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Preggers in Jail

The Nicole Baby Story?

7/3/2007 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Inseminated and emaciated starlet Nicole Richie's legal woes may get even worse. If the micro-sized Richie is sentenced to do time in the clink, there'll be no VIP treatment for the puny reality star.

The birdlike Richie is expecting the stork in just six months. Pregnant inmates are housed in the general population and given a high calorie diet -- oh the horror -- and prenatal vitamins. Eat up, hon! If Nic goes into labor while doing time, she'll be forced to pop the kid at a hospital contracted by her Los Angeles correctional facility -- no VIP suite at Cedars Sinai!

The usual hospital stay for jailbird mommies is three days, with the required Sheriff's deputy standing guard. Then it's back to the pen -- without the newbie! The precious celebuspawn of Nicole and Joel would be given to either the father, or the grandparents! All night long!

Upon release from the hospital -- it's back to Chez Jail!


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I love me some Nicole baby! With that hair over one eye look, sexy skin color and angelic face she is one of the hottest women on the planet! Can we all please stop talking about jail time for this little angel? Oh my god she got confused by that crazy LA freeway system as anyone could have. Once she realized her mistake she immediately pulled over safely off the roadway and waited for the police to arrive. Upon their arrival she cooperated fully and even posed for pictures. Now once and for all, if she had actually done something wrong things would be different, but people need to let this little infraction go.

2565 days ago


oh please some of you in here need to get a damn life, and stop been so obsess with celebrities, if NR goes to jail it will only be for 5 days or so. This site is toxic with a bunch of stupid idiots in here passing judgment on someone they don't know, but only read about in tabs and gossip sites

2565 days ago


on please you really think she wont have vip treatment like paris???

2565 days ago

baby girl    

And you're not one of them Alex??

2565 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

They need to put her in jail for the babies sake. Look Paris found God (apparently he has been in jail this whole time) She put on a little weight and came out looking great after the detox. Nicol wouldn't be able to do any more drugs (if the damage isn't already done) and she won't be able to drink alcohol, again the damage may already be done but this may be best for baby

2565 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

bush should commute her sentence but she has 2 much redeeming value unlike"scooter" so he probly wouldnt bother.i think the baby would be alot happier with her than i waz with dumb conservitive parents the baby will never want 4 vics and weed and enjoy its life instead of living in a police state lol

2565 days ago


I doubt she will stay in jail as long as paris I say 5 days. The LA city attorney Delgadillo is in so much trouble right now he has lost all credibility and wont be able to snow ball NR like he did Paris.

2565 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

OMG, what is she thinking, I hope she isn't just doing this to try to keep out of jail. What a sleezy thing to do. She probably has no more concideration for this kid that that Britny train wreck has for her. Is she even ever with them. Nicole will be no different. What a bunch of self centered self absorbed B#tches

2565 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

I feel sorry for this kid if it comes out alive. This skank has no business having a kid, she isn't physically able to carry a baby, not to mention all the alcohol and drugs she does. She only got pregnant because she knows she's going to have to go to jail and she figured this might be one way to get her out of it. This is going to be the unhealthiest baby ever born, it will probably only weigh 2 pounds and will be facing a lifetime of health problems, all because it's mother is an untalented piece of trash.

2565 days ago


Such class, having a baby in jail. I hope they take it away from her, she is in the same mother catagory as Anna Nicole Smith. A total waste of space.

2565 days ago


She is a little whore and because she was a not wanted baby and Lionel had to look after her because his band mate was just like this so called band guy she got whored up by with this loser... she is trying to revert back to how she was brought into this world by the whore mother she had that didn't want her... Thank your blessings everyday you had Lionel as a father you ungrateful whore

2565 days ago

in the know    

This site is filled with nut jobs! Nicole will do no time or very little. She has an excellent attorney. Don't you find it interesting Nicole never visted Paris in jail and still hasn't gone to visit her.I It appears every one wants to distance themselves from Paris. She is toxic. Even crazy Britney ran for her life. Nicole did not have to have the baby but I think she is serious about changing her life ande this will be a great thing for her. Every one is capabe of change, and she has a father with a compassionate heart who took her in an adopted her. Please stop calling her horrible vicious names.. she was never known to be a whore or otherwise. She struggles with addictive behavoir. She chose to have this baby so she must be serious about being a mother. She quit smoking and drinking.. that had to be hard.

2565 days ago


If it is a girl she can name it Jail Birdie!!!!!! I can see it now, a line of baby clothing all black and white stripes, onesies and twosies, and for going out that classic orange! She will get richer.

2565 days ago

J Byrd    

There should be a law against psycho doped up whores getting pregnant. She should never ever be able to have a brat. That baby will be the anti christ.

2565 days ago


I think it would be best if this skank just had an abortion. The kid will end up like Daniel Smith. The entire cast of this really bad soap would better off .

2565 days ago
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