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"Idol" Contestants Snub Blake

5/23/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"A.I." castoffs Antonella Barba, Haley Scarnato and Gina Glocksen are pretty clear as to who their pick to win "Idol" is... and it's not Blake Lewis.
Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis. Antonella Barba, Haley Scarnato, Gina Glocksen
The three rejects have spent the last week asking all of their fans to vote for Jordin Sparks. The girls have posted bulletins non stop on each of their MySpace pages, urging readers to make Jordin the next "American Idol" winner.

Why are these girls serving up the Blake Haterade? Who knows... Girl power!


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Blake, I'm pulling for you, Jordin is so flipping ANNOYING!

2719 days ago

Dark Knight    

Probably because they're all jealous and realize they don't have a future in music and Blake probably does.

2719 days ago


I hope Blake wins, he has personality and his performance is awsome. Jordin butchered several songs ( Gwen Stefani, Bon Jovi...etc. ), she should have gone home weeks ago and I think her charming personality is fake.
The third song last night was a horrible song and it didn`t suit Blake. Everyone says it is a singing competition and Jordin should win. One thing that she can sing but she cannot perform and that`s part of the deal. She is boring and really sounds old.

2719 days ago

Gatorade Please    

Blake and Jordin both deserve to win. In the long in short of it, there will be great success for both of them. Best of Luck!

2719 days ago


The fact that those three actually have fans is a scary thought!!

2719 days ago

WWE does it right.    

I hope Blake wins although deep down I know Jordin is going to take home the crown. Her personality is so fake and every time she cries I want to throw my TV set out of the window. There is nothing real about her. American Idol has been pimping her to no end and it's quite disgusting. Blake is an ultimate entertainer while Jordin is just fat and boring. She's the total package? Yeah, right.

2719 days ago


blake is flippin sweet! he will be successful win or lose on american idol.

2719 days ago


They probably want Blake to come in 2nd place so that he is not tied down by the AI contract. He will be able to do a CD with his kind of music, not what AI "thinks" his music should be.

2719 days ago


I hope Blake wins! He has more originality than any of them.

As far as antonella, Gina and Haley. they are just bitter. So sad they are so bitter and jealous.

2719 days ago


Blake is a one trick pony. He can't sing so he has to beat box over everything to hide is horrible singing. He has no range, he sings very flat, and the 3rd song he did last night SUCKED! He is good at covering other well know songs but can't do something original.


2719 days ago


Jordan shouldn't be at the final show. She should have been voted off long ago. However, she is a record labels dream. Blake should be the hands down winner between these two. If we take a step back and look at last year's show. Who is the biggest artist? It isn't that gray headed guy or the fake smiling girl from last season.. It isn't even the 3rd place guy with the sweet mom. It is big ol number 4! Hum wonder why that is? Could it be because.. HE IS ENTERTAINING!!!!

2719 days ago

Tick Tock    

Blake knows he can't sing as good as Jordin. That is why he was jumping around last night during the last song. He was trying to distract people from his voice. He is a good performer, but his voice is weak.

2719 days ago


I don't find Jordin's personality to be fake. Either people are accused of not having a personality, and if they do, it's fake.

The judges were right; Blake is an excellent performer. But how does that translate to CD sales? Listen to his voice alone -- it's VERY average. His rendition of SHE WILL BE LOVED only made me wish Adam Levine was singing. This IS a singing competition and while Blake has performing talent, he doesn't have anywhere NEAR the vocal talents of Jordin, Melina, LaKisha and others. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!

Jordin is amazing at 17 and will be even more amazing as time goes by!

But the most amazing thing is how CRUEL so many people can be sitting behind their keyboards. It really makes me sad.

2719 days ago


I love Blake!!! he is so much fun to watch. Jordin is just not going to sell records, we need someone like Blake that is original and fun to watch (concert material). I thought I was the only one who thought Jordin was I really don't care who wins, I won't loose any sleep over it. I know who is going to sell more records either way...BLAKE!!!

2719 days ago


maybe Blake is better suited for "So you think you can dance" instead of American Idol. He performs WAY better than he sings.

I can't recall the last #1 album that consisted of just beat boxing, you have to be able to sing to sell albums.

2719 days ago
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