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Who Wouldn't Throw Panties at This Man?!

7/4/2007 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ageless sex symbol Tom Jones turned up in London at Sunday's Concert For Diana -- looking ever the Welsh hunk. Gorgeous?
Tom Jones
The 67-year-old heartthrob just gets better with every passing year! It's not unusual! Is it?


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just me    

What a sexy, sexy man!! So soulful and just hot! NO plastic surgery, please!!! Look at all the horror stories around Hollywood-like Kenny Rogers for one. But maybe a little lighter on the hair dye. Other than the dye job he looks amazing for his age!!!

2637 days ago

Dayton Ohio    

throw a mask at the fugly man.....forget panties

2637 days ago

Kris Peterson    

I'd throw my panties at him, but not because I want to do him, but because he was so awful looking (LOL). GETOUTAHERE!!!

2637 days ago


He was and still is our man. True to his form. Now, that is and still is music. Music was about love and loving each other. Women were respected in the lyrics. Such class!!!!

2637 days ago

18y old girl!    

Hey hey oh and yes he is great looking very sexy man! im 18 beautiful girl and yes he is best looking sexsymbol who is more than 30 years old! lol yes how i can get his bedroom lol ???

He has god given voice, HOT MOVES, and i have many "girlfriends" and BOYS are Jealous (and u know why)! and they think he is good looking sexsymbol and we are just laughing to these stupid comments.. I HOPE MY BOYFRIEND LOOKS GOOD LIKE TOM JONES AT 67.! AND BTW THOSE WHO THINK TOM JONES FANS ARE OLD GO HOME! I know MANY my AGE ppl who loves his music! and i know that YOUNG FANS Come more and more! its true! thank you Sir Tom Jones.. he looks GREAT!

2637 days ago

Eric Vaughan    

That Tom Jones doesn't even have a grey hair in his beard. Ah celebritydom, they're not the same as us, just different. (At 50, I'd be embarassed to shower with the guy, LOL.)

2637 days ago


I love this man...and I agree.. he keeps getting better looking with age.
He doesnt know it.. and probly doesnt care.., He is my 4th cousin..
My grandmas name was Mable Elizabeth Francis "Jones " White..
born n raised in England..came to the states as a young girl...
Its great to have English Blood running thru my viens..

2637 days ago

Tarazadaza, Africa    

Tom Jones looks and sounds great!!!!!!!!! Compare him to Elton John who also sang at the show. Elton is: fat, wears a wig and is a homo plus ten years younger. I'll take a "Tom Jones" any day. Rock on Tommy J.

2637 days ago



2637 days ago


23. I would love to send photo, but I'm only 37 and from what people tell me rather good-looking. I also don't have to worry about entertaining people since I have quite a few bucks. In fact I have never worked in my life but rather live off my trust funds. I feel so sorry for the poor working class like you who want to be well off but alas are not. I'm sure you're not too pretty either. Oh well some have it, some don't.

Posted at 10:12AM on Jul 4th 2007 by bobbybaby

Hey, is this Paris Hilton? Who cares if you live off a trust fund. The guy is VERY TALENTED and EARNS HIS OWN MONEY! P*ss offi!

2637 days ago


He sure could fill out a pair of speedos back in the day. He is still sexy in my book! Great voice cursed with much charisma.

2637 days ago


He still makes me moist after all of these years.

2637 days ago

Tarazadaza, Africa    

"Tom Jones" is the true "God Father" of soul----great voice----great moves----great looks, at any age. So he dyes his hair, one out of two men over 40 do as well. Many men don't even have hair to dye. Go see one of his shows you'll become a believer. This soul man has the "full package"----even at (67). At 35 I've been to three of his shows and loved every minute of it. Todays singing talent can't compare----Love ya Tom

2637 days ago


I love to see a virile man who knows he looks good at any age. He's like Sean Connery, he gives me the vapors even seeing their photograph. Good on you Tom for entertaining us for all these years, and for celebrating Diana!

2637 days ago


Im not even gonna read what others have posted...I Just wanna say....We all get cant stop it.....Hope I live as long.

I mean what...Now even Old people are judged on looks?

Respect your elders.....

2637 days ago
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