also rumored to be coming soon, though Warner Bros. denies another season is in the pipeline.


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Alvaro Komori    


I love Pussycat Dolls, i think they're hot, especially Nicole, she's my favorite. But I think why do PCD need another member if they already have two back vocals and thee back dancers. Whatever, if Nicole just stay there singing that's okay, 'cause she's the only one that sing and, in my opinion, she's the best dancer.


2643 days ago

Go Away Virgie    

She was pretty bitchy and diva like with her demands. I think they should dump her and pick up Sinjaya, he can sing better and is actually prettier. lol

2643 days ago

lexie lane    

They said that what happened to Asia is an inspiration to all young mothers out there,, what about to young singles?????Become a mother at 16?nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2643 days ago


Asia sucked. They should have gone with Chelsea. She wanted it more than anyone, and worked harder than anyone to prove that. Bedises...


2643 days ago


Chelsea deserved it wayyyy more than Asia did. Chelsea worked her ass off each week and all Asia did was bitch and whine. Dump Asia and bring in Chelsea. She's way prettier, and way more talented.

2643 days ago


What ever happened to honoring a deal? I watched the show occasionally and did'nt see any indication of an attitude. I believe it was one of the Melissa's, the one without the bangs, that had a problem. If she's cut I hope she sues them right out of business.

2643 days ago


No fair! If Asia didn't work out, Chelsea should be the next PCD...

2643 days ago

GO ASIA!!    

People!! IT WAS A COMPETITION!!! I'm sure if you all was in a
competition you wouldn't try to make nice with those other girls.
Asia did exactaly what she needed to do to win and it obviously paid
off. Yes her finger twitching on the mic is irritating but she has a
strong voice and can dance her a$$ off. Chelsea could not dance and Melissa R. was too worried about what her mommy and daddy would think. For those of you who claimed she looks like a man, look at some of the PCD...for example the one
with the red hair! Bottom line, Asia deserved to win. GO ASIA!!!

2643 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

So, this is entertainment these days? We've run out of legitimate singers with talent, so we're recruiting strippers & pole dancers to do suggestive moves on stage, but not be able to sing to save their lives? This is so sad; we're living in the days of "pussycat dolls", "britney spears" and "carmen electra". NO TALENTS...

2642 days ago


The new Pussycat Dolls song: "We're bringin' sleazy back...we're bringin' slutty back..."

2642 days ago


Asia = no class, trouble, bitchiness, etc. Chelsea = class.

Asia will bring down the PCD, no doubt. She's short, ugly, whiny, immature, has an attitude and no talent. She'll probably beat up one of the girls up if they look at her the wrong way.

Robin, what did you do????? And Chelsea, you go girl!!!!!

2642 days ago


there is another season it is on the CW website....warner bros are punks

2642 days ago


Newsjunkie sounds like a hater

2642 days ago


lexi lane #9 sounds like a rationalizing hatin ass fool. if asia had lost you would be singing the praises of either of those lifeless wannabes who may have won. You just don't like asia, and that's ok. But don't try to act like her winning means nothing. LIke the article said, she's joining them for album #2 after their current tour wraps up. If you think Mel R. and Chelsea don't wish they were in her place right now, you're wrong. And if you think anyone should look to half naked marginally talented girls as role models - you're just stupid.

2642 days ago


well alexis #11 if Asia didn't come into the competition thinkin she should be the next PCD, should she have shown up? you're dumb. I'm sure all of the girls thought they had it in the bag or else why show up? It's called confidence and all of you anti-asia haters are just mad that a young, single parent, minority female had the "nerve" to have that confidence in herself. ya'll are really mad and I think that's funny.

2642 days ago
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