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Sally Kirkland

Leads Paris Protest

6/20/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At the forefront of civil protest, leading the cause of the moment, actress/Oscar attendee Sally Kirkland appeared outside of Lynwood jail yesterday, pleading for mercy for Paris Hilton, but from the look of Kirkland, she's the one who could use some mercy! Nurse!

Looking as if someone woke her up about five minutes before the protest, Miss Kirkland took the time to plead for prayers for Nicole Richie too, calling the wayward "Simple Life" stars her "angels." Oh Lord! Kirkland, who'd worked with Paris and Nicole as an acting coach on the series, was interviewed alongside a mob of Paris supporters numbering at least half a dozen.

The talented, vagabondish actress then led the protest into nearby streets, where she seemed lost in the confusion, or perhaps just confused. Paris' lawyer, Richard Hutton, unseen by the protesters, happened upon the scene and could only shake his head in disbelief at the groundswell of support for the heiress/convict.


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Hey until you had implants and gotten sick from them then don't knock it.
I had reconstruction due to breast cancer and I only had on implant for 2 years.
I know exactly what Sally and Anna went through. Sally was smart and gave her implants up, I don't think Anna knew till it was too late.
We fought hard to keep them off the market, but the Mentor and Inmand have more money than we could raise. Looks like a lot more women will get sick.
If you have implants and started having any kind of weird things start happening to you get to a specialist fast as you can. The longer you wait the loner it takes to get it out of your system unless it has already destroyed you like it did Anna.
Texas Girl

2681 days ago




2681 days ago

T.R. FAN    

this doesn't surprise me one bit. sally kirkland was always known in hollywood circles as a skanky trash whore. now that i think of it, sally and paris share so much - makes me wonder if she left her love child (paris) on the kathy hilton's doorstep. and while im at it, this old floosy seems to be whorin' for attention. seen her on nancy grace "cryin" over lana clarkson - the lady allegedly murdered by phil spector. hey sally - maybe you and the other old whore candy spelling should become a twosome and make a homemade porn tape w/ zsa zsa's husband and donald trump. i'd pay all the peso's in the world to see that. i'd call it: 2 WRINKLED HAS BEENS, A GAY WANNABE PRINCE and A FAT HAIRLESS TOAD.

2680 days ago


Some people really need to get a life! Paris is a totally waste of time! How can you help someone who will not help themself? Paris did the crime, now she should do her time! The rich and famous should not be above the law!

2680 days ago


Who is Sally Kirkland? She must have no life! Paris refused community service and did not enroll in the court ordered Alcohol classes like she was supposed to. She chose to drive on a suspended license in spite of having the means to hire a driver. Paris chose to violate her probation and as a result I have no sympathy for her. Dosen't this Sally know all of this? Why try and help Paris when she has done absolutely nothing to help herself. She has no respect for the law. Paris did the crime and deserves to do the time. Paris is no better than anyone else! Paris is a lost cause!

2680 days ago

michael LA    

Hey.....get it right. Sally Kirkland was nominated for an academy award for the film "Anna" 1988. She is a golden globe and independent spirit award winner! A hollywood legend , activist, acting teacher, and Minister in the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. . Ms Kirkland has been fighting for just causes for many years. Show some respect for a true Hollywood legend. You know who your friends are when the chips are down. Way to go Sally Kirkland!

2680 days ago


Ok, I know the answer to this but..why would they need an acting coach for a "reality" show??

2680 days ago

Anna Bannana    

Sally looks like she does a wee bit of boozing herself. I guess that's why she's so concerned about someone who boozes and drives getting thrown in jail for a few days.

2680 days ago


actress/Oscar attendee Sally Kirkland

That's rich!

1. Oscar winning
2. Oscar nominated
10. Oscar attendee

2680 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Did you offer the left over t-shirts to the families of those who've been killed by a drunk driver? I'll bet you didn't think of them.

2680 days ago


RE: # 8 Paris;s original plea was knocked down to reckless driving yes she did violate probation hoo....people need to get over it ...she has paid more then anyone else for that screw up.......but the fact remains that the DA WIFE WAS DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE AND USING A GOVERMENT ISSUED VEHICLE.....THERE SHOULD BE NO DOUBLE STANDARDS ESPECIALLY FOR A STATE OFFICIAL. HE SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT BEFORE HE DECIDED TO TURN THIS SITUATION INTO THE CIRCUS IT HAS BECOME.......

2680 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Paris was given her sentnce because NOTHING else has worked. She has shown she believes she is above the law. If it seems harsh well life is harsh and she needs to know there is a consequence for her actions. She should have been required to do the entire 45 days just to get that thru to her.

2680 days ago

getting tired of crap    

20% of the people commiting the same CRIME as Paris get more than she did, Get over that.
The DA's wife was only caught once, Paris was caught twice. Get over that.
The DA's wife was fined when she was caughtthe first time, Paris wasn't. Get over that and please don't try to excuse Paris because of it. If I were the judge she would be doing the enitre 45 days jus to teach her a lesson.

2680 days ago


Sad that people took the time to make these shirts and think they're actually fighting for something in this world. Activists who fought for human rights are turning over in their graves.

2680 days ago


Sally Kirkland was on CourtTV repeatedly talking about how she was sooo close to Lana Clarkson (the unfortunate victim found shot in Phil Spector's house). It seemed a bit cheesy to hear her go on and on about all their actress pursuits during interviews. It seemed a little bit too promotional for my taste. I'm beginning to Kirkland is just looking for publicity wherever she can find it.

2680 days ago
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