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Sheriff's Union Pissed at Hilton Release

6/7/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) says the Sheriff's Department may have given Paris Hilton a break she didn't deserve.
Prez Steve Remige told TMZ, "There appears to have been preferential treatment." Remige added, "This is not the first time that this has happened. Remember Mel Gibson."

Remige believes preferential treatment is coming from Sheriff Lee Baca himself. Baca has denied giving preferential treatment to celebs.

As for Paris, Remige said, "On any given day, a thousand female inmates are in custody. Why is one case, out of the blue, treated any different than them?"

Remige says there is a huge medical facility designed to treat inmates with health problems, and that releasing Paris should not have been a first option.


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her parents must be proud! they make me sick. i mean how do you raise such a waste of space? she has all kinds of opportunites that the lower/middle class children don't and those kids still find the time to work, graduate high school at least, attend college and become contributing members of society. P is an idiot and i blame her mom! what mother would ever allow her daughter to waste her life. funny how the less money you have the more morals you have! loosers!

2659 days ago

Nicole (not Richie)    

You all are being WAY too hard on that girl. Don’t tell me you do not know 1 person who has had over 2 DWI’s and never did one freakin day in jail. Awww. I know of a big LOOSER in Saranac Lake NY. (Ryan M) who has had 3 DWI’s, been caught driving with out a license several times, , beats women and has DONE NO TIME. Take it easy on the little princess.

2659 days ago


You would think she could just READ for longer than 5 damn days!

Oh wait... we're talking about PARIS HILTON here... whoops, My Bad!

2659 days ago

chicago's wonder.woman    

someone posted this was a publicity stunt who has the info?

2659 days ago

Mary T.    

Maybe we should let the Mexicans take over. Seems those with no rights are far better than those of us with legal rights. Paris, you have made America look like a place for fools, that can get by with any and everything. Our borders will be overrun with illegals coming from around the world. They like the idea of a day or two in jail, then we support them. I hope the next time you are caught, there will be JUSTICE, even for you.

2659 days ago


She might stay in hiding a lot longer than the 45 days. she might want to consider moving permanently to another country.....

2659 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Lee Baca, the elected Sherrif in charge is and has been the most corupt and spend thrift
offical the Sherrifs Dept. has ever retained. He most definetly recieved a contribution to decide to release Paris in this manner. He is a political money whore who needs to pay for things like his private plane budget and excessive expense account. This was a pure opportunity that he just couldn't pass up. Problem is, the dumb public elects him into office. If they only knew.

2659 days ago


Paris, your day is coming girl. I'd watch your back. You have angered a LOT of people. And you were scared of the inmates? You've pissed off the public now. Forget "re-inventing" yourself. You just dug yourself your grave!!!!!

2659 days ago


This makes me seriously ill. The poor who are ill right now in that jail are treated horribly.
I think this arrangement was made from the gate.
It sends a bad message to our youth.

2659 days ago


All this does is give a green light to all those braty celebrities, they now know they can get away with anything, well they already get away with anything, but know they know the threat of jail is just that "a threat"!!

2659 days ago


Ya know I am just plain sick and tired of this heifer. Why should she get a better break than my own children would get. I would like to know how many others are in jail there that have basically the same charges against them? I bet they dont get out after 5 days by whining and refusing to eat. More likely they are dealt with harshly for that behavior. Shame on the Sheriff for caving in. What a wuss

2659 days ago


I am glad she is out. Its stupid anyway. Jails are a turnstyle today. They are picking on her cause she is female and rich. No one does time for DUI unless they killed somebody nor do they for driving on suspended license. I know plenty who have been there and done that and never did time just paid a hefty fine in court and oh yea there was the chance the judge could have sentenced them but they never did. Jails are way overcrowded today and they have no room for traffic infractions.

2659 days ago


You know... I think the punishment should be that Lee Baca AND Paris have to share a cell. That way BOTH corrupt idiots have some company and get exactly what they deserve! And if they do, in fact, get a heat rash, chuck some balmex in their direction and walk away.

Besides, has anyone else realized that she said she had a "heat rash" but I heard a distinct complaint from stories on Tuesday that she was FREEZING-- how is that even possible????

2659 days ago

tropical 33    

A huge can of worms has been opened. People are gonna go down like bowling pins over this starting with that idiot sherrif. Put her skinny ass back in jail.

2659 days ago


What did everyone expect? If the police department continues to allow celebrities who are not 21 continue to go to nightclubs, why would anyone expect them to treat Paris like other inmates? It is my opinion that the police have a blind eye when it comes to celebs or children of the wealthy or nightclub owners who serve the under 21 group drinks. It seems that laws in LA are quite different for the rich and famous. In fact, it seems that the LA police department has a completely different set of laws than the rest of the US. I can only hope that Paris has learned a lesson. Unfortunately, I am sure she will be out on the party circut very soon.

2659 days ago
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