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Vince Neil's Tequila Leaves a Poor Taste

6/29/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vince NeilTwenty-three years after Vince Neil drove drunk and had an accident that killed his passenger, Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley of Hanoi Rocks, he has launched a new line of tequila called Tres Rios. Motley Crude!

After the 1984 accident, the Motley Crue frontman served just 30 days in jail (and people think Paris got off easy!). Now he wants to serve you Silver, Anejo and Reposado tequilas. Talk about a worm!

Regarding the tragic accident, Neil was recently quoted as saying, "I don't endorse drinking and driving. I endorse driving responsibly. I made a tragic mistake that cost one of my dear friends his life."

When life gives you lemons, make margaritas?!


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vince killed someone it was a accident get over it wtf? and u idiots lemons just arent 4 lemon drops..and if u havent tasted vinces wine well u dont know what ur missing and yes wine is made from grapes witch is also made into jelly. wow 1 fruit used 4 two diff things what a concept. a holes.everybody makes mistakes, oh u must b perfect. i forgot the word 4 you a-hole's

2682 days ago


Too much.

You'd think out of respect for a dead friend that he would realize how bad an idea this is.

The word BOTTOM FEEDER comes to mind.

Does he need the money for his drug habit(s)?

2682 days ago

brown recluse    

WOW! That facelift did him some good!!!

2682 days ago


That bastard killed Razzle and in the end also Hanoi Rocks. I understand he's had some hardships in his life (like we all do) but it was his choice to live his life intoxicated, which caused the accident and made him a murderer.

This video is from the Hanoi Rocks gig 3 weeks after the accident over 20 years ago. RIP Razzle...

2682 days ago

dirty white boy.    

Poor Poor Taste...

2682 days ago


So Harvey, how much are the Hiltons paying you for the Paris spin?

2682 days ago

Boo Hoo    

You are opening old wounds. You selfish disgusting vile pig.

2682 days ago


Vince=Nasty has-been loser who should be rotting in prison!!

2682 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

#8 Even if a woman is a stripper, respect is still due.

No one will ever give a stripper respect...Why because she is selling her body and that means she dosen't even respect herself.

2681 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Sammy Hagar's tequila is actually pretty bomb. At $90 bucks a 5th, it better be, you know?

Vince Neil is so biting Sammy's idea and market it's not even funny. Vince doesn't strike me as a tequila dude at all, more like a Monarch vodka and Sam's Choice Cola kinda dude, haha, or whatever will do! Get off Sammy's rod!

2681 days ago

He's Boring now    

The new Larry King of Rock...some people just dont know when its time to go.

And those tats look weird on old men Vince. 15 minutes of Fame was over like 15+ years ago.

Public Enemy #1 you truly are becoming now, in poor taste and the Has Been Award.

2681 days ago

Lane Vodkea    

I can't wait for the Lane Garrison premium vodka to be released next year. What a pathetic loser this washed up douche is.

2681 days ago

Lil Tarantula    

Well, I got only one thing to say to this....get over it! Vince payed a lot of money and has had to live with what he did for a lot of years. As for the Tequila, hey, it doesn't matter who is making it, its always good to have. If you don't like Vince, then thats your opinion but I like Vince and the Crue immensely. Vince, good luck with your Tre Rios, I will be trying it!

2681 days ago


Abolish all alcohol. Lives would be saved. Familes would not be destroyed. The carnage on our roads would decrease enormously. Women would not be battered. Children would not be abused and battered. I HATE the stuff and would happily support the return of prohibition.

2681 days ago


So what? He has had wine vinyards for years. What so he wasn't raised with a silver spoon in his mouth like Paris and axorexic Ritchie? He asctually worked for his earnings. He mad e a mistake a long time ago. He paid for it. He Paid in money andin time served. Why slag on him -- oh wait cuz he was in a METAL BAND and is worth millions... got it.

2681 days ago
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